Monday, November 30, 2009

The New Moon Party

So yes indeed I did go to the New Moon Party. I woke up in agony, but had already decided I would take my pills for the pain and deal with it. I was not going to miss this chance to actually be at something, to do something normal people do. Go to a fun party. But most of all, I felt like this might be the one chance Hannah and I had, to connect in the same room, and hopefully solidy a real friendship. I had been looking forward to this for so long, sure I was nervous too, but so was Hannah! We both were excited/nervous about the party, but wanted it to be our chance to see if we could be the friends we were online, in real person. So I decided when I woke up, and sucked down a percocet, I was doing this.

There was the matter of getting there. I didn't want to drive. At all. But could I actually ask Katie if she'd mind dropping me off at 7pm and maybe not get called up until after 6 in the morning to be picked up? I was very unsure, but I went ahead at my Mom's urging and asked and she said YES!! I was so relieved, being IN the car would make me nervous enough, so not having to worry about driving relieved me of some stress. I was getting really excited and scared as it was about time to leave. I packed my percocet and energy drinks in case I got sleepy at the movie, then I stopped and sucked half a bottle down. I wanted to not seem drugged. So we left. Hannah and I were texted as we got close, about how nervous we were. Hannah is like my brain twin, as we have called it. We have similar things in common all over the place, we just have so much in common it is cool. So Kate pulled away and Hannah opened the door. I was there at 7, the party didn't start until 8-8:30pm. Hannah said it was okay for me to come early, I thought I might do better getting there before all the other people, and it would give us a chance to break the ice, you know?

So she showed me the decorations which were freaking amazing!! There was the Volturri room and the den was Bella's Birthday room. In the Birthday room, Hannah's cousin Amber had made a fake replica of the cake from the movie but covered in real fondant. And there were quotes framed and stuff all over. And oodles of candles. The Volturri room was the coolest and had the most awesome foods! Before I go on let me tell you about the decorations and the desserts, I have pics to go along. Here is Bella's birthday cake:

Oh and I musn't forget the Pin The Tail on The Jacob!!! Which Hannah and I didn't get to play! Booo!!

Noe let's get to the Volturri room!! First here are a bunch of the decorations that were just incredible!!

Vampire bites which were little red licorices, and there was even gift bags!! We got pins and trading cards and candies, it was just awesome!!

These were Type A, B and O Twizzlers for the movies!! So cool! I never got one of those, boo. LOL. Now to show some of the COOL foods. When people later got there, there were stuff like pizza rolls, olives, marinated fresh mozzerella, mozzerella sticks, tomato "jam" and bread, etc, all Italian food for the Italian Volturri! So cool and imaginative!! But this stuff was the coolest!

Here is the Type A, B and O sodas. And glasses lines with blood. Each glass had a name from the movie, so you could keep track of your drink/glass.

Here is a closer pic of the "blood".

Here is a better look at the glasses. They used corn syrup so it was like cherry lollipops dried on the cups lips. It was so good, we wanted to just stand there and suck on empty glasses. Look here is Molly, Hannah's sister, doing just that!LOL!

M & M's of the Volturri being OCD I had to have one of each color at a

Check out the "blood" chocolate fountain. They used a mound of red dye and Ghirardelli chocolate (yuuumm) to acheive this:

And a closer look at the chocolate. Guess what they had to dip in it? Cream puffs!!! Mmm. We did not get enough time at the house, I am serious.

These are the vampire cupcakes, aren't they cute?!! The blood gel is oozing out, LOL!

And these freaking amazing creations that Hannah made are the werewolf cupcakes!! She used marshmallows to fill the snouts and the mouth is a fruit roll up.

Here is a closer look, these things were the coolest thing I have ever seen!

And these delicious cookies that look like blood too, were SO yummy! I only got one, but I want the recipe, they were scrumptious!

Okay now that you see the ambience and awesome foods that were all around me, I continue with the story! So after she showed me all the decorations and food, Hannah wanted to hear all about the accident so we went into Bella's room to talk. It was going really easy. She totally got my freaking out and everything, and "Aunt" Debbie came in.

Okay a quick rundown so you get how people are related and how I met Hannah. I have talked about Sister H or Jahoodie, before, our BFF family and like real family. Well Jahoodie has a brother (don't know him) and 3 sisters. Beth (she is Mom to Amber, Jesse and Julie), Naomi (she is Hannah's Mom and Molly and Max's) and Debbie. So I have know Hannah like HER whole life, I am like 10 years older. But between my young at heart thing and her old soul, we kind of meet up at the perfect place, lol. So my new friend is Jahoodie's niece. We just started talking one day and had so much in common. Then we lost touch and reconnected at Jahoodie's birthday party and she invited me to the party! Yay! So "Aunt" Debbie, is Hannah's real Aunt...okay, we got it?

So Debbie is a bit...odd. She had problems and has been on a LOT of meds over the years, so she isn't always there, or hasn't been in the past. She seemed coherent at the party. She was there early too. So when she walked in and sat down, I had to limit what I said to Hannah. There were things I could tell Hannah about the accident, that I am not okay telling anyone else. So that kind of limited that. Then Amber arrived, she had been upstairs, and Naomi, Hannah's mom were all there and we were all talking. Then Hannah went outside with Amber to light her Volturri bags that had candles inside. People were supposed to be arriving soon. I knew Weezie and her hubby Zak were invited but I had no idea who else was coming. I ended up alone...with Debbie. I got pure Debbie on me, asking me about the surgery AGAIN, telling me she had lost 40 pounds recently just by not spending all day in bed anymore, etc. As soon as Amber re-entered the room I took off. I told Naomi, you left me alone with Debbie!, which made her laugh.

Hannah and I were doing good though, talking about stuff. We tried out the "blood shots" as Nay made them. They were like a strawberry daquiri kind of thing. So good, I wanted a big glass of just that! Nay was like I warn you, we may all be peeing red by the end of the night! I didn't care, it was all so fun. Then Beth arrived, follwed by Jahoodie!! Yay! Weezie and Zak, and later a bunch of Amber's friends. I stayed with Hannah in the Bella room, we hung out with Jahoodie, Weezie and Zak. Weezie wasn't staying for the movie! Sad! But she is very pregnant and couldn't stay awake that long. So we chatted with them and then the quiz started. Hannah helped me with one of the questions (shhhh don't tell!) but it didn't matter, these were SO hard, I only git 7 out of 13!! One of Amber's friends won the New Moon calendar. Then it was the quotes which were from all FOUR books! We had to put either from what book or who said it. I went with who and only got THREE out of 10 right!! Sad!! There was a tie so they used Pin the Tail on the Jacob to break it. Two of Amber's friends won the book companion and the soundtrack. That sucked!

Hannah and I would be talking movies or TV and Zak kept interrupting to talk manga with her!! Grrr Zak!! Yeah you hear me, grrrr! I don't know manga!! Weezie left and then we all left to get there at 10pm. Ugh 2 hours early. We had to leave all that awesome food, barely eaten (!!!!) behind! I was so sad!! I was like I hadn't eaten that or that, etc. SO sad! I drove with Hannah, Zak, Nay and Jahoodie to the theater. They were doing things a little differently at this theater. It didn't matter what your ticket said or when you had bought it, they were letting people in NOW, and filling up one theater at a time! Which is so unfair, Nay picked these tickets up weeks ago and we got crappy seats anyway. They wanted to stuff one theater full before opening the next theater up. Unfair. But we had connections!! MOLLY!! Molly works at the theater, so she did her thang for awhile and we went from theater 5 where we would have to look straight UP to watch the movie, to theater 6 where we got decent seats. I didn't get why Molly seemed pissed off though and there was NO saving seats, the cop said if you had to pee, too bad for you!! But Molly knows him and now knowing everyone calls him Fudg, I am not scared of him. Molly was unhappy because she wanted us put in theater 7, which she got. Theater 7 was empty except for a few girls that were the daughter and friends of another employee!! Molly was my hero that night, she rocked!!

Well the theater ended up filling all the way up anyway. Molly doesn't know HOW it happened, that theater was supposed to be extra and empty basically, except for lucky people IN with employees. But our seats were PRIME, so we were happy. And yes I even peed! I was sitting next to Hannah and ....yeah you guessed it, DEBBIE!! I had fun talking with Hannah and Amber. Things got a little quiet at one point, we got shy. Then like 5 minutes before the movie was supposed to start we got chatty!! Oy! But the movie theater was having trouble so it didn't start until 12:25am so we got to be chatty. The pain was back in a bad way so I took a percocet. But then I got really drowsy and had to gulp down like 2 bottles of 5 hour energy before I felt awake. The movie started and Debbie kept making gross comments to me, gross because they came from her! "He can bite me anytime", and "mmm those pecs!"...made me want to GAG. *shudders* I did NOT like the movie. Yup, THERE, I said it. The second book is NOT my fave at all, I only love the part where Alice shows up to the end, so the last 1/4 of the book. They took that part and decimated it. No plane ride, no tunnels and tunnels to the Volturri, no huge encounter WITH them, no Bells clinging to Edward because she thought this was the last time she'd hold him, no vote the way it was in the book, NO Bella realizing Edward DID love her as much as she loved him, NONE of that. They took 5 minutes and changed it completely and PUT IT IN 5 MINUTES!! So the CG is amazing and they did great, but I did NOT like it, I prefered Twilight. I really am looking forward to Eclipse because Edward is in all of that, and it is out in June!!

So Hannah knows what I though and why and gets it, but she loved it, she is Team Jacob too, s she has seen it 4 times already!! Anyway, I had to pee so bad and only Hannah waited for me. Mean people!! So it was like 3 in the morning and we were going to a diner. Amber's friends didn't follow us to theater 7 so they were gone and Molly and her dad and her boyfriend left, so it was me, Hannah, Jahoodie, Nay, Zak, Beth, Debbie and Amber. Everyone mostly had breakfast except for me. We had a lot of fun. On the way over everyone got a kick out of Debbie grossing me out. We talked about the movie and other movies and Supernatural (Hannah and I are huge fans!), etc. We had so much fun! Hannah swore my pickle juice somehow ended up on her toast, she hates pickles, so it was funny when she ate sausage dipped in syrup, now that is the gross thing. Heehee! She collected the money from everyone and put it in proper numerical order...see we fit as friends! LOL!

We drove back to Nay's house and everyone was saying goodnight. I was sad I didn't want the night to end, I was having so much fun, regardless of the pain! I was thinking I got to call Kate then, when Nay was like bye Wendy, and I froze. It was pouring and I hadn't even called Katie yet! But Hannah was like, MOM! Wendy is coming in! Thank goodness for Hannah! Hannah, Amber and I decided we wanted to watch that night's Supernatural, so I figured I'd call Kat when we were done. I hadn't heard from her since the movie was an hour from starting. Hannah showed me her room first, wow she has every inch covered with something, her posters are like wallpaper!! And she has such awesome faeries and Harry Potter and Jack Skellington stuff. It was cool, and then I saw her organized Manga and when I told her a feeling of calm washed over me, she was like, EXACTLY! You get it! It really was calming to see something in such neat order. So we went back downstairs to watch the show.

We were about halfway through, and traumatized, they ruined 2 characters!!, I heard a buzzing Amber had mentioned. That was when I thought, OH NO! I had put my phone on vibrate when the movie started and never changed it!! I had missed a call and 2 texts from Kate! I called and told her to come, the show would be over by the time she got there! I was so sorry!! We watched the show and sat there shocked at how depressed we were from it. And it won't be back until the last week of January!! We were all mad!! Kate arrived and I asked for a wolf cupcake to take with me. It was pouring out really hard now so she gave me a baggie for it and we hugged goodbye. We were both going to Weezie's baby shower on that Saturday so we'd see each other again soon.

I chatted about the night to Katie all the way home. I hadn't wanted it to end, I was having so much fun! I was like high on life. When we pulled into the driveway I suddenly deflated like a balloon. I was exhausted and in terrible pain. It was like 6:30 am. LOL. Mom listened to a short sum up and told me to forget showering, she wanted me to take all my pills and pain pills and lay down. So I did and slept for 12 hours. I was so excited for Saturday. Weezie's shower and I could see my friend Hannah again!! I was like so happy that we got along so well, I really want a friend I can hang out with, Weezie is married and having a baby. And Hann and me have so much in common and I think we are good for eachother. So I would say the party was a resounding success. The poor uneaten food though!! *sob* Hannah and I say it should have started at like 5...maybe in June, you never know!

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Reminder and Funny Music Video

It is Sunday and I realized, Wendy, you were so stupid to put your Accident post upvon a Saturday, when hardly anyone goes on in the weekends...*sighs*. So I am just telling you all who haven't read it to CLICK HERE and read the detailed post about the scariest thing to happen to me in years...and that is saying A LOT.

Also you must watch The Muppet's Rendition of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody!!

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Accident

So, I got enough energy after a 3 hour nap and a percocet, to write something for my blog. Yay. Hope it lasts long enough to finish the whole post. Puh-lease!

So, it was November 18th. I was really excited. It was my 4 year anniversary since the day I had my weight loss surgery. So we were going to eat at The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Plus the next day, I had the New Moon party at my friend Hannah's house, which I was excited/scared about. (we talk a lot through emails but the getting together thing was like, brand new for us). So I was getting pysched about everything. Only my Mom and Dad went with me to dinner. Katie was teaching and Sandy just didn't want to go out. So my parents and I drove to West Hartford where we actually have a CF.

So we went and Mom and I shared the Chicken Costelletta. I wish there was one closer because the I would TRY other chicken dishes which all sound yummy, but I KNOW I like this one dish so I always get it, all 3 times I have been there, lol. My Dad had their pot roast and we all got so full. So we ordered 3 pieces of the Fresh Strawberry cheesecake to go. As we left the restaurant, I took a picture of my parents and a pic of myself, because I was going to post a celebratory post on it. So this was us about 5 minutes before things went to Hades.What a difference 5 minutes can make...

We walked over to Whole Foods where we had parked, talking about how we were going to go home and eat cheesecake, and my Mom gave me a present, well a pick out a dvd series you want present, which made me smile.

We were headed home, Gabby our GPS was giving us directions. Mom let me sit in the fromt passenger as it was MY special day. We had a green light and so we were driving straight. We saw a really large black pick-up all of a sudden. It was turning left straight into our lane. I remember seeing the lights get closer and closer, unbelievably closer. The lights didn't slow down, and they didn't try to swerve. I remember screaming. According to my parents, I screamed "Oh NO!", all I remember is, I screamed. Then the next thing I remember is pain. I don't remember seeing the crash happen. All of a sudden I was in pain and looking at an airbag. The light inside the car was so strange, (Mom later said it was the trucks lights shining directly into our car, because it was that big of a truck) and it was smokey. I started to panic, I thought the car was on fire and that it could explode. I remember hearing my Dad yell, "Oh my God. Are you both okay?", but I don't remember answering. I remember hearing him scream out to the other car "What did you DO?!!". My mouth felt huge and hurt really bad and I was starting to freak out. Mom said to get out of the car and I felt confused, but I did it, and then I didn't see her, so I panicked. I helped her out of the car and that was when I lost it.

I started crying and hyperventilating. People were asking if I was okay, but my Mom had to speak for me, saying I was really shook up. I told her my mouth hurt but I couldn't tell if I was okay or not. We went to a corner to get out of the way, my head still buried in my mother's neck, crying. I am sorry if I seem like a baby. I have never been in a head on collision. I ws in accidents as a kid, my Dad was always being side-seiped, but I don't remember those accidents. And this was different. I SAW it happening, I knew it was not going to be okay. Anyway, I couldn't breathe it felt like, and things seemed so wrong somehow, and my mouth was burning and throbbing. Firemen were all of a sudden there asking questions and I had to answer this time. I told them what hurt but that I wasn't sure if that was it. I just couldn't tell, I was so scared. My Dad was calling the girls because his wallet must have fallen out when he got out of HIS car and went into the one, our new Honda Accord, we drove to CF in. I never even saw what the accident looked like. The fireman was asking me questions, birthdates and numbers and medical conditions. My Mom said yes, she wanted me to go in an ambulance. My mom seemed fine and my dad said he hot his head, but they were saying they were fine, but I wasn't sure. My body felt like it was at a distance from me.

So ambulance people were all of a sudden there, wrapping my neck in a brace. Then they were there with a backboard and made me lean back until they were carrying me, which was so scary. I couldn't see my parents anymore, so that was really scary. They asked me all these questions as they were strapping me down with endless straps. I tried to answer, but I was so scared and so cold and confused. They placed me on a gurney and strapped even more things over me. They all left me for a few minutes, and I was strapped down, cold and in pain, wondering where my Mom was. If the girls were there yet. They asked where they were supposed to be taking me and they said my parents had picked Hartford Hospital. We weren't in an area where we knew any of the hospitals, so they picked the closest one. Joe was my ambulance guy. He was in the back with me. By then more things were hurting that I could feel, so when Joe asked me to tell him everything that hurt, I was able to say: my chest, and it hurts to breathe. My knees. My mouth and nose. He looked at my knees and said he didn't see anything. He felt along my chest which made me really burst into ow's. I couldn't stop crying. I could finally hear my Mom up front but couldn't see her. We started moving which was scary and Joe kept asking more questions, feeling areas. I called out to make sure it WAS Mom's voice and it was. Joe was really nice, he kept trying to get me to breathe slower, telling me it wasn't going to help me any, but could he really blame me? I hurt and I was scared out of my mind.

We were in the ambulance for about 15 to 20 minutes and then they were carrying me out and we were in a bright place. A guy took off the brace and had me move my head around, which was uncomfoartable but apparently good to them. Because he was taking off all of it, the brace and all the straps. Which made the lady who drove the ambulance mad, because until I was admitted, it was law I stay strapped in apparently. They put many bracelets on my hand, and my Mom was finally there holding my hand. I was so cold. They unstrapped me and made me sit up, and that was when I realized my back was killing me too. They made me stand up and I felt so dizzy. I finally noticed my Dad sitting at a desk as he answered questions. He had been brought over by an ambulance too. And was admitted to the ER too. They told us to go sit in the waiting room, that we were going to be admitted to the "gold pod" and that it would get us in and out faster. I found it so weird as Mom and Joe walked me to the waiting area, that we were being placed IN a waiting area. We were in a head on collision, we didn't drive ourselves because we were hurt. So it just seemed weird. Joe sat with us and had us answer more questions. He continued to tell me to hold my breath and then breathe out slowly. I was breathing so fast still. We had to sign things. Dad joined us and had to sign lots too. My Mom was sitting funny and we were finally talking about the accident to each other. My Mom had been in the back, no seat belt. Luckily tonight she had been sitting directly behind me and not in the middle. She had used her arms to brace herself, but had jerked around too. She was finally feeling really achy and in pain, but she wouldn't let herself be admitted. She said it was to be expected, your muscles bunch up when you see you are going to be hit and then the accident even braced, plus she says when you are hit muscles move and clench so she said NO.

Joe left finally, which was a little scary for me, he was the one medical person who seemed nice and was paying attention to us. When I told him the cheescakes were in the car he commiserated what a horrid shame that was. So he said goodbye and left. We sat there, huddled close. I couldn't stop crying. I was seeing it over and over in my head. And my Mom, is not as iron strong as I thought, she was working at being calm, really really working. I couldn't stop saying stuff like "why didn't he stop? He never even tried to move!" and stuff like that. I had felt my Dad try to swerve and felt out car's breaks try but there was no avoiding the accident, because the driver never slowed or tried to get out of the way. It was like he thought if he kept going, WE could make the accident not happen. My sisters arrived which made me bawl even more. I have no idea why. I hurt so much and there were my girls and I was scared, it was just all too much. My Dad was glad they were there for multiple reasons. He was worried that Gabby, the GPS would be stolen. Yes, seriously. He was waiting to be examined himself and he was worried about Gabby. That had me blubbering about the cheesecake and how it must look now. The MAIN reason I wanted to eat at CF. They were actually able to make me laugh for a second because I was crying about cheesecake too. So they left to go to the police station and get the report and see if the car place was still open so they could rescue Gabby at least.

We were waiting for almost 2 hours and then they finally had a room for Dad, and one for me, far from one another. Mom went with me. They gave me a gown and no one returned. Mom stayed with me. She told me my face looked really weird, not just my mouth anymore. When I finally needed to use a restroom I was aghast at the red patches all over my neck and lower face. Joe had wondered at one point how hard the airbag hit me and also commented that the smoke I saw was cornstarch which the airbags had in them. He said I might be allergic to it. Now I knew why. I shuffled carefully back to the room and waited with my Mom. She was really hurting now, leaning her face into my leg as we waited, with Glee on the TV, but I couldn't pay attention to that. Everything now hurt. I checked my knees out and figured Joe was right, they looked fine. But they hurt. And my back and neck and head were killing me. My chest was throbbing. And we just continued waiting. We watched the whoever they were, behind the desks, just chatting and looking up things on google!! We wondered WHO actually worked there besides the cute black guy who did admitting. My Mom went and checked on Dad, he too was still waiting. We waited more, an hour had gone by.

I got a text and my Mom got my phone out for me and it was from my Dad asking if I had seen a doctor yet. I was like, nope, what about you? He texted back, not one in sight, and then typed how now brown cow? Which made me laugh which hurt!! I talked with my Mom, now that tears were sporadic. I was so pissed that this happened. I was like, I am NOT missing Hannah's party tommorrow, NO, no way. My Mom was trying to calm me down, tell me I had to see! I hadn't even been checked out yet, but I was adamant. It didn't matter I was in agony, I did not want to miss this oppurtunity. I was supposed to go outside my comfort zone and really wanted to get a chance to be comfortable with Hannah, so we could be good friends. So I was now in pain AND pissed. So I texted Hannah, just as the doctor finally arrived, and told her I had been in a head on collision but was going to try my best not to let this guy ruin this for me. She was worried for me, but I had to stop now.

He felt along my chest and pressed so hard I wanted to bawl again. He had me get up and felt along my spine and hit some areas that made me cry out. He checked out my face. He told me I was going to be in a lot of pain, especially in the next 3 days. He told me I was going to have to ice my sore areas a lot. He prescribed me percocet and skelaxin, a muscle relaxer. He told me a surce would bring me some percocet and that I was free to go. Except no nurse showed up so I had to wait. Mom went to Dad, as he was next up and he got the same RX's as me. Finally a nurse brought me a pill and we could go, even as we tried to talk my Mom into getting checked out. NO. So we got into the car, which scared me and I shuddered the whole way home. Sure it was cold, but being in a car, scared the crap out of me. We got home and my parents made me take a bath after I took the skelaxin too. As I lay there I felt vindicated as brusies started forming on my knees. I KNEW it!

Of course they didn't immediately look like this, this is how they started looking about 3 days after the accident. How they still look. Yeah, if they LOOK painful, yes they are that much MORE painful in actuality. And as the days passed more bruised popped up, like my pictures from the other day:

This is the left inner side of my left boob/chest. It feels this painful on both sides, but this was the side that bruised. I think having large chest's is the only reason my rib cage doesn't LOOK like this. They got in the way, essentially. I think if they didn't my chest/rib area would hurt even more than it does now. I thought at one point that I was getting better, which yes actually worried me, because I am so not over this. It plays over and over in my head, making my cry. I haven't driven myself anywhere since, being IN a car makes me anxious. I should have not said I was worried because tonight, Thanksgiving night, I feel as badly as I did the first few days. Driving up to my Aunt's for Turkey Day, might have been a mistake.

My Dad didn't hurt at first, he was all I am good the next day, and went to the police and Gabby was safe indeed. He also took pics of our car so I could see. The other car has a flat tire...yeah, and might need transmission work...aww poor baby, our new 2 year old car is dead!! But within another day or so, Dad began to feel the pain and still hurts a lot. My Mom didn't go to work the next day, or the next, she was in agony too. Finally on Sunday the 22nd, Sam took her to the ER where she got to spend 6 hours, and she got pain meds and was told she'd bruised her ribs really good and wasn't to return to work until the 27th, Friday. She says we are crash buddies. I love my Mom. So yeah the pain has been back in full force the last 2 days actually. Trying to take a bath last night was actually painful, nothing was comfortable. Tonight it is really bad. Oh and let me tell you something I found out. Hiccups following a car accident are agony. They have made it so bad a few times, I cried. So I have been doing a LOT of sleeping. Even when it has been 14 hours since I took a pain pill, I fall asleep so easily no matter how hard I try not to. My Mom tells me not to fight it. My bosy needs it or something to recover from the trauma. So yeah, I have not been up to much, but emailing my friend Hannah and a quick hello post, and that kind of thing. Even if I get more than this typed up tonight, I have no idea how I will feel tommorrow, so I will see how it goes.

And you may ask, did you go to the New Moon party and if you did, HOW did you do it? Yes I did go, I am that stubborn. And percocet and 4 bottles of 5-hour Energy people. And I do not regret going either. That is another post though.

Like I said toward the beginning. What a difference 5 minutes can make. Finally yesterday the blame was put on this 17 year old driver. He claims he didn't see us. But I find that hard to believe and he had a yellow light he decided to try and beat. I want to sue him and his family. I don't care if it was him driving. What was a 17 year old doing in that huge truck if he isn't even a good driver?! We have to replace a car and they do not give you all the money to replace a car, so I want us to sue. We are all still in pain, my Mom missed a week of work, and she is going to try to go in tommorrow, but she is in such pain still. I want him to pay. There are consequences for what he did and I want him to learn them.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Day 09

Hello my friends. The pain killers are working good right now, and I am not sleepy yet so look, a REAL post! Missed you all! Okay, so even though Mom, Dad and I were in pain, we decided we'd all go up to my Aunt Maureen's for Thanksgiving. We rode up in the rental car, it is a Volvo which is apparently like a Swedish tank. It still made me very uncomfortable to be in the car for 45 minutes one way. And Mom wanted me in the front because I was worried the girl might hit me in the chest, but apparently the Swedish tank is not so roomy in the back. We brought some desserts and flowers for Auntie and chocolates for her and Uncle John.

Dinner wasn't quite ready when we got there, and had very gentle delicate hugs, so I took some pictures of the table.

It was quite lovely, and I noticed that there were koala bears with Aussie flags on everyone's glasses except for the nieces (us) and grandkids. We got HATS from Australia!! Yay!! I loved mine! I love Australia anything, hibiscus are my fave tropical flower AND I adore turquoise!! How Auntie kept her mouth shut when Sandy and I were just there like 2 weeks ago, I will never know. Especially since we were talking ALL about their trip, and I tried Marmite and Veggiemite and real Aussie candy!! You are good Auntie! Sam got one in purple and Katie in pink! :)

Here are a couple of pics of the yummy food that was there, including Auntie's famous potatoes. I think I put a picture up last year, but my camera is even better this year and I want my friend Hannah to see the potatoes I was talking about. Hey, I think I take good food pictures!! LOL!

Here is the family that was there today. Auntie ran upstairs. And we were missing 2 of Mark's kids, Nick and Justin. We were missing Rebecca, she went to the BF's, that is huge her missing Thanksgiving, so cross your fingers that this guy is a keeper! We were missing Dawn too.

I was so upset with myself. When I was switching the carrots with the potatoes so they would be near me...what I do that EVERY year!!...I hit my glass and a slice went halfway down. Though in a strange way it seemed the year, because when Debbie was handing Sandy something they dropped it and broke a plate and a small dish of her china. Mark said she could probably get more of her stuff at so I am hopeful, they are such pretty sets. And she wasn't mad when Mom went with me and told her I thought it was me. Could it have been there? Yes, but I think it was me. She said it was fine and these were the whole reason she bought 24 to begin with. Love my Auntie!♥

I have a thing against turkey so I didn't eat turkey. I had potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole and a role. Dad bought a turkey breast once and when we opened it, it had blue-green like hair on it! So I have had a thing ever since and one day I was like, you know what? Forget it, I just do not like turkey anymore! I have it once in a blue moon, like a slice at Thanksgiving but I was like nah I prefer the fixings anyway. It was good but I got stuffed so quick. But Auntie never makes enough stuffing and I had some left and Katie hadn't gotten any so it worked out good!

As soon as I finished I took the pics then went and sat in a soft chair. I wasn't in bad pain, but I was uncomfortable. Mom joined me soon and we basically sat there for the rest of the time we were there. And we were not there very long. We were there 3 1/2 hours, but Mom, Dad and I were so exhausted from THAT. We stayed and talked, had dessert, then we left. The talking was for like another 2 hours, I just have nothing to say about our conversation. Except for finding out that Liz is looking into being in the Marines. She is like 5'1" and a pixie basically!! So the thought of her signing the minimum 8 year contract is scary. No Liz!! She is 18! She isn't even done with her first semester of college, where she only has classes 2 days a week and only 3 classes! I just do not think this is a good idea. Here she is with her sister Alexandra, my 2 fave cousins. Liz is the blond. Ignore the chest's she got my Grandma's genes too, she it a stick otherwise.

After delicate goodbyes we headed home. It got really uncomfortable on the way home. Mom was asleep against Katie almost immediately. I couldn't get comfy but I was awake for a little bit. Really little. But then I was gone finally too, and we were home. Dad had been lonely, we ALL feel asleep! Poor guy! I was so exhausted and in pain, that I walked to the living room, laid down with a blanket and fell asleep for almost 3 hours. Katie fell asleep on a couch too. My Dad went to his room to relax and Mom took a bath and laid down and fell asleep. We all were about by 9pm and had egg salad sandwiches. None of us wanted to bring anything home which is a first, and the first time Auntie didn't put up a fight. Maybe the pain and exhaustion was on our faces.

The pain got so bad again tonight. It was like the accident happened LAST night. The pain is all back and bad. Nothing was helping so I tooka quick shower later and then took a percocet and that is helping. The nap gave me enough power, and the pill enough relief, that I have just typed up all 4 major events that have happened. So after this one is posted, the next day I will post about the accident! It was hard writing it, it has only been a week and I don't know even IF I will ever be over it.

Oh and I want to include Tiger in my Turkey Day post. This is Tiger. The only CAT I love. I love kittens, but Tiger is the most awesome cat ever. She is really old, I don't even know how old, I always remember her being around. She is like a dog, maybe that is why I love her. She sleeps on her back with all four paws in the air. When we were living at Auntie's she would try to knead me which I hate so I yelled no kneading me and she never kneads me anymore!! She purrs, you can feel it deep in her chest and almost directs you with her face where she wants you to scratch, she is so smart! She is both an inside and outside cat. She leaves "presents", we saw one today on the steps...poor mouse! So if she disappears for a day or so it is not a big deal. Once though she disappeared for a long time and they finally they found her down the road, she had been hit, they have no idea how long she was there. She was able to be fixed up though and is still alive! She is amazing! I love Tiger! Sometimes I want to cat nap her! LOL! Tiger, you rock!

So, that was my Turkey Day, how was everyone else's?

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