Saturday, March 20, 2010

AMC Like...

Okay let's talk some All My Children. Yes, I am an ABC soap lover. Just the three ABC, though I do know loads about them all, so feel free to email if you want a soap email friend! I LOVE soaps. Soap Opera Digest is my favorite magazine!! But AMC needs some help lately. Too many of their great storylines have fizzled and they need to bring some LIFE back into this great soap!

Okay I LOVE that they have brought Rebecca Budig BACK as Greenlee, and she is rocking things! But I HATE that she is paired up with David! Hello I know her on-again/off-again true BFF is off the canvas currently, but still, she was not the only person Greenlee talked to. Hello, she was friendly with Jake and others! But the BFF sitch. This is a problem AMC needs to correct. I know Alicia Minshew (Kendall) is on maternity leave, but she has been on it a LONG time! And now it seems to be a question of when and IF she returns to the show!! Hello, you cannot have Greens with NO Kendall, they go perfect together! Even during their catfight times, they just CLICK! These two are meant to share screen time for years to come. So call Alicia and tell her she needs to come back ASAP! And no I am not talking about this short "visit" she and Zach are making! Thorsten Kaye is leaving AMC, so don't tease us with a "visit". Tear that bandage off now! If Kendall and Zach are being torn apart AND off screen then just do it, we need Kendall's return (there better be one!) to feel real! She needs to be a wreck over Zach so that Greenlee can forgive her for sleeping with Ryan right after Greens "died", so they can move on! Seriously Greenlee, you were dead for a year, stop acting like you were betrayed. They acted in comforting each other, not in hurting you, who they thought was DEAD!

And okay let us talk Erica. I am going to try without gagging. Because the whole Ryan/Erica "romance" made me ILL! There are cougars and then there is Susan Lucci with Cameron Mathison, who could be her son cougar. *gags* It was so nasty! Especially since Ryan is Erica's daughter's ex-lover and he is the father of one of Erica's GRAND children!! I don't care what Susan says about her Youthful Essence, it don't work THAT good! Nasty! Erica needs to reconnect with Jackson or find a man her age range. This was a BIG mistake in AMC history.

I am SO upset that David Canary is retiring!! It was bad enough, break hearts bad, when they killed off Stuart, but now with Canary leaving, there goes Adam too! He is such a huge part OF AMC!! I love Adam, he is so wickedly evil, yet you love him sometimes too! It will be good though if his marriage to Annie ends, that is a pairing that just does not click.

JR needs a new story. His cancer story seemed like it would be a great one, but keeping it under wraps to the majority of the characters was an odd decision. I am glad it made JR and Marissa get closer, as they sometimes feel like strangers, and Colby finally finding out made her stop (for a minute) on her quest to rid the Chandler's of Annie, but it just seemed odd. And Jacob Young (JR) is such a phenomenal actor, he can and has done so much, so it is time for the good stuff! When he finds out his donor was Annie, he is going to flip, and as long as they keep him sober, this ought to be really good storytelling!

Let us move on to Tad. Who I adore. But all of a sudden they are making this trouble maker I really could care less about, a main character and are making him Tad's KID!! Holy heck NO! It was bad enough we are supposed to care about him buddying with Colby, who was replaced with a new actress recently, but now he is Tad's son and we are supposed to believe that his trouble making ways are reminiscent of Tad's youth? Ugh NO.

Angie and Jesse are a great re-addition to AMC, but after a great start, they are already being back-burned already. Angie can be a bit holier-than-thou, but I adore Jesse and his friendship with Tad. They need to take Tad and Jesse and give them a great mystery or adventure to work on together. And Frankie, Jesse and Angie's son, had great story too, but now is just plain boring. Okay he is married to an ex-hooker Randi...who is now just petty in her mission to do better than Madison at Fusion. *yawn*

Madison, who was supposed to be a temporary character actually has some promise, and I think they need to add a guy to the mix who can crack through her fear of men. And I love Jake and Amanda, but they are too happy right now, it is just never good to be that happy for too long. They are feeling a bit boring right now.

My suggestions to improve this show? Besides some awesome story lines? They need to get Alicia back first of all. The show needs Kendall! They also need to fire Susan Haskell from OLTL so that Thorsten can move his family out to CA and return with Kendall as Zach! Trust me, AMC needs Zach WAY more than OLTL needs Marty!! They also should get Eden Riegel back as Kendall's sister Bianca, who has "broken up with her wife Reese" and needs someone new. Hey, maybe Madison, she don't trust men anymore! And a couple more hotties for the female population of Pine Valley would also help. Everyone fighting over Ryan or the other married men, is just plain boring!

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Toriz said...

I have to be honest, I'm not a big fan of the soaps. In my opinion, there's nothing you can get from the soaps that you can't get from paying attention to people around you while you're out and about. But, hey, whatver makes you happy. To each their own, after all! :)

Sheri said...

I don't watch any but GH really :)

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