Friday, March 12, 2010

Evil Packers!!

Okay, I will say, maybe it is the Obsessive-Compulsive in me, but I hate you last minute packers. It drives ME crazy! You know about a trip sometimes months ahead of time, you know you are busy, but you wait until the night before you leave to pack. It is like someone shoots me in the chest with an arrow! I hate it and it makes my Spidey OCD senses freak out!

My Mom and 2 sisters are leaving in the morning for a trip. Lest you think you can find me and burglarize me, I am here, as is my Dad (who did 10 year or Pro-refereeing, remember) and my ferocious dog, Max...

Don't let that "innocent" face fool you. He turns into a Napoleon-sized Cujo. Trust me, I get the Cujo too. Snarling fang face with those big canines. He is one cranky Max lately. If I disturb his sleep, I get Cujo and all the sound effects too. If I yell at him, Cujo. If I have to give him Benadryl for HIS itchies? Cujo. So this is one dog who may be "medium" sized, but dude thinks he is 8 feet tall and 300 pounds, he will KILL you. Add Jeff Dunham's Achmed voice to that. I KILL YOU. Unless you are me or the fam, BEWARE! Mwahaha!

Anyway, back to the evil last minute packers. They are off to the Mid-West to visit. Anyway, they are going until Tuesday night. Now Sandy was reasonable, she packed almost everything a few days ago. But Mom and Katie refuse to smarten up and pack ahead of time.Don't they see that getting all stressed out and being all chicken with its' head cut off is just plain unneccessary? Okay, you do not have to be ME, and pack almost completely weeks ahead of time...though I find that completely sane and awesome. But how about the day before the day before you have to leave?!! Like pack Thursday night if you leave Saturday morning. It is less stressful on you AND me, who you always get to help you last minute. And even though I am not going, so you missing/forgetting something won't directly affect me, it still worries me and bothers me. I am the perpetual big sister, what can I say? I don't like thinking my sisters or any parent is somewhere without something they need. I feel guilty for not remembering you would want or need that, or for forgetting to make sure you really DID pack it when I told you to.

So yeah, last minute packers drive me INSANE in the membrane! I am perpetually packed weeks in advance. If at any time you gave me 15 minutes, I could be ready to go. However, I am also a REAL packer, like as in HUGE suitcase even with vacum-suctioned bags inside. I need like everything with me when I go away. NEED it. Actually when we go to Florida, I have my giant bag, which often goes over the 55lb limit so I have to take things out, I have my suitcase that is what normal people bring ON the plane. I know I will want something AND I know I really vacation to retail shop and I will bring loads of stuff...okay maybe some of it is crap...home. But I am not the problem. It is you last minute packers!!! I SWEAR! If you would just agree to pack ahead of time, I could breathe.

And a little teeny bit more of Achmed the Dead Terrorist because he makes me laugh so bloody freaking hard!

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Kristina P. said...

I hope they are able to have a nice trip. I know it will probably be a bit stressful.

Sheri said...

I usually pack a few days before, then gather the stuff I use everyday the night before... lol

Hope they have a good trip :)

Kelly's Lucky You said...

ROFL!!! I never saw A-C-PLEGHM... the dead terrorist before.

Thanks for the laugh this morning.

The Boob Nazi said...

I like packing early.

Toriz said...

Worry not, I always pack early. I figure that way it gives plenty of time to find, charge, buy, wash, etc, anything you need to take with you. :)

LadyStyx said...

I ~LOVE~ Achmed!!

I prefer to pack the night before, it's just always been my way. You'd hate my hubby even more though. He waits until the morning of when we are less than 2 hours out the door to throw things together. Drives me insane!

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