Monday, March 22, 2010

Good Times and The Fight for Light

This past Friday was a day of just utter gorgeousness. It was 70 bloody degrees and sunny! I rolled the window all the way down and let the perfectly tempered air brush over my face and run through my hair. It was so lovely. It felt like little faery hands were running through my hair and massaging my head, making my mood brighten more and more, as the drive went on.

I stopped in at Target, to hunt for some Easter string lights. I ADORE lights, and after Christmas was over, I did NOT want the TV room to go back to just normal lighting. So after we took down the Christmas lights, we immediately put up Valentine's Day lights. WAY early but who cares?! Sandy even sound some plain red string lights that we put in the arch and I fell in love with that too. So when V-Day was over, I immediately found the shamrocks and went hunting for plain green string lights, which were no where but online. But I found lil jelly shamrock lights at AC Moore (craft store). Now that St. Patty's is over, I want Easter lights up. I knew we had enough jelly (you know like the stuff jelly shoes were made of?) egg lights for the archway, but I needed ones for the fireplace. So I went to Target but they had NO lights!

I did get a Dr.Pepper Icee though, and got back in the car and put the window down and blared Miley Cyrus's 'Party in the USA' as I drove over to AC Moore. I figured there was no place else that would definitely have lights, like AC Moore would. SO I was happily sipping away, loving the feel of the wind, when I was also assaulted by wonderful scents you don't seem to notice in the cold weather. The smell of all the restaurant's foods was in the air, almost the way they are at fairs and festivals! I could smell pizza and Chinese food and just yummy scents drifting into the car as I drove along. It was like a delight on all my senses. It just made me smile all the more. And as you know, those smile moments are rare and super precious!

So I got to AC Moore an NO Easter lights at all! What the frick?! Easter is celebrated by way more people than St. Patrick's day, so what is with the lack of light love for Easter AC Moore?!! It wasn't a total loss though, I stopped in at Old Navy and found this SUPER thin hoodie, which is like perfect for spring and perfect for when we go to Florida, in case there is ever a cool night. I really wanted it in the orangey-salmon color but they didn't have it in XL and I wanted it to be roomy. It was a guy's jacket but my bustens (boobs, hello German) do not like the large. But I got the blue at least.

So I went to Walmart, and no lights. I admit, the faeries running through my hair were now gone. The sun was setting and it was getting a little chilly and i had no jacket. But then I thought I had the BEST idea of all time! Who would definitely, without a doubt, have Easter lights? Duh, Wendy! IParty!! The bloody party store! So I drove over there all excited and NO freaking, fracking lights!! Sure they had jalapeno lights and luau lights (note for summer time), but not one bloody Easter light! So I was called up and told get home, 4 places is enough!! So I am not sure if I give up yet. I have managed to get some of the jelly eggs onto the fireplace, there were 3 strings, but I HATE them all matching!! I like different, and I wanted bunnies or duckies! Or jelly beans or whatever!

So now I am in a I continue my search? I do not want to go all OCD and be disappointed again, but what if Michael's Craft store in West Hartford has them? And there is an Old Navy over there, maybe they have the orangey jacket...but aghhh!! I do not want to jinx the whole thing worse.

So the lights were a disappointment, but the gorgeous feeling of the day, up to going to Walmart, was a nice one. That was at least one solid hour of feeling GOOD. Sure that ended really harshly later that night, but for that hour, I felt more alive than I have in months!!

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mama-face said...

Hahahaha Wendy...what a great day!! Although I'm very sad for you that you couldn't find Easter lights...I never ever thought about putting lights up for Easter. Maybe I should look around here for them!? And send them to you?

But I love the word conundrum. AND...did you say Dr Pepper ICEE?????


CaJoh said...

Knowing the world, you may actually discover the lights after Easter. But at least you'll have them for next year.

The best of luck in finding what you're looking for.

Toriz said...

I'm glad you had a great time, even if it didn't last as long as it might have, and even if you didn't get your lights!

Sheri said...

Great days like that are always fun :)

I love lights like those too... I remember on an episode of Super Nanny she called them fairy lights and put them around a little girl's bed... I've called them that ever since. :)

Fiauna said...

Can you send some of that 70 degree weather our west? If you do, and I find the lights, I'll send them to you. Ha! : )

The Boob Nazi said...

A Dr. Pepper iccee???? WHAAAT???

Wendyburd1 said...

YES, the Dr. Pepper Icee took over the Coke Icee spot, and I have to say, I am growing quite attached! LOL!

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