Monday, March 1, 2010

Crazy Sundays

So, only 3 of the 5 of us ended up going to Zoey's baby blessing at the Southbury Ward today. My Mom's birthday yesterday, was not one for the books. After we ate at Outback, we went to see Cop Out (which except for a few moments of hilarity, is just TOO stupid for me...holy crap) and Mom basically missed at least 1/2 if not more of it. We think she got food poisoning. So we were there for the whole movie but only because, when you are sick that way, you need to be able to be in the car long enough to make it home! She adored everything she got for presents, and I was so relieved my present arrived ON her birthday. Though I will be complaining, I don't consider it taking a week to get here, as expedited shipping, which is what I PAID for! Especially when it was coming from New Jersey!! I can drive to New Jersey in like 6 hours!! Anyway she loved the movie I got her, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House. She introduced ME to it a long time ago. It has Cary Grant and is hilarious. After she opened her gifts she felt real sick so she couldn't watch the movie OR eat her own cake. She had a tiny bit of jello!! Poor Mom!

I myself, got real sick for awhile that night, and couldn't sleep for more than an hour, but I was determined to go. So it was me, Kate and Dad. We had to be in the car at 8:45 am to make it to Southbury and be there for 9:30 when it starts. We got there and Weezie's Uncle Dave and his wife were there but no one else. It was so awkward. I feel out of place at OUR ward with my troubles with social anxiety, etc. But these were actual strangers so it didn't go well. Katie got Gretchy though from Matt, Weezie's brother, so that distracted me for a half hour. Me and Kate. I gave her up too! Katie held her. That little girl is so smiley. I gave her my lil brush with a mirror on the back and she sucked and drooled on every part of it. She roars like a little lioness or I say, like a pirate! Arrr!

Zoey had quite the circle of men around her during her blessing. Her dad, 2 Grandfather's, 2 Uncles, a Great Uncle and My Dad and Don, the Patriarchal Blessing man of our region...I forget the exact title. But Weezie said it really was just family because Ken (my Dad) and Don are family. Which made me all warm and fuzzy again. I have to say it was like the worst Sunday to be in Southbury, the talks were SO boring. I am sorry but they were. And the missionary who was the last speaker spoke for like a half hour and was so dry and zzzzzzz. And he would close his scriptures and you would think, oh yay he is finally done, and then nope. He would reopen them back up. Katie was too chicken to take Zoey from her dad when sacrament was over, so I got brave. I was like, "Zak...I wanna hold her" and it worked! He was like oh yeah sure. It is only the second time I have seen her!! And I did give her to Katie because it was the first time Katie held her. Then we left. Hey, Weezie's parents were already gone and Matt and his fam were leaving too. It is awkward being in a ward where you know no one!! And the people you know have to be in YW or primary!!

So we got some food, as we had a long drive home and Sam and Mom got up around when we got home, around 12:30pm. Mom was iffy. So I went to take a nap. Mom laid down while I talked out some stressed feelings. I also told her I hoped she'd feel well enough to go see Jeff Dunham with Dad at 5pm. They got tickets to see the hilarious comedian for Christmas. I had a horrible time trying to sleep and staying asleep. So I am partially afraid to go to sleep tonight. But Mom and Dad did go and they LOVED it! They had an awesome time and we extended Mom's birthday so we had cake and watched a show with her and then I tucked HER in.

Okay I admit I cried on her shoulder a bit. I am feeling so depressed and miserable lately and that fear of sleeping is real. If I can't sleep, I am scared I will go crazy.

Now I am writing this and texting my friend Hannah at the same time. We have not been really taking lately, not mad at each other not talking, just not talking and I want to fix that. I miss her and hearing about what is going on with her. And she has a new love interest who I know nothing about so I want us talking again. She gets me. I appreciate THAT greatly!!

Now I am watching Undercover Boss. I watched the first three online, and man they were GOOD. Watch the 7/Eleven one, it about made me CRY!!

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Lee said...

I'm glad you got to go at least. :)

Toriz said...

I'm glad you got to go, but I'm sorry your Mom didn't, and that she was so sick for her birthday. :(

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