Sunday, November 8, 2009

SLOW Saturday

Didn't do much today. Saw my parents off, Sam drove them, so when she got back she immediately headed back to bed.

Sam took over for Mom, and she colored my hair for me. Katie is too sick to go, but Sandy and I are supposed to go to my Aunt Maureen's house for dinner on Sunday night. A cousin..or a half sibling, I can't remember which, to Auntie, is visiting from Australia. So we were all invited over, but my parents are now safely in Florida (the toads!), and Kat is sick, so it is just me and Sandy. Hopefully it will BE me and Sandy, because she says if she feels even a sore throat she won't go. Which will suck, because I don't want to go all by myself, but I will have to.

Anyway, I wanted my hair to be pretty for a family get together, and when we went to the Mid-West, that hotel pool bleached all the color out, so now it is Wahooey! Dark Auburn red! It was so drab before. And while that may fit my mood, I don't want it to be what people SEE me as. Plus I have Thanksgiving this month, and the New Moon party and viewing, so I want it to look nice. It will fade by then probably, but not as bad as it was when I woke up today.

Then it took forever, of course, to rinse it out and then we ordered Japanese and Sandy went and picked it up. I had chicken and veggie tempura, the only Asian food I like. Besides clear soup, which is either a fish broth or a mushroom based clear Japanese soup. SO yummy! Sandy had a Boston roll and a California roll, minus the avocado. And Katie had Chicken Udon. Max loved the Udon noodles and we took 2 15 second videos of him eating them. I have Sandy's camera right in front of me, but don't want to get in trouble by downloading them first. *rolls eyes* But it was so adorable!!

We watched the new Nia Vardalos movie, I Hate Valentine's Day. It was so cute! Nia plays Genevieve, a flower shop owner who has rules to dating. You only date somene 5 times. It keeps her from getting hurt and it has always SEEMED to be so romantic in the past. Perfect relationships. So when she meets John Corbett's Greg, she thinks it will be the same as usual, but she is starting to really like spending time with him. But can she give up her old ways? Especially when they were created by things that hurt her, so she closed herself off to love? Rent it from Blockbuster today and see! And there was of course, the normal cameo, by Nia's cute as a button husband!! You know, he played Javier on Felicity!! Such a cutie! Although he was so slimy in My Life in Ruins. He was the slimy hotel owner. Pay postage in "other" ways, remember? Yeah, that is her husband. LOL!

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4 meaningful meanderings:

Sheri said...

Sometimes slow days are really fun and relaxing. Sounds like a pretty good day to me. :)

LadyStyx said...

ooh that so reminds me...I gotta freshen my hair color this month too!

Lee said...

All of my days have been slow lately. I think I need to re-do my hair color soon, too.

Tori_z said...

I've never tried Japenese food

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