Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Nights

So I have to say, I hate that you can never predict how many kids you will get Halloween Night. Last year we went through more than 20 bags, this year, and we give out 3 pieces as long as they SAY "Trick 'R Treat", but this year we went through maybe 13 or 14. So my Mom is bringing a LOT of candy into work. YES, we don't get to keep it. Something about Diabetics shouldn't eat candy or some such nonsense. BLAGH.

Sandy and I decided we did not feel costume-appreciated and we need to do something next year so we can show them off. No one knew who either of us were, and we worked so hard on them, it just...well it sucked. I was Abby from NCIS and she was Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas. And I am not thin like Pauly Peretti who plays Abby and my black wig looked so stupid and un-Abby, but I think I pulled off her essence pretty well. And Sam looked awesome as Sally! I will post a few pics at the end of the post.

Max as a Bumble Bee was SO adorable!! He hated the head thing with the antennae but he didn't wear that for long, but he was as a bug!! LOL! Here are a few Max shots:

Sure I have like 45 more, but I am trying to not be THAT person by showing 100's of my dog pics, lol!

Here is my pumpkin. Sam and I did them with stuff we printed from the net. So to get my details I used an exacto knife and marker. I did the skull. We had to take them back in one night because critters were eating mine especially!! Seriously enlarge the pic by clicking on it and you will see the two large bite marks taken out of my poor skull.

This is Sandy's pumpkin, the spider, which had more details but they broke off.

Here you can see Sandy's pumpkin before the animals ruined her details.

And here is Kate's babbbbbyyyy pumpkin. We put in light up bracelets because even tea lights were too big, it would have burned them down.

We watched Darkness Falls with my Mom. Spooky movie involving the tooth fairy and the only protection is to stay in the light. Later Sam and I watched Pitch Black, where you also NEED to stay in the light or ELSE. It was a nice evening that included rain beginning around 8:30pm. Maybe that is why the kids were less, but who knows? Next year if I only pick up 13 bags we could need 23, so it is like the flip of a coin, how many kids show up. Errrr. LOL!

Okay here is a pic of Sam as Sally. You don't see it in this pic but she has tights on that have stitches all over and they are all over the skin near her neck, etc. Awesome job Sam!

This is just a good pic of Katie with Max. She went up to Cafe Lebanon in Mass. to belly dance, yes on Halloween!! And guess what? NOT many people were there! Who wants to do normal Arabian night on Halloween?!

And here are some of me as Abby:

I wanted good details so you may have noticed the cool spider web tights and lab coat. The scary wig (yuck) and the sassy skirt.

Plus the famous spider web neck tattoo:

The huge gothic cross choker:

The cool tee:post signature

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Kristina P. said...

Your costume is awesome! Max looks so cute.

Amander said...

Max is adorable!

It looks like your costume is great, but I've never seen NCIS so I never would have known. I do love original costumes though!

Izzy said...

ZOMG you make a awesome Abby I love her!!!!
you totally rock tho seeing you wth black hair is strange not bad its cool but I liked your red so it kinda threw me off lol

Good Job ^_^

Sarah said...

Okay, I don't even WATCH NCIS and I knew who you were :) Good job!

Tori_z said...

We didn't get many kids come around either. My Dad runs a gaming club though, and we had a role playing session - originally a Friday thing, but recently changed to Saturday - which we decided not to cancel. So I gave all those guys some of the treats too. Still got a load left, but that just means I wont need to get any treats for myself for some time. ;) (I get stuff I can and will eat, then I get to eat the left overs... LOL!)

Lee said...

What a cute costume! I love it!

Did you seriously just say 13 bags?
We went through ONE AND A HALF.
And that's NORMAL.

Constance Marie said...

Cool! Looks so fun. And I hated Darkness Falls, I thought it was so stupid haha. I love the bumblebee dog.

LadyStyx said...

Maxie looks cute. The costumes are wonderful. I think the subject matter was just lost on the little ones. Surely at a grown up party everyone would have known who you were!

We had no kids this year. Havent had a kid at the door in 15 years and I'm fine with that. We get 2 bags of candy just as a treat and it takes us about a month to get through them all.

Yaya said...

I would never get sick of doggy pictures!

mama-face said...

I would have definitely caught on to your Abby costume. And your pumpkin carvings were awesome! That takes a lot of work. As you know.

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