Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dissed TV Part THREE

Since I am feeling SO frustrated tonight I went for a light post I typed awhile ago, installment 3 of Dissed TV. I am still doing the heart monitor test (2 weeks minus 1 day left), awaiting the urine analysis and my A1C which in the Diabetes testing, but the other blood work is basically fine, and as sad as it may seem, I am not happy about that. Sure my Mother wants the last 2 sets of blood work so she can compare my thyroid numbers, because doctors just check the levels, not the change in them from a year ago or what not, but I am so frustrated. I really felt they were going to find something to explain what is going on with my body. You don't lead a basically sedintary life, then start excercising and after 6 months, all you have done is GAIN weight, not when the program you are doing IS for weight loss. So yeah I am not okay, I want there to be a reason. Maybe my brain is too analytical or whatever it is called, because I need there to be an explanation, a reason why x+y=z. Not just nothing. It makes no sense. I am so wound up, I am not even supposed to be talking about it or I might end up feeling out of control again. I just need reasons. Something that makes sense, and I thought it would be in the blood work. On to the lighter fare:

Tonight's 10, too soon taken from us tv shows are: Men In Trees, Dark Angel, Miss Match, Cupid, Nightstalker (new one), Stand Off, John Doe, Vanished, Close to Home and Jake 2.0!!

1)Men In Trees - After breaking off her engagement when she learns of her fiance's infidelity, Marin Frist, a relationship expert, finds herself living in Elmo, Alaska, surrounded by men and attracted to one in particular. She now has to forget everything she has learned about men and gain new knowledge about love and relationships. Her #1 fan, Annie, moves to Elmo also. And Marin begins to make friends with the people of Elmo, and gets herself in interesting predicaments as she learns to navigate Alaska. Jack and Marin were finally reunited and struggling as a new couple, but we never got to see if Patrick won Annie back, so it's abrupt ending left an unsavory taste in my mouth. Starring Anne Heche, Abraham Benrubi, Cynthia Stevenson and James Tupper, this was a sweer light-hearted show, that left a nice warm feeling in th epit of your stomach. Why don't they let the nice shows live? NOT on dvd.

2)Dark Angel - BEST.SHOW.EVER. Jessica Alba and Michael Wetherly starred in this futuristic show by James Cameron (Terminator movies). Max (Alba) is a genetically-enhanced human prototype "freak" hunted by her former military handlers, especially Lydecker, through the edgy, underground street life version of 21st century America. Max is aided in her quest - both to avoid capture and reunite with her "siblings" scattered in the aftermath of their escape - by Logan Cale(Wetherly), an idealistic cyber-journalist battling repression and corruption in the post-apocalypse. Max eventually is able to free all the other "freaks" from Manticore and the ending while it makes me unhappy, it did at least end in a way that you can go...okay so I just have to imagine them winning. It ends with a fight about to begin between Manticore and the freaks, aided by Max's friends from Jam Pony. It is such an interesting show and has somany small aspects that made it intriguing to watch. Max's DNA alone made the show fun. She had cat DNA so she went into "heat" a few times a year and had to get her BFF Original Cindy, to try and keep her from jumping every guy that walked by! And at the beginning of Season 2, Manticore injected something into both her and Logan that made it so if these two star-crossed lovers so much as touched, Logan would die. You can't get any cooler than that!! ON dvd! Watch it and LOATHE Firefly for making Fox yank the third season at the last minute, AFTER they had already renewed Dark Angel!!!!! GRRRRRRR!!!

3)Miss Match - In addition to being a sharp divorce attorney in her father's law firm, Kate Fox has a knack for matchmaking, which she considers a hobby until a socialite bride credits Kate for her romantic success in the press and word of her talent spreads. Soon, to the dismay of her father, Jerry (Ryan O'Neal), and her reluctant legal partner Nick (James Roday), Kate is juggling the conflicting worlds of divorce and true love. With her best friend Victoria (Lake Bell) at her side, Kate is determined to bring a little romance into the world, perhaps finding her own true love in the process. This was a fun romantic comedy with the sparkle that Alicia brings to all her projects. Her struggle with being a divorce attorney who could match up perfect mates was hilarious and always entertaining. Like many shows it just ended. No there was no HUGE cliffhanger but we wanted to see Kate find true love and not just find it for everyone else! NOT on dvd.

4)Cupid - This is the one that they just re-did and started airing but it was so good with Jeremy Piven, he rocked as Cupid! This is the story of a man who claims to be Cupid sent to Earth as a punishment. To earn his place back on Mount Olympus, he must reunite a hundred couples without the use of magic. He has been stripped of his powers and has become a normal human being for the length of his stay among us. Because of his claims, Trevor is thought to be delusional and placed under psychological study. He must attend Claire's therapy groups on a regular basis, where he usually likes to interfere and contradict her. Although the show is based on a fantasy premise, it is mostly an excuse. There has been no proof so far that Trevor really is Cupid and for all we know, he really could be just another nutcase. Yet, his ability to bring couples together, his great knowledge of Greek mythology and many other elements can only make one wonder. Claire was played by Paula Marshall. Excellent show that just abruptly stopped, and no that new guy playing Piven's part, is NO Jeremy Piven! NOT on dvd.

5)Nightstalker - The remake starred Stuart Townsend and Gabrielle Union and was terriffic!! Crime reporter Carl Kolchak (Townsend) is partnered with Perri Reed (Union) at The Beacon, a Los Angeles newspaper. Together they investigate a string of strange murders...all of which may be related to the death of Kolchak's wife 18 months earlier in a similarly bizarre manner. A murder that the FBI consider Kolchak the primary suspect. Carl and Perri get in deep muck a lot, dragging their photographer Jane (guy, last name) into the trouble with them. Perri starts to see that these things can't just be coincidence and starts to believe in Kolchak and what he says happened to his wife. This show was phenomenal and most of us who loved it, still don't get WHY it was cancelled. There was great chemistry and supernatural elements, it would so do good right now, following Fringe! ON dvd!

6)Standoff - I can't believe this romantic-comedy-drama was cancelled, it had everything. Romance between partners, they were hostage/crisis negotiators, so there were fascinating cases, it was all good and acted like it would be back and it just wasn't. The dynamic of them balancing work and their relationship? Priceless! Matt Flannery and Emily Lehman are top-ranked crisis negotiators in the FBI's Crisis Negotiation Unit who are trained to talk their way through volatile situations. They make an outstanding team professionally, but their relationship is a bit more precarious off the job. The series advances the fundamental idea that in life and in love "Everything is a negotiation." Standoff stars Ron Livingston as Matt Flannery, Rosemarie DeWitt as Emily Lehman, Michael Cudlitz as Frank Rogers, Gina Torres as Cheryl Carrera, Raquel Alessi as Lia Mathers, and Jose Pablo Cantillo as Duff Gonzalez. NOT on dvd!

7)John Doe - Where was "Lincoln Burrows" before he escaped on Prison Break? Why he was John Doe sillies!! The series is about the life of John Doe, a mysterious man who rises from the primordial waters of an isolated island, possessing knowledge of literally everything in the world, yet having no memory of who -- or even what -- he is. Doe quickly finds his way to Seattle, where he befriends the police and uses his special gift to help them solve "impossible" crimes each week, while continuing his unending quest to uncover who he is and where he came from. Despite his considerable charm, Doe is an emotional island unto himself. Want to know the population of Peru in 1853? How many blue cars there are in the state of Washington? Or better yet, predict which horse will win every race at the track based on knowing all the variables? Doe has all the answers. But what is he like? Family man or loner? Hero or villain? What is truly in his soul? Doe doesn't have a clue. In his search to unlock the key to his past, He may be a government agent, an extra-terrestrial or perhaps just a regular John Doe with a bout of amnesia. Whatever secrets his past holds, Doe is now the man who knows everything -- a gift that will forever change his destiny. Awesome premise right? And it WAS cool, he was great as this all knowing man who for all he knew, he also knew nothing. Nothing that mattered to HIM. Dominic Purcell and Sprague Grayden starred in this cool drama, that they just didn't give an ending too. It had a full season but apparently they must have thought they were being renewed because it felt like we were so close to learning some of John's secrets!! NOT on dvd.

8)Vanished - This FOX drama centers on the search for Sara Collins. She's the wife of Senator Jeffrey Collins. Sara vanishes and the FBI lead by Agent Graham Kelton is on the job, but before they can find her they need to find out who she really is. The mystery surrounding the disappearance is seen through the eyes of the FBI, members of the family and a reporter trying to get the story of her career. The search for Sara will expose many secrets. Nothing is as it seems. Everyone is a suspect because of their secrets. How DO you find someone when you don't know who they really are? In every way that matters when you have vanished? It seems like there is a conspiracy and everyone, even the step children are suspects. And WHY would Sara lie about her identity? Everyone seems to have a motive but no one wants to talk. It ended with a death row inmate saying he had info on Sara's disappearance, while the Senator became even more of a wreck, as he tried to deal with the stress of his wife going missing, and learning he doesn't know his family or friends the way he thought he did. Everyone has secrets they don't want Sara's disappearance revealing. NOT on dvd, but online.

9)Close to Home - Close to Home stars Jennifer Finnigan in a legal drama that tears away the facade of suburbia to reveal that sometimes quiet and tranquil streets can hide the darkest of crimes. Annabeth Chase (Finnigan) is a young, aggressive prosecutor with a perfect conviction record who tries the cases that take place in her own backyard. Returning to work after having her first child, Annabeth is ready to take on the most difficult cases, fueled by her passion to protect her community and her family. Co-stars include Kimberly Elise, John Carroll Lynch and Christian Kane. Each episode, for the most part, was self contained but at the end of Season 1, they chose to kill off Annabeth's husband in a horrible accident and left her dealing with her job and trying to raise her baby, now on her own. It was a fascinating show and each case was intriguing and was a great mystery. Why won't they leave mysteries alone, I tell ya?!! NOT on dvd.

10)Jake 2.0 -Well in some ways it is kind of like Chuck ripped off this show's ideas. Seriosuly listen to this Chuck fans: Jake Foley was an ordinary guy until a freak accident turned him into the world's first computer-enhanced man. Millions of microscopic computers interface with his biochemistry and make him stronger and faster, able to see and hear further then normal man. They give him the power to control technology with his brain. Jake Foley – America's secret weapon. He takes on missions no ordinary agent can perform. He is the ultimate human upgrade. When Jake's newfound abilities are discovered, the National Security Agency places him at the center of a new Special Ops team. But once he is thrust into his new role as a secret agent, Jake is forced to juggle his two lives as a superhero and a regular, twenty-something guy looking to enjoy life and find love. It is a geek who gets an "upgrade" and now is in the center of a government operation, so he has to hunt bad guys even though he really has no clue what he is doing. But it was a cute show and I liked the actors. Christopher Gorham, Marina Black, etc starred. It was quirky and I like and enjoy quirkiness. Jake's continual discovery of something new he could do, ws funny and Gorham is good as funny. He was on another show I will be mentioning, Popular.

That is the ten for today, only one day left of Disses TV by Wendy. The final 11 will be posted next, tell me your thoughts on the ones I did mention, or one you remembered loving that got the sack before it's time. Maybe you remember something I didn't from one of these shows or the ones previosuly talked about in Dissed TV posts?

7 meaningful meanderings:

Sarah said...

My bloodwork was NOT okay, which I am UNHAPPY about. I WISH mine was okay...wanna switch?? :)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Men In Trees. Seriously, if I ever have a daughter, her name WILL be Marin Josephine :) No doubt about it.

Tori_z said...

There's nothing wrong with wanting answers. Especially when it concerns your health.

Kristina P. said...

I had never even heard of any of those shows, let alone watched them.

I hope you get answers soon!

Anonymous said...

Gosh I hope they figure it out soon.

Lee said...

Funny things is, I never liked any of those shows... maybe it's just me.
I forgot was Jake 2.0 was until you reminded me.

TeeTee said...

i loved men in trees.
i used to watch it all the time!

mama-face said...

You should work as a TV critic. I'm sure I'm not the first person to tell you that! I've never even heard of most of those shows. They aren't given much of a chance these days that's for sure.

I understand the frustration with symptoms and blood tests, etc. Could medication be a factor? Which is also so tricky to figure out. (I say that and I have no idea if you take any meds. Sorry!)

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