Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Day 09

Hello my friends. The pain killers are working good right now, and I am not sleepy yet so look, a REAL post! Missed you all! Okay, so even though Mom, Dad and I were in pain, we decided we'd all go up to my Aunt Maureen's for Thanksgiving. We rode up in the rental car, it is a Volvo which is apparently like a Swedish tank. It still made me very uncomfortable to be in the car for 45 minutes one way. And Mom wanted me in the front because I was worried the girl might hit me in the chest, but apparently the Swedish tank is not so roomy in the back. We brought some desserts and flowers for Auntie and chocolates for her and Uncle John.

Dinner wasn't quite ready when we got there, and had very gentle delicate hugs, so I took some pictures of the table.

It was quite lovely, and I noticed that there were koala bears with Aussie flags on everyone's glasses except for the nieces (us) and grandkids. We got HATS from Australia!! Yay!! I loved mine! I love Australia anything, hibiscus are my fave tropical flower AND I adore turquoise!! How Auntie kept her mouth shut when Sandy and I were just there like 2 weeks ago, I will never know. Especially since we were talking ALL about their trip, and I tried Marmite and Veggiemite and real Aussie candy!! You are good Auntie! Sam got one in purple and Katie in pink! :)

Here are a couple of pics of the yummy food that was there, including Auntie's famous potatoes. I think I put a picture up last year, but my camera is even better this year and I want my friend Hannah to see the potatoes I was talking about. Hey, I think I take good food pictures!! LOL!

Here is the family that was there today. Auntie ran upstairs. And we were missing 2 of Mark's kids, Nick and Justin. We were missing Rebecca, she went to the BF's, that is huge her missing Thanksgiving, so cross your fingers that this guy is a keeper! We were missing Dawn too.

I was so upset with myself. When I was switching the carrots with the potatoes so they would be near me...what I do that EVERY year!!...I hit my glass and a slice went halfway down. Though in a strange way it seemed the year, because when Debbie was handing Sandy something they dropped it and broke a plate and a small dish of her china. Mark said she could probably get more of her stuff at so I am hopeful, they are such pretty sets. And she wasn't mad when Mom went with me and told her I thought it was me. Could it have been there? Yes, but I think it was me. She said it was fine and these were the whole reason she bought 24 to begin with. Love my Auntie!♥

I have a thing against turkey so I didn't eat turkey. I had potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole and a role. Dad bought a turkey breast once and when we opened it, it had blue-green like hair on it! So I have had a thing ever since and one day I was like, you know what? Forget it, I just do not like turkey anymore! I have it once in a blue moon, like a slice at Thanksgiving but I was like nah I prefer the fixings anyway. It was good but I got stuffed so quick. But Auntie never makes enough stuffing and I had some left and Katie hadn't gotten any so it worked out good!

As soon as I finished I took the pics then went and sat in a soft chair. I wasn't in bad pain, but I was uncomfortable. Mom joined me soon and we basically sat there for the rest of the time we were there. And we were not there very long. We were there 3 1/2 hours, but Mom, Dad and I were so exhausted from THAT. We stayed and talked, had dessert, then we left. The talking was for like another 2 hours, I just have nothing to say about our conversation. Except for finding out that Liz is looking into being in the Marines. She is like 5'1" and a pixie basically!! So the thought of her signing the minimum 8 year contract is scary. No Liz!! She is 18! She isn't even done with her first semester of college, where she only has classes 2 days a week and only 3 classes! I just do not think this is a good idea. Here she is with her sister Alexandra, my 2 fave cousins. Liz is the blond. Ignore the chest's she got my Grandma's genes too, she it a stick otherwise.

After delicate goodbyes we headed home. It got really uncomfortable on the way home. Mom was asleep against Katie almost immediately. I couldn't get comfy but I was awake for a little bit. Really little. But then I was gone finally too, and we were home. Dad had been lonely, we ALL feel asleep! Poor guy! I was so exhausted and in pain, that I walked to the living room, laid down with a blanket and fell asleep for almost 3 hours. Katie fell asleep on a couch too. My Dad went to his room to relax and Mom took a bath and laid down and fell asleep. We all were about by 9pm and had egg salad sandwiches. None of us wanted to bring anything home which is a first, and the first time Auntie didn't put up a fight. Maybe the pain and exhaustion was on our faces.

The pain got so bad again tonight. It was like the accident happened LAST night. The pain is all back and bad. Nothing was helping so I tooka quick shower later and then took a percocet and that is helping. The nap gave me enough power, and the pill enough relief, that I have just typed up all 4 major events that have happened. So after this one is posted, the next day I will post about the accident! It was hard writing it, it has only been a week and I don't know even IF I will ever be over it.

Oh and I want to include Tiger in my Turkey Day post. This is Tiger. The only CAT I love. I love kittens, but Tiger is the most awesome cat ever. She is really old, I don't even know how old, I always remember her being around. She is like a dog, maybe that is why I love her. She sleeps on her back with all four paws in the air. When we were living at Auntie's she would try to knead me which I hate so I yelled no kneading me and she never kneads me anymore!! She purrs, you can feel it deep in her chest and almost directs you with her face where she wants you to scratch, she is so smart! She is both an inside and outside cat. She leaves "presents", we saw one today on the steps...poor mouse! So if she disappears for a day or so it is not a big deal. Once though she disappeared for a long time and they finally they found her down the road, she had been hit, they have no idea how long she was there. She was able to be fixed up though and is still alive! She is amazing! I love Tiger! Sometimes I want to cat nap her! LOL! Tiger, you rock!

So, that was my Turkey Day, how was everyone else's?

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Anonymous said...

Mmm that food looks good.

My Thanksgiving was peaceful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Michelle said...

FUN! That is such a cute hat. I have to say though, I'm not a huge fan of either Marmite and Veggiemite. They say it is an aquired taste, but not for me. Ick!! :) I am a fan of aussie candy though. They have some good stuff.

Izzy said...

I'm so glad to see you out and about I'm happy you had a good turkey day I was a bit worried so its a good joy to see a happy post

hope all is going better

get well and still try to relax

Lee said...

I hope you heal up real quick.
Looks like a busy thanksgiving! We don't like turkey either, so we had Hen instead.

CaJoh said...

That is one LONG table. Reminds me of when we put in all of the leaves on our dining room table (had to turn the table sideways in order for it to fit the room).

Hope you're feeling better.

Tori_z said...

Hope you're not in so much pain today! *Hugs*

We don't have Thanksgiving over here. I'm glad you were still able to celebrate though, and that you - by the look of it - had a good time (despite the pain).

LadyStyx said...

Was just the two of us, but I did all the trimmins as usual. There was enough to feed 6 or so for sure.

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