Wednesday, March 17, 2010

No Place Like HOME

So it was an interesting day today. Besides the normal errands, picking up the newest dvd's, getting my hair color stuff from Sally's Beauty Supply so I am all set for the end of the month, etc. We also were going to get to pick up my Mom and sisters from the airport at 10pm! They were finally going to be home! Depressed doggie Max would be so happy to have his "pack" back where they belonged. And Dad and I missed them VERY much too.

Anyway, I was in m room with Max, when my Dad came in and told me he had good news and bad news. Now if you HAVE read any of those FB notes, then you know, this shook me badly. I was terrified what my Dad was going to tell me had happened. I don't think he realized that when he did this, that he made me nauseous and was terrifying me. So I asked for the bad first. He said we wouldn't be going for dinner like we had planned. Well that wasn't bad so I said, and? I figured there was more bad. But then he said it was because we would be picking our family up at 8pm!! I was so happy, less time before being united with my Mom and little sisters!! I still think my Dad needs to find a new way to amuse himself, because he may never know it, but that bad news/good news thing, made my stomach clench, my nerves shatter and I felt like I would lose it depending on the severity of the news. I do hope he stops with that though. After the last few days, just was NOT funny.

When I left so I could get my errands done in time for us to have fast food for dinner and get to the airport early, I was in a hurry. I had a lot to do and not a lot of time. I had been gone maybe 5 minutes and had just walked into Target when my Dad called. Their plane was broken, so they were trying to find a new flight, so I needn't bother hurrying. I was like, it figures. Why SHOULD anything good happen? It is like we are cursed!

I still got back just before 7pm and Dad said they were now getting in at 9:04pm. So he was writing a NASTY email to United, because besides the trouble on the way back, let me tell you about their trip OUT. They were delayed in Hartford for about 45 minutes, waiting for a passenger. Supposedly they only do this for like, someone transporting an organ, but they did it anyway. So they were late arriving in Chicago. They had to RUN to get to their connecting flight only to have the flight attendant close the door just as they ran up. She refused to let them on, saying once the door is closed, it stays closed. Which is a lie, I have seen them reopen the door to let passengers on. SHE said they never hold planes for anyone...yeah a lie. And then the plane sat there unmoving for 15 more minutes before leaving the gate!! So they had to wait for a later flight! They were supposed to get into their final airport around 12:45 their time, but instead it was almost 2. So by the time they got their smoke smelled up rental car, they were WAY behind. Katie had gotten into the line to complain and try to get vouchers of some kind, but it had over 100 people in line and after 20 minutes had only moved 4 people up. SO they had to drag her, pissed off, out of line. So my Dad was doing the angry ticket purchaser letter. Hey, it sometimes works and we get some type of compensation.

So my Dad and I ate at Wendy's then went back and got Max. Yes, we were told to bring Maxie up to the airport, they had missed him like crazy. And I was happy to do this for them at first. AT FIRST. Dog went psycho Maxie. He had his favorite ball, which you have to bring or he will bark the WHOLE time, and he has such a high pitched annoying bark as it is! But he LIKES to lose it, especially under the drivers seat, so he barks like mad until someone finds it. He did this the whole 45 minute drive, I had to take an extra Xanax, I kid you not. I was already stressed out, Max was driving me up the wall.

But the look on my Mom and sisters faces when we drove up and they saw Maxie made it worth it, they were all kissing him and hugging him, even though all he was interested in was his ball. He gets in a zone with his ball, his woobie. And even though he has been moping since they left, he won't pay attention until HE is done playing.

When we finally got home, Maxie was ecstatic everyone was back home! My Mom got me this gorgeous fairy with feather wings to hang on my wall, plus a cute teddy bear that has a tee that says "A Bear that's rare" and they had him wearing a necklace for me that said I ♥ Vampires. SO I have named the bear Edward, lol! He is so soft and cute!! I love him!!

All 3 of them ended up taking baths, to get that airport/airplane smell off of them and they are so glad to be home. Even though my Mom has to return to work tomorrow, she is happy to be AWAY from all that drama out there.

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4 meaningful meanderings:

The Boob Nazi said...

I'm glad you got to see them earlier than ou thought@

Kristina P. said...

Sounds like everyone is glad to be home.

Toriz said...

I hope you get some kind of apology at the very least for that.

I know all about anoying doggy barks. Kero's the same way.

LadyStyx said...

Thankfully Katy doesnt do that during drives. She curls up next to her dad and sleeps. Now when he gets home from work, that's another story!

Dad? No pickin on the Wendy like that! Naughty daddy.

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