Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Soap Talk

As some of you know, I am addicted to ABC's soaps. All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital. They are all AMAZING!!

Here are some interesting developments about these shows or on these shows to note *do NOT miss the video at least!*:

All My Children - It is moving from NY to Los Angelos. MANY people, crew-wise are out of jobs soon. Most of the cast is making the move across country, even La Lucci herself, but we are losing some amazing actors due to the fact they won't/can't leave NY, as is the case with Thorsten Kaye's Zack. His "wife" (kinda like the Kurt and Goldie relationship) is on One Life to Live which is staying in NY, so he is not leaving her or their two children. And due to monetary reasons we are losing Aiden Turner's Aidan, and the actress who plays Colby Chandler. AND the adorable actress who has been playing Emma, who also starred in Marley & Me. She is like 6 and not making the trek out West. So Sad! BUT the move means we are getting Rebecca Budig's Greenlee back, which is SO exciting!!

Story wise, I can't beleive that made ADAM, Stuart's killer. Sure he thought he was killing himself since he was hopped up having been drugged, but that was his TWIN and the nicest person on soap opera history!! Kendall is going AWOL soon, because her portrayer gets a long maternity leave, I am so happy to say she will be back, but Kendall and Zack are THE super couple so that will be hard. Amanda slept with David? SO lame. And Annie? Just annoys me.

One Life to Live - Well since AMC is vacating their studios, OLTL is gaining all that space so they are uber excited, big changes AT the show.

The show however is so hot right now! Mitch Laurence is BACK!! And he wants his daughter and his wife BACK. Which is twins Natalie and Jessica. They have different fathers though, so it isn't AS gross as it sounds. It has also been revealed that he is Rex's father!! Which makes Rex and Jess siblings!! And as Rex was raised with Natalie, they three are like siblings now, but don't all know that yet. Poor Nash being dug up was gross. Forbes March's dead body would be so much better looking too. And Roxie is going to have some major splainin' to do when Rex gets home...I am 3 days behind so if it happened, shhhh! The whole Tea having had Todd's other daughter who is in high school is also very cool!! I can't wait for Todd to find out he is her dad!

General Hospital: Well the BIG cast addition (though temporary) is James Franco!! He loves GH and wants to be ON!! Yeah! See he realizes how hard a soap is and wants to experience that! I applaud him! We lost Sarah Brown's Claudia to another soap, which is sad because killed with an axe? Yeah there is no bringing her back, and she was so good as crazy, evil Claudia. But killed with an axe, then buried...yeah no hope there, but Sarah Brown was the original Carly and being back didn't confuse anyone so she could return as another Zaccharra!!

Michael having killed Claudia and now thinking he is IN the mob is good. But what has me tuning in every day is Lulu and Dominic, they are HOT together!! And Luke finding out Nikolas is sleeping with Lucky's fiance of many times? Oh dear me. And another Cassadine is supposed to pop up soon! I only hope they give Ethan a good storyline or we will lose Luke's very cool "bastard" son!! He is a mini-Luke, it is so cool! And when Sonny finds out Dominic is not only Dante, and an undercover cop, AND is his first son by Olivia? I cannot wait for Maurice Bernard's acting in that (he is Sonny)!! Fireworks, and hopefully some more of his character's dealing with bipolar. I liked that they delved into mental illnesses with Sonny. And he has been just doing too good on his meds for my liking. Hello, meds do not work THAT well and not the FIRST time too! GH you rock! And now for a GH commercial with JAMES FRANCO!!

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Sarah said...

I was SO annoyed that Sarah played Claudia, she was the best Carly and I want her in THAT role again. You forgot to mention Jonathan Jackson back as lucky, much better than Greg whoever. Now all GH needs is Vanessa Marcil back as Brenda! I think Las Vegas was canceled, she should be wide open for that role again now...and Jax and Carly need some shaking up.

Sheri said...

<3 GH! Sarah Brown is an amazing actress no matter what role she is given and I liked her as Claudia and was sad that they killed her off. She could always return though as a "good" twin that was given up at birth hahaha ya never know!

Lee said...

*eyes cross* Soap operas confuse me.
*coughs* That's literally all I can say. They confuse me. A lot.

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