Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friday Fragments

Okay, well I feel like throwing up. I just revealed something to a friend of mine that I don't/won't ever talk about. Well I alluded anyway. And I am scared to death I just scared her off and I really like talking with her. Sorry no, I won't ever talk about it here or with any of you, I don't talk about it period. It is just something I think is better for me to put away in a compartment box and never think about. She shared things with me, and I felt the need to share (as we share a lot in common) as much as I could, without opening that box. But what if I should have kept that part of me locked up like Fort Knox? I am so stupid!


My Parents got back today. They got me a really cool Billabong shirt and a Tink keychain. And they picked up two bracelets I asked them to keep an eye out for in Mexico. Epcot's Mexico I mean. They are so cool! They are slightly different from the ones I bought and are amber and like a purple amber!! I love them!! They never swam it was too cold...yeah I don't feel sorry for them either. Hello they were on vacation IN Florida!!


Okay I learned something at Olive Garden. While I may ADORE the chicken and gnocchi veronese, I hate the soup with chicken and gnocchi. Disgusting! I ate the gnocchi out of it and that was it! Ick! Should have stuck with their yummy salad! The meal was so yummy though, they better leave that on the menu, it is like the only thing I eat there, and I LOVE it!


Finally got to open up my Scene It TV game and play it with my sisters. I won both times! That's right I am the remote queen! And I am NOT ashamed to admit that AND be proud of it!


I fell asleep last night watching Supernatural....DANG YOU AMBIEN!! I kept last weeks because I got backed up and I was already loving it in the first 2 minutes! Dean in a sitcom going "son of a ..." was so funny! And the opening credits and making fun of Grey's Anatomy had me almost peeing it was so good, and then I wake up and it has been 3 hours!! And I had to sleep, I was going up to the airport to get the parents!! I am going to restart it from the beginning and then I have yesterdays to watch! YES!! Jensen is my love!!


Christmas means Gifts From the Heart time...CRAP!! I think I outdid myself last year, with the cookbooks professionally made with family pics and recipes, I can't outdo that!! Let alone have any more ideas!! Okay I think I know what I will do for Kate and Sam, it will wipe hald my x-mas funds least! But what about the parents? I would want theirs to be just as special and I have NO ideas. Sure Christmas is 1 month and 11 days away, but it ALSO 1 month and 11 days away!!! Agghhhh!! Plus we do Secret Santa....dang me for loving traditions!!! I am the one who wants the decorations up the weekend after Thanksgiving! Dang my Christmas loving heart!


I am really hoping something turns up in my Diabetes blood work. If my regular doctor doesn't see anything, that means I will need to see a Diabetic specialist, and saints preserve, I am SICK of doctors!


My 4 year Anniversary of my Weight Loss Surgery is on Wednesday. I WILL celebrate it as I went through that agony, but feel like crap because of the unexplained and nonsensical weight gain.


The New Moon party I am going to...hopefully that person wil still want me to on Thursday. I am nervous, especially NOW after the email, but is we are alright, I am excited too. I love how we can goon for hours about tv and movies...and SUPERNATURAL!! Her mom is a sweetie too, and knows about my bipolar, depression and anxiety disorders, so they both said they'd have my back, which is so reassuring!


Weezie's baby shower for future Zoe is Saturday. We need to find out what she HASN'T gotten so we can go and spoil her and Zoe! Weeze made me an offical Auntie so I want this baby to feel spoiled...even if she doesn't know she was spoiled until she is much older....erhhh did that MAKE sense? Hmmm.


Why is no one commenting almost? Am I THAT boring now? But I told you all an awesome fairy tale yesterday!! Read it dang it! Appreciate the art of the fairy tale!! Okay I am done ranting...for now.

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LadyStyx said...

OMG. If you thought the one with the "tv show" was funny...this week's was a RIOT! I havent laughed so hard at that show in the longest time.

RayeLee ❤ said...

Good luck with everything!

Olive Garden is so yummy. But I only get to eat there every so often. In fact, the last time I was there, I was pregnant with my son (about 18 weeks) and now, he's almost 2. :(

Kristina P. said...

I'm not a fan of that soup either. It's really salty.

The Boob Nazi said...

If she doesn't want to be your friend after you told her something personal about yourself, you wouldn't want her to be your friend anyway.

Mommy Madness said...

Friends will always be there no matter what u tell them....Good luck and really hope things work out... btw what an awesome christmas gift idea the cookbooks with family picx and recipes ...i so want to do that... =)

Mary said...

Good luck with the Christmas gifts!! Hubby & I were just talking about that yesterday b/c I don't want/need anything right now, which is making it VERY difficult for him to I just want to buy things for the babies.

Lee said...

It's really not you. No one has been commenting in bloggyland, and it's driving me completely insane.

Yaya said...

A new moon party? Cool!

Don't worry about your friend. If she's a true friend you didn't scare her off. Sometimes people need space to process things.

Tori_z said...

Don't take the lack of comments personally... A lot of people don't seem to be online much lately.

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