Friday, July 31, 2009

Lash's Shower!

Tonight we went to Ashley's Bridal Shower at the church. The relief society room was so humid, even with the air on, that we moved the shower just as it was starting. I got one end of the table with the cake and Sandy got the other, and we led the guests, all holding different things (some had desserts, some had cups, some had lots of peoples purses) to the old relief society room which was nice and cool. Ashley or Lashley/Lash seems like a nice girl. This was really a last minute shower so there was no time to plan many games so we started out getting to ask her questions. I found out that 2 weeks after meeting, Al and Ashley were already talking marriage. I learned that she also moved to Minot in that time period to be near Al. I found out that they were officially engaged 7 weeks after meeting. And will be married about 7 months since meeting for the first time! Whoa! That is crazy, but sweet at the same time!

And then we got a chance to tell Al stories she didn't know. Which her maid of honor Alex loved too, because Alex is dating Al's best friend Sam, so many of these stories included Sam too. Then we did play the make a wedding dress out of toilet paper game and man OUR team rocked! I didn't actually DO anything, as I was taking pictures but Sam was doing great and my Mom made gloves and Kate was the model. Alex was amazing, I like that girl a lot, she is funny! She was doing rosettes and rouching!!

Our Teams Dress:

Which do you think won??

That's right!! OURS!

This is the bride,Ashley, on the right and her maid of honor Alex on the left.

This is a pic I absolutely love!! It is my Mom and Judy (Sister H)!! BFF's forever and always these two!

And I love this pic! Lash just got a special necklace from Sister H. She gets her daughter-in-laws a special gift to welcome them to the family. For Ashley, who loves pearls, she got her a pearl with a diamond and it has a lifetime guarantee, pretty nifty!

And a great shot of the mother and daughter to be's!

So I had too mush desserty foods, and have been feeling sick since, and have gone hypoglycemic anyway, so that is all she wrote folks! Talk to you all later!!

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

VlogEmotions - Freebie Day!!

So for my Vlog for Tim's Vlog Emotions, through Fort Thompson, we get to do whatever we want! Wahoo! So I decided to post this video I took of me, Kat and Sam playing with Max recently. It is my newest favorite Maxie video as he is just adorable!! These Thursday Vlogs are all about emotion, and Max gives me so many emotions, good ones, laughter, love, happiness and so many others! So I dedicate this week's Vlog to him! I hope you enjoy my lovable, adorable Max!

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Sorry I am Flitting Again!!

*This is a picture I took with my new Nikon, I though it was cool, because if you click on ot, you can even see the hairs of the plant and the dew from the rain!

My Mom took us all out to Bertucci's to thank us for finishing the data entry for her. She is so pleased that if someone wants to see how they are doing, keeping up with their in-services, she can grab the book that has their last name and they can look at what they have done and on what date. So even though my Dad did not help, we let him tag along! LOL! It was delicious, the rolls were piping hot, so when I added the butter, okay I am not a huge fan of the olive oil they serve, it just melted so beautifully!! Mmmm. And I got to have my yummy Pollo Sanremo, that is the perfect lemon sauce, not too sweet and not too sour, just yummy. It was a little awkward with Sandy, being as I was still upset with her, but not willing to ruin the meal by talking about it then.

Katie was driving me a little crazy. When she thinks something, NO ONE else can be right. Seriously, she gets...witchy. So she has taken it upon herself to decided SHE looks most like my Mom. Now obviously I can see they look related, like mom and daughter, but just because they share a skin tone and thin hair, does not make them look that alike. Eyes, nose, mouth, cheekbones, hair, all different! Now Sam looks a lot like my Dad, but you see Mom in her too. It's the nose. But I think I look most like my Mom. It's not a I have to be right thing. It's the fact that everytime I meet someone new at my Mom's work or something, I hear "oh my gosh, Colleen she looks just like you!". Katie taught last week for 2 days, in-services at my Mom's work, and they had no idea they were mother and daughter. NOW they have figured out Katie is related to my Mom, and have said "I thought she resembled you"....yeah resembled and just like you, miles apart. It just aggravates me when she decides she knows, and everyone else is wrong. You can say "I look like Mom", but you can't decide you look the most like Mom and get snippy when others disagree! Man! And just for the record, my Mom admitted that all 3 of her girls look like her, but that I look the most like her. Look at this pic, I mean really!

I mean the three of us girls look a lot alike in some ways, obviously sisters I'd say, but I do look more like my Momma than my sisters! Hmmph! Hey, she said so, I asked her honestly and she said we have the most similar looks. It just makes me nuts when Katie decides she knows best. She can decide she remembers one of YOUR memories better than you, that is why she drives me crazy!! Yes we all look like Mom, and probably like Dad, Sam more than me or Kat, but geez, why do you have to decide with no one elses opinion mattering? Oy. And we all look like sisters so if I look a lot like Mom, you look like her too, just maybe not as much. We ARE sisters! Look! Calm yourself!

When we got home I watched some TV with Mom and then did the Walk and Kick (Walk Away the Pounds), which kicks my butt! Man that tires me out so bad. I had to play upbeat music that REALLY had a fast beat to get through it! And I realized, I don't have enough music that has a constant fast throbbing beat. Darn it! I also went down to Target (the organized clean store!) with my Mom to pick up a bridal shower card, a wedding card and a Target gift card. Al H. (the family we are BFF's with) is getting married on Saturday, and there is a reception at the Ward building that night. And Thursday, which is today is a bridal shower for his bride-to-be Ashley. Yeah a shower, one day off, then a wedding! LOL! They live in North Dakota though, because Al is in the Air Force and is stationed near Minot. So Ashley moved herself out there to finish school at Minot University, even though apparently she hates it out there, while Al loves it. Oh boy! LOL! So we have a shower to go to today, and I really hope that I get to KNOW Ashley. Al has been like s little brother HIS whole life, so I hope to really like her. They asked for gift cards so they don't have to send stuff, and for their wedding they are doing a "wishing well", which apparently means, they are asking for money so they can buy stuff out there. A little odd, at least for the bridal shower, but we aim to please. It is a desserts only shower, so I must remember to eat first! Sister H (Judy) and Weezie and Milla are all supposed to be at the shower so I am looking forward to it! I loves me some H. women!! This is Judy and Weezie at Weezie's bridal shower that was 2 years ago I think. I adored Weezie's shower, it was a herbal tea party! With tea sandwiches and everything! And her shower gifts were a tea cup with herbal tea and a biscotti inside. We helped her with the shower so we got to help make the gifts. So fun! And now she is expecting a little baby H! Okay technically a baby B now, but still! Little Rexxie...they have been calling the baby (we don't know the sex yet) Rexxie because the first ultrasound they had, Zak (Weeze's hubby) said it looked like a peanut with t-rex arms! Oh Zak! But you know what is really cool? Judy (Sister H) is a doula. She did it professionally for quite a few years, studied under other doulas and midwives, so since Zak is SO squeamish, she is going to get to catch the baby AND cut the cord! Yes Zak IS a wuss! LOL! But Judy is extremely excited! Plus on either Sunday or Monday they are taking Matt and Hydi H's baby, through cesarian. So Judy is having a bridal shower for her daughter to be, seeing the baby of the family, her son married in the temple on Saturday, and will be a Grandma AGAIN, all inone long weekend! Weezie is due in November or December, I am getting confused between all the preggo's!!!

Plus I had a meltdown from too much stress, the crap with the realatives, the stupid stuff with Sam, and just everyday life feels SO hard lately! Does anyone else feel like that lately? If I have plans I feel stressed. If I have no plans, I feel confined to the house! Everything is way too hard! So I melted because it just felt like everyone keeps asking me to be the one who takes the higher road. Keeps expecting me to be the more mature one. And it was just too much to ask, I can't always be the one to be good, other people have to do that too. It just felt like pressure, and I can't do it lately. I just need everyone to STOP expecting stuff from me, just because I can be the most reasonable, etc. I need breaks too!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Walmart and Junk

What the crap is going on with my Walmart?! I go in there today to shop, all organized with my list and BLAM!! Everything looks like crap, and is not where it is supposed to be! When you walk in, after you get past the Subway it is usually the Men's section to the left and the Women's to the right. There were diapers on some shelves, many were empty of anything. Men's was intermixxed with women's. Aisles were either amazingly huge or so tiny your cart can't fit through it! And because they were moving aisles, the floors looked horrible.

When I tried to go to the sock section, I was met with roadblocks of clothes displays. This is like a massive labyrinth. If you picked the wrong way to go, you could find yourself stuck....oh crap I am surrounded by kitty litter and there is no way out! This was the shampoo aisle!! HELP!! THAT bad. I wanted to find a camera bag for the Nikon and they are moving the Electronics to another part of the store, but it only has a few things there, so I had to go find where they were temporarily keeping the rest of the camera accessories. Half an aisle would be tv cables and the other side was soda!! It has no rhyme or reason and is just confusing! One woman started dragging her kid out mumbling how ridiculous this was. And she was right. It took me over an hour to get the 12 items on my list. These were things I knew, KNEW, exactly where to go to get! And should have been at the cashier line withing 25 minutes, but I was there for over an hour! If the store in the end, ends up looking great and has great stuff, that will be great, but it is a bloody mess with no order! If you are going to overhaul a store, either close and do it FAST, or do it in a way where you aren't going to lose customers because they can't find ANYTHING!!

I am so shopping at Target until Walmart is Walmart again! And MAN, I wish you people had warned me that Watchmen is THE worst movie ever!! It is stupid, lame, makes no sense and leaves you going..."WHAT?! What WAS that?!". Horrid little thing passing itself OFF as a movie!! I swear the people who read this (apologizing now) stupid grahic novel series, had better have been beyond pleased or else this was the biggest waste of mega-millions ever!! And remember all the advertising for this movie? MILLIONS!! At this moment I can't even think of a movie as bad as this one and I KNOW movies so I have seen MANY bad ones! So the fact that I can't think of one, means this was extremely bad! Do NOT rent it, and if anyone knows how to scrub something OUT of your brain, please let me know!

I am also frustrated because my sister Sam, who agreed to keep excercising with me, and we would keep things as they were and reevaluate in September has been changing things ALL the time. First, SHE decided we wouldn't excercise on Tuesdays and Thursdays, then I find out she IS, but she claims she told me that she wanted to be able to do it early on those two days, but she didn't, she is lying. Then she began waking me up to excercise, which is not okay but I did it last week, because she was ALL, "you agreed to do it earlier on Wednesday and Friday!". We were starting at 9pm at night, and we have been doing it way earlier. Most of the time we have done it and have showered and are all done before it is even 8! THAT is earlier. And sometimes even earlier, like starting at 6, does that matter to her? No. She doesn't care that she is breaking her promises and stressing me out. She is only thinking about what SHE wants right now, even though she promised me. How do you tell a person, we are keeping things JUST as they are and will reevaluate in September, and start changing that almost immediately, each week more complaining and guilt trips. I am NOT okay especially right now, which she knows, and she knows that I am finding life in general hard to get through every day, that excercising is getting harder instead of easier, just because everything feels stressful.

My relative situation is not better, they have had the gall to track my blog down even though I emailed them telling them they were no longer welcome and they need to keep their end of the deal if they want me to. Yeah when you use Site Meter and not only is it the right town, but the ISP address is that of the company your realtive works for, yeah you know they are still breaking their end of the deal. These two people took the deal where they were the ONLY winners and have decided, you know what? It is still not good enough, we want MORE. Except I don't have any more to give and NO I will not delete MY blog, a blog that doesn't even mention their existence anymore! I am so sick of people pressuring and blackmailing me! This is MY blog, it is good for me, getting my emotions and feelings out. It is proving therapeutic, and no I won't go private, I LIKE making new friends and No I do not want two blogs either. I am still learning about the ONE I have! I am standing up for ME! I am still keeping up my end of the deal even though they do not deserve it, especially since they are keeping the info my family wants from us, some of you know what from emails, so you know how evil that is and hurtful, especially to my parents.

Aghhh. No more of that. It has just been really bothering me and I needed it off my chest, and needed to say I am not going to be bullied into getting rid of things that are no one's business BUT mine. So besides the Walmart Labyrinth, I also went to Target for an Icee, I am so addicted. And I went to both Blockbuster and Hollywood Video. Yes I actually want to see Dragonball Evolution, so when one place claimed it wasn't out yet, I went to the other place and found it. I also bought the movies Dead Man on Campus with Mark-Paul Gossalear and Tom Everett Scott and Side Effects, a movie I have never seen with Katherine Heigl from 2005. I thing DMOC is hilarious, I don't care what anyone else thinks! And I am willing to give this other movie a shot. I didn't see anything better for 9 bucks and I wanted a movie, so there! LOL! I am watching Warehouse 13 right now, it is cute and kooky, which I like. That is the reason I adore Eureka too. So later guys!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Award Fabulous!!

I admit I had to EDIT this award in order to post it, but I thought it was hilarious so I edited it and am posting it. If you want the normal award pic, it is on Sarah's blog, who is the person who gave it to me! Thanks Sarah!! Yes I hate curse words, but thanks to Paint Shop Pro I can accept this with no guilt! LOL!

So the rules of this bad boy are to list five things I am currently obsessed with and then tag five people with the award...I think those are the rules.

1) I am currently obsessed with finding new bands that I like. I am using Pandora like crazy. I think I found a really good new band, they are called Hawk Nelson, and I spent hours downloading as many of their songs as I could. Have I listened to them all? Heck no, I have listened to like 3 of the 35 or so I downloaded but I like their sound. So even as we speak Pandora is playing, in hopes I can find some new gems! I have found quite a few fave bands through Pandora, you should really give it a try!

2) I am currently obsessed with Hannah Montana. I know, I should bury my head! But there is almost nothing on TV and I loved the movie, I admit it, so I began watching episodes on TV and then Online, so I am a bloody Hannah fan now! Don't think little of me, she can be very addicting and she and Emily Osment ARE adorable and funny!

3) I am currently obsessed with taking pictures. I know I always love taking pictures but my new camera got in and I haven't even gotten far in the manual, but I figured out how to take close ups and have been taking closeups of like everything. I have cookies, eggs, bottles, just anything that appears pretty to me. It is a sickness but I LIKE this sickness, I want to get out to places to find even cooler things to take close ups of! Here are a few actually. Don't mock them please, I never said I was GOOD.4) I am currently obsessed with peaches. I am buying them as much as possible. It drives me crazy having to wait for them to ripen, but once they do, it is heavenly! Just smelling them when they are ready to be eaten has me loving the peach scent again and I went and found my little travel sized scent of it. It is not as good as an actual peach's though! Ahhh I am so buying a BUNCH when I go shopping!!

5) I am currently obsessed with movies...hey okay it is a constant obsession but it is current too! I am prepared to watch 2 right now! And I am in the mood to watch a bunch I own right now too. Too bad time doesn't work the way I want it too. Just let me feel awake for like 100 Darn it, I have to CHOOSE!

Okay the 5 people I am passing this onto are:

1) Julie aka The Boob Nazi at How Could You Not?
2) Lee at Perpetual Burn
3) Alicia aka Yaya at Yaya Stuff
4) Ramona at Better Than We Deserve
5) Sherri at Sheri's World

I read them all every day, or when they post I should say. So you could say I am currently obsessed with them! LOL! Ooooooohhh. Heehee! These five ladies are amazing and really share themselves on their blogs so they deserve the award, if they so choose to accept it.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Mini Post

We are all done!! All 100 cajillion in-services have been entered into the books for my Mom. Sure she has like 2 weeks worth of in-services AT her work that need to be added, but that is nothing compared to entering March through the first week of July's work. That in over 4 months of that! Agghhh! I know too many names now! I have A-Z now stuck in my head!! From Alfeiri to Wysocki!! Dang it all!!

Anyway, these last 4 days have felt like one extremely LONG, continuous day! I am actually glad I am grocery shopping tommorrow, because it means getting out of the house!! Picking up dinner is NOT getting out! It is 3 am and I haven't started a list though, so I am not looking forward to THAT.

I am watching "Kendra" right now, she looked so devestated when her Mom was not happy about her pregnancy! Sad! And I have the rest of The Echelon Code to watch and I am going to TRY Watchmen. I say TRY because my Dad said it was crap, but I would like to see if I feel that way too. Plus because of all this data work, I have 3 days of ABC soaps, the 2 nights of SYTYCD, Royal Pains and Eureka!! LOL!

Here is a video to entertain you all! I just discovered this group and am realllllly liking what I have heard so far!

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Experiment: The Killing Room

I just watched this movie called "The Killing Room". This is a total 100% spoiler. I need to get it out, it needs telling. It is really a movie that makes you think...I may now be a person like Hodgins on Bones, believing in government conspiracies! I really widdled this down so I DO hope you read it!! I tried to make it a easy read.

A woman, Riley enters a building for an interview. She is led into a dark room that overlooks a sterile, white room. She is seated by "Mother"who plays a tape for Riley. A girl and 3 guys are led into the room one at a time. They are all answered a study advertised in the paper. The woman is Clea Duvall. One man is Timothy Hutton. One man is Tony. The last person is Nick Cannon. Mother asks for Riley's observations and she answers. Mother enters the white room.

He makes conversation about how they are all American citizens and are of sound mind and such, right? Laughter. He tells them there are 4 phases to this test. One person will be eliminated in each phase, but they get paid regardless. He asks Clea her name and then shoots her through the head. As the men recoil he leaves the room and locks the door behind him.

Mother tells Riley that everything will make sense. A computer voice tells the trio they must answer the question and that they have 2 hours and a countdown begins. The question is, what number between 1 and 33 would most Americans pick most frequently. The subject furthest from the number will be the next casualty. And that not answering will result in the elimination of all three.

Riley glances at paperwork and notes that the writing makes it seem like the person who wrote it uses English as a second-language. She also notes mind control experiments were shut down. Mother says things have changed since 9/11 and they have been given amnesty to do this. Mother tells Riley to remember that our enemies have someone just like her, doing exactly the same thing as they speak.

Nick realizes that he can feel letters etched into the walls. Tony decides to use Clea's blood to see the words. Names and dates and things like Pray for us are etched all over the room. The men notice that the clock is winding down faster and that "they" are cheating. They continue to toy with them.

Mother asks if this is a problem for Riley and she says no. She goes to the restroom where she cries. She returns, composed, they begin again and voices on the tape note that Mother thinks there is a match in this group. The three men agree that if they all pick the same number, 7, that they will all live. Because they all answered the same. Tony answers 7. When it is Nicks turn he suddenly says 17. Tim yells 7 and the computer voice says the next casualty has been selected. A gas pours into the room making all 3 men pass out. A medical team arrives and takes all three men.

The tape stops as you hear Mother's voice asks the others if they are ready for Miss Riley. This was all taped a few hours earlier, and they transfer the 3 men back into the room. Mother tells her that her ruthlessness is why they chose her. Mother takes her into the room and shoots someone and they return to the tower. Mother has Riley say "commence" to restart the experiment. They use sound to awaken the two men. Tony is dead. Tim starts beating Nick, but then a gun is thrown into the room. Tim presses it to Nick's head but can't do it. A paper is slid inside. A new question. It asks what percentile Americans are in the overall intelligence score? Same rules of elimination. There is a hint at the bottom which Tim rips off and sticks in his pocket. It says the answer is over 10. Tim looks at the paper later, confused. The Tower plays the sound of foreign voices, and Tim realizes it is the sound of praying. Tim says they have to fight, because Nick is saying he will do whatever they want him to. You hear a voice say Mother has identified a final candidate for this group. Mother asks her for her observations. She notes that Mother has known all along who his candidate was.

Tim thinks he can get them out of there through the ceiling but Nick is afraid. Tim knocks the grate until they fall and break. Nick pockets the gun as Tim works. Tim tries to drag himself up and when men arrive, Nick is tazered. Tim makes it to the roof where he is blocked. The men waiting there gas him. He's placed back into the room. You see Riley grab the key and walk to the room and wake them to release them and they are all running, but it turns out just to be her imagination. Mother asks for the room key and she hands it to him. He tells her this can be life-changing but she has let him down and is obviously not ready. Then Riley suddenly states she IS ready and says they are testing the breaking point of humans and that apoptosis is their objective and a more effective way of getting their outcome.

Tim has a plan. He says he remembers reading that America is in the top 5 percentile in the Times. Remember how he looked confused as he read his "hint". He says they must prepare themselves. That one of them must run for it. He reminds Nick of the buildings layout. Tim rubs Clea's blood all over his body saying it will make it hard for them to grab him, but Nick can't do it. Tim says they need to fight, and tells Nick to use the gun when the men come. Nick is rocking back and forth.

Mother is intrigued and has Riley tell him more. The timer goes off and Tim tells Nick to go but Nick says "I would have never made it, but you will" and places the gun in his mouth. But the doors open immediately and TIM is shot dead. The gun is empty as Nick pulls the trigger over and over. They drag Nick out of the room. The voices say the test was a success, that they have a match. Mother says that 1 out of 20 Americans has the capacity to become a civilian weapon. A civilian willing to kill themselves for their country. When Riley goes back over the papers, she realizes they are creating suicide bombers. Mother says a parachuting men in fatigues, holding a US flag doesn't work anymore. That we are adapting. Fighting fire with fire.

Nick manages to escape from Mother, who is congratulating him for being a martyr for his country. Nick makes a good run for it, and ends up being in the hall that connects to Riley. He runs towards her calling for help, and she slams the door shut in his face at the last second, staring at him. He runs. Mother welcomes Riley to the program and she nods. He asks for a final observation. Riley states that Phase One was Identification. But she asks how they turn their subjects into someone willing to die for their country. Nick is led like a rat in a maze to a room where they lock him in. Two men are tied to chairs. They look like soldiers, but I am guessing not OUR soldiers. The computer voice says "Congratulations. Welcome to Phase Two. Indoctrination" And the screen goes black.

The END.

Yes I am most definitely thinking, whoa, this could really happen, BE happening. And we are none the wiser. So many people go missing every day and are never found. So maybe I am turning into a gov't conspiracy nut, because this freaked me out when I began to think about how someone thought of this story and that there have been human trials that have been hushed up and such over the years. I am spooking myself! This movie just makes me go, whoa. Ethics and such, do they even get followed these days?

P.S. A Wordle!Wordle: 7/26

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Saturday, July 25, 2009


I did data entry tonight again, this time by myself for awhile and then Sandy helped me finish up all the g-o's. So now only p-z is left. Just like 300 in-services...that is a LOT of work, I hate the names swirling around my head, I swear I know these people's names better than people at church. Because you may know someone as, say Sister Johnson, but you may have no clue what her first name is. And I have first and last names of strangers bouncing around in my poor noggin! LOL! It is odd, most definitely.

Anyway, between this work and working out, at first on my own, I have been listening to a lot of music today. More than I have in awhile, and I didn't even realize how much I missed it until I had to take the earphones off so I could shower. People were asleep or I would have listened to it there too. But my brain is just singing with lots of melodies now, and it is making my brain smile, I swear! It was the pick-up my body needed today, because I felt like doing nothing, and as I get ready to work out, I kept telling myself to just get it over with and then I would have a free weekend. This is when I decided, since I was apparently going to be excercising alone today, why not break out the Ipod and listen to my Itunes I had been updating just the night before. So I began and it had me in it's musical embrace almost immediately. I was actually going faster than the dvd, because the beat of the song was faster, so I had to slow down to keep in line with the program. Anyway, yes, I am rambling.

So, being in such a musical fram of mind, I decided to post 2 music videos. One of an older tune that is currently being played by me a lot. And a newer song I have stuck in my brain also. Though after hours of listening today, I have many more swirling about but these are 2 good examples!

Rusted Root's "Send Me On My Way"

The Fader's "Better Off Dead"

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Names Swimming in My Noggin

Since I did my Vlog, my somewhat Non-Vlog, I feel better that I am not really up to much of a post tonight. Of much length or feeling. I just spent 5 hours helping do data entry for my Mom, with Kate's help.

My Mom is in a lot of pain. This procedure was supposed to be 45 minutes, but my Mom was there from 8:30am to 2pm! And she has bruises/burns around her neck, she thinks someone may have had to hold her down, but she was drugged so she doesn't remember, but they hurt. And she has like odd cuts along some stretch mark on her upper arms. She thought it might be from the blood pressure cuff, but that would only be one arm, so she is a little weirded out. And whatever they do, when they use sound to blast kidney stones (and you are in some water too, weird!), it is painful, because my Mom is strong and has been through a lot in her life, but she is in real pain. She has pain med for every 4 hours. When she got home she slept for 4 or 5 hours, but it didn't matter, she fell asleep on the couch while we watched Coraline. This was the first time I had seen this movie. It is odd, yet it was kind of cute too, in a dark way. It was fascinating to know that this is based on a book. The pasties on the old lady really made my Mom laugh though, so I was glad she enjoyed some of it before the pain meds zonked her out. And I am glad to say Sandy really seems to enjoy my birthday present to her, she seemed very pleased we were watching it. My Dad escaped not even half-way through, which I find insane. He will sit and watch a Nightmare Before Christmas, man do I HATE that movie, but he wouldn't really give this one a chance, so he never got to see how twisted the "other" mother and world really were. I am not sure I will ever see dolls with button eyes the same ever again. Freaky!!

So I, with the help of Kat and Sam, led Mom slowly up the stairs to bed. She was gone again very quickly. I took a a shower, and as I did I thought how happy it would make Mom if some of her in-services were completed. If even a dent was made in the massive pile we have in our dining room. So I thought, maybe I could get Kat and Sam, to work on it with me for like an hour or so, but Sam wa not interested. She had done some work on the pile, a lot of the single person in-services so she was in no mood. I saw Katie working on them and we wound up going to the kitchen table and working on them for 5 hours. And we only stopped because Sandy made us, she is so bossy. Yes YOU, Sarge! But we wound up with a system that got a lot done. I went through the in-services, lettered the side of the page with the first letter of the last name and read them to Katie alphabetically. We did all the A-F's in 2 hours and it was a big pile. So we decided, hey now, why don't we do the G-P's?! And I think we would have completed them all, but Sandy went into the dining room and brought out another huge stack that she had done the A-F's for a while ago. So it was hundreds of in-services. We worked for 3 more hours at least and Sandy finally made us stop just before 3 am. We got more than half the pile done for letters g-p, so that is great, though I DO wish we could have finished. So we have less than half a pile of g-p to finish and then the entire massive pile needs the r-z's written in. Oy vey! And Katie was the one writing them IN. That is hand tiring. I did the writing for awhile, but Katie sucks at trying to alphabetize! It is so weird, since she is so smart.

Sandy watched us for awhile and asked if it had gone quicker when I did the names, and we both answered YES. After a few more minutes of her giving me one me a name I had to go backwards for...pausing, etc we switched and I quickly named names, what the in-service was and what date, etc. I just am really good at spelling and such, and with my method, I am really quick too. And I also know how to SAY the names right. Katie, when she was trying to give me the names, would say Gold for Gould, Dakins for Dawkins, Jatay for Jette, Mickern for is anyone supposed to know how to even find the persons sheet in the books, if you don't pronounce the name in a way where the other person knows how it is spelled?! So yeah switching back was a much better idea. I'd have the next person's name ready for her the second she said, okay next. It was funny though, when I was doing the writing I didn't need to know what the first names were. Katie, when she was writing would say, Hunter...Shirley?, just to make sure. And yeah for some names that have many people even I need that (there are MANY Brown's, Cordero's, Baker's, etc), but for the most part she would say a name like, Ezejei, and I would think Livinia. Esenyie? Aneima. Miron? Judy. I have spent so much time helping my mother with these books that I KNOW most of these peoples names with no help!! How weird is that! My mom will talk about someone and I will be able to match up a last name to a first name. And after doing work like this, the names run amok in my brain.

Anyway so I am beat, my back is killing me from sitting at a kitchen table chair for 5 hours, so I am off to watch a movie or two. I am starting with The Messengers 2, but I have a feeling this one won't be worth saying much about. Night all!

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

My NON-Vlog

Sorry Tim but I am cheating this week in a way. If I start talking about my strongest emotion today, I will get upset and that is not a good place for me, ever, but especially right now. But I don't like the idea of missing a week either. So I decided to post a song that kind of sums up how I am feeling right now and how I hope to feel one day. And I made this video in Windows Movie Maker so I gathered all the images and such, but I just cannot handle baring my soul on camera tonight in my normal way. So I hope you find this up to snuff. It is not to be depressing, the images, it is just the way I am feeling. I hope you feel this counts, I did put a lot of work into it.

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A New Venture?

I have absolutely NO idea what to talk about today. It wa an average day, nothing remarkable, nothing to really talk about. Not even feelings wise. I am ehhhh. You know that feeling? Not good or bad, just in the middle. So I figured since a lot of you like my movie reviews, when all else fails, I can write movie reviews for some of my favorite movies. Sure, when I see a new movie I write about it, I can't seem to stop myself, but this is different. These are movies already out, that usually I own, that I share with you guys. If you haven't seen it, maybe you will want to give it a chance and go rent it. Or if you have seen it, you can give your opinions and such. What do you think? Lame or good idea when I feel the old writer's block?? Seriously, I ask your opinions.

So to start off this...hmmm....a name....Reviewed by Wendy? Movie Chat with Wendy? Movie Mayhem? Errrr...??? Any suggestions?

Okay, for my first pick, I choose 10 Things I Hate About You. Some of you may be under the assumption that this is just a show on ABC Family, all new and original, but it is not. It is based on this amazing movie from 1999 that starred an amazing ensemble cast, including Julia Stiles, Heath Ledger (his break-out movie!), Joseph Gordon-Levitt, David Krumholtz and more.

Cameron (Gordon-Levitt) is new to Padua High School and is being given the tour, when he first spots Bianca Stratford. It is love at first sight. His tour guide Michael (Krumholtz) warns him she is a shallow, vain girl only into popularity, and not even allowed to date. This does not deter Cameron's love and he begins tutoring Bianca in French...which he doesn't know. Awww.

Bianca has an older sister Kat, who is a misfit, as she doesn't care to date and does her own thing, not caring about what anyone thinks of her! Their father is super protective, and an OBGYN (LOL), so when he finds out Joey Donner, the school stud (Andrew Keegan) drove Binks home, he impulsively tells a complaining Bianca that she can date when Kat does, knowing Kat finds boys repulsive. So he feels quite happy and proud with himself. Ahhh poor Mr. Stratford. When the entire school learns Bianca can date when Kat does, Cameron hatches a plan, true it is a mean plan, but it shows you how far gone Cameron is, and how he is only thinking of being with Bianca. He is not thinking of anyone's feelings, but his own love for the "fair" Bianca.

Cameron and Michael can't think of a boy brave enough to go up against the slightly scary Kat Stratford. Until they set their sites on Patrick Verona (Ledger), a deviant boy most of the school is terrified of, being known to eat live bats. But Patrick has no interest in helping the boys out or dating the witch of the school. So the two unpopular boys approach Joey who wants to date Bianca, thinking they can use him to free up Bianca for Cameron. Joey offers to pay Verona to date Kat, which is very appealing to Patrick. Kat however spurns Patrick's advances. Until they all end up at the same party, where Cameron sees Bianca for who she really is and calls her on it. Where Kat gets dead drunk for secret reasons and once rescued by Patrick, tries to kiss him, but he rejects HER, which pisses her off to no end, and comedy and serenades ensue.

This movie is loosely based on The Taming of the Shrew and is just so fun and romantic. Kat and Patrick begin to see the other in a new light, but Patrick is being paid to woo her. Kat is starting to act like a normal teenage girl, to let herself care again, but what will happen once she discovers Patrick only dated her for money? Prom is approaching and Patrick is paid $300 to get Kat there, but how can he keep doing this when he is falling for her? And can Bianca, the queen snob, like a regular guy like Cameron? Or will Joey have his way with her? The prom is the exciting climax of the movie, where true feelings come out and secrets are revealed. Will Kat know how her "romance" began? Who will let the secret out? Can Kat and Patrick get past it if it does? Will Bianca turn into the girl Cameron dreamed her to be? Or is she perfect for Joey? There are quite a few surprises in store for those of you yet to experience this gem!

Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles shine in this movie, and Heath captured my heart the first time I ever got a glimpse of him in the previews! He is enchanting as Patrick, and I wish he hadn't tried SO hard to get away from the heart-throb image. Because I would have continued seeing him as the romantic lead in anything he made! There are a few moments which make this not highly reccommended for younger kids, but I loved this and love that I own it!! I have the story of Patrick the bad boy, and Kat the shrew, forever!!

How'd I do?!

P.S. The ABC Family show IS cute so far, but very different also. And sorry guys, but you are nop Heath or Julia!!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Busy As a Bee

Well I have had a full and bust day, what a nice change!! I went out and did my errands, which included stopping by the new Target by our house just to get an Icee, I love the Cherry Coke one it is as close to soda as I can get. There IS a bit of carbonation, but sitting around in the drums makes most of that disappear. Yes I did research it and even contact the Icee company, LOL! So thinking it would be as humid as yesterday I got the medium, I am supposed to stick to small, but I am addicted now and yesterday was so gross, and even though it was raining that has not made much of a difference when it wants to BE humid. Of course today, ended up just being cold rain, so I still had most when I eventually returned home and gave it to my Mom.

After Target I went to Blockbuster. I decided to go there this week instead of Hollywood Video because Blockbuster has the exclusive right at this point to the movie The Echelon Code and after Shanna did a review on it, I was all excited to see it, I can't wait! Blockbuster gets a lot of exclusive rights movies so I got some that I had never seen at Hollywood. I got The Killing Room which is a thriller about four people who sign up for a psychological research study only to discover that they are now subjects of a brutal, classified government program. It has Clea Duvall, Timothy Hutton, etc. I also got The Chaos Experiment with Val Kilmer, where he is a deranged scientist who locks 6 people in a steam room and threatens to turn up the heat if the local paper doesn't publish his story about global warming. Plus I decided since I liked The Messengers I would rent the prequel Messengers 2: The Scarecrow and I also rented Watchmen...that I am so not certain of, it looks weird and they kill off Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the beginning (!!) but I will give it a chance.

Then I went to the Walmart in Bristol, since the one in town didn't have what I needed. You know what, I also have a beef about underwear now too! When I was heavier, it was so hard to get underwear in my size, and I hate white underwear so yes I am one of the people who switches underwear in packages. I want the colored ones, so I take 2 packs and one ends up being all whites, which I put back, and I buy the package of colored ones. But if I wanted more than a 6 pack, let alone a few packs it was impossible, they never had enough stocked! Guess what though now? All I see is huge amounts of my old size and in all sorts of styles and colors. In fact, now that I don't need them, there are a bunch of new companies that all make cute new underwear in bigger girl sizes. That sucks! And no I'd rather NOT need to wear that size again, but come on!! But the even bigger annoyance? The size I wear never seems to be in stock, not in briefs which is what I prefer, yup I am a plain undies girl, like to feel all covered. What the heck? it is a conspiracy just to piss me off I say! Arrghh! Oy Vey.

So after that I drove home in the POURING rain, even with the wipers at full speed it was hard to see! And just when ONE, that is right one out of like 60 growing, of our tomatoes began to turn orangey-yellow!! Nooo sun come back!! Anyway, I got home and we had pancakes for dinner and watched 2 episodes of Season 3 NCIS episodes with my Mom before I left with my sisters to go to the movies. I was on my own though. They wanted to see The Hangover and I knew, after experiencing Knocked Up, that this movie would just bother me, have too many gross out right things not even references. So I saw I Love You Beth Cooper. I hate it when you get into a movie ONE minute late, but not only have you missed all trailers but the movie is already on! You advertise a movie at 9:55, you do not start it early, that is so rude! Anyway, it is not a huge WOW THAT ROCKED movie but it was cute and I enjoyed it. There were a few references, but nothing I wanted to walk out because of. Hayden is a really good comedic actor and I do hope to see more of her on the big screen, besides as Claire on Heroes. She does have star power, and you could see that from when she was a kid in movies like Remember the Titans. The geeky guy who plays Dennis the boy who proclaims his love while doing his valedictorian speech, is the epitomy of geek-dom in the sad way. I am a geek but I like to think in the good way. His nose is huge and pointy, man it is like a beak! You should see his profile, oh my poor boy. And he doesn't have that slightly awww he is a cutie appeal like DJ Qualls (Road Trip, The Core, et) does. Is that just me? My sister Sam agreed he has a cutie pie quality, where yeah he is a geek in the sad way but there is some spark or charm there that makes you go, but he is kinda cute too. This other guy...does not have that. His weird friend kind of does, but not this guy. I do not see him getting many roles. He was perfect for this one, he did great as the uptight nerd who had clue what his dream girl is really like, so adventure ensues, but I don't see him getting many other roles. I had to wait in the dark lobby for almost 20 minutes for my sisters and their movie only started 5 minutes after mine and was shorter, so yeah they started my movie WAY early! Anyway it is creepy, you shouldn't turn off the majority of the lights until after almost all customers have left. Major creepy! Now I am home, freshly showered and sitting with Maxie, typing away to my hearts content! Watching All My Children currently. It was a good day!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Flit like a Buterfly...from Topic to Topic!!

Today was just a typical Monday. I did the grocery shopping, the whole time worried about being on budget. I have a budget every week, but Sandy was all stressing it, which turns out, stresses me for real and I was worried the whole time, so I was putting things back that I think we needed but could do without until next week. She should just NOT do that to me before I am leaving to shop. NOT the best time and then when I get back? You only get me one package of my juice?!! Well yeah Sam, you made me all worried about staying on budget so you don't get everything you want, and it is not like you NEED these juice boxes, you like them!! Man, I love when I get comments on what I buy! What you didn't buy green beans and celery today? No Kate I bought them for you 3 weeks ago and had to throw them away last night and they were never touched. So no I am not going to re-buy things you let go bad, it is a waste of money. Of course I end up having to buy one for her at least but still threw some away so it is frustrating. I get what they want, they don't eat it and it could have bought something someone else would have eaten, or I don't get what they want and they complain. The grocery shopper's life is not an easy one! :)

When I got home, Sam and I made sandwiches for dinner but wrapped them all up. Katie was at her Zoomba excercise class and then teaching bellydance lessons. Dad was cleaning up from working on putting up trim in the kitchen and my Mom was taking a short nap, as working while being in pain is exhausting her. Plus Sam and I still had our excercising to do. So we got through most of the mile walking in place when Sandy felt sick so she sat it out and I finished and then did the toning. I hopped in the shower and then went back downstairs to join Sam and Mom for two epsiodes of NCIS. Ziva was mean and invited everyone to a dinner she cooked and Tony was like the only one she didn't invite!! Yes I have seen it before, but SO?!! Poor Tony! I love Tony, all his movie referneces and his charm. Michael Wetherly is so good in this role! It fits him like a glove. When the role was being cast, something happened and Michael Wetherly did not make auditions or something, so he asked the director/creator (one of those) if he could stop by his house and join him and his family for dinner so the guy was like, okay and as soon as they had dinner, he knew he had found his Tony!! I love that! Yes I do know such interesting trivia. LOL!

I have decided to post my two favorite dances so far from this season of SYTYCD. I have not had that many WOW's like I had last season, but these two, both contemporary I found to be amazing! Oh you have the time you only have to watch the actual dances which are 2 minutes TOPS!! Go on now!!

Jonathon and Carla

Kayla and Kupono

I'd have to say my favorites, people who are still there, would be for the girls, Kayla and Janette. And for the guys I love Evan and...yeah that's it. There are some real talented ones left but the other guys I liked are gone!! Philip and Kupono!! I am mad Randi Caitlin are gone too. Jason I am not sure about, and Ade and Brandon just seem interchangeable. It's not like Twitch and Joshua, where they were SO different in every way. They just don't impress me that much. So I'd like Evan or Kayla to win I think. Kayla was not a fave, but she kept being beaten down every week, having to perform and she was doing so good, it was like HEY now, and she does have loely lines, and all that jazz. So since Randi and Caitlin are gone, for girls, I'd most love Kayla to win. But overall? Evan has had my heart since the try-outs! He is Gene Kelly baby!!post signature

Monday, July 20, 2009

5 Years with Max

Today, the 19th of July, was our Anniversary of having Maxie in our lives. 5 years ago today THIS happened and we adopted Maxie into our home and our hearts. I can't believe I ever worried about being able to take care of him. I can't believe I worried I wouldn't love him the way he deserved to be loved! This lil 23 pound dog has me wrapped around his paw, and when he is on pain, I am in pain. And when he is super happy, I can't help but grin. He makes everyone in the house happy and is such a blessing. I may have had to wait 25 years to get my first REAL pet (no I am telling you goldfish do NOT count!) but he was well worth the wait.

We took him out after dinner for ice cream, and man did he PIG out! I don't share my ice cream, I am a germaphobe people, but everyone else does, and he prefers the hard stuff. He will eat soft serve if it is what's available but he prefers hard ice cream. So he had some of Mom's vanilla, some of Sandy's mint and a LOT of my Dad's chery vanilla. The dog was biting into that ice cream like you would not believe and it was a big cone!! The dog was in a sugar frenzy when he got home, trying to get a little too friendly with me, me yelling NO MAX!, and finally he is in a happy food coma, snoring zzzzz's. I love this dog!! So Happy Anniversary my lil guy and here are some of my all time fave pics!

P.S. I managed to design my first Grab button, so I hope any of you who collect them on your blogs or Who like to have them, will Grab away!! :p

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Flashback Movies 4

I've got some of my favorites for you today. Some I don't bring up because trailers were never put up on youtube for us, but these are some really good ones. Going through these trailers has made me realize how much I want to own a bunch of these, and happy for the few that I already do. These may have been old looking to some of you, our reallllly young friends, but to a lot of us, you may remember seeing it in the theater and how much magic it held the first time you watched it!

The Watcher in the Woods (this terrified me when I was little! A Disney movie, LOL! Love it now though)

Ladyhawke ( Matthew Broderick is SO young!!)

Legend (Tom Cruise is also SO young here!)

Teen Witch (the main girl is Robin Lively, Gossip Girl's Blake Lively's older sister. Their brother played Russ in European Vacation)

The Ghost in the Machine (Karen Allen movie that was ahead of it's time, I am looking on Amazon for this now!)

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Strife resolved

Well I made up with my Dad and sister. My Dad took me out to dinner, he wanted us to talk. He explained what has been going on with his work, and why he is so tense and filled with stress, that he lashed out without even a warning and had been in a bad mood already which wasn't a good start to a family outing. I told him my feelings on a few subjects and he agreed and apologized. And I explained to him why it had upset me so much, that I just feel so full of stress and tension myself that I couldn't handle any more. He said he shouldn't bucket-dump his anger with his work on his family and needs to find something to relieve stress. And we talked a lot about what was bothering him and what was bothering me and other stuff. We were already doing better by the time we got to the restaurant, but having just some one on one time with him, while we ate, helped. It really feels like we made up and both see the others side of things.

My Mom and Sam forced me to talk with Katie. I am just tired of her bucket-dumping on us, and everything we do she feels is nit-picking her. Which I feel is insane as her examples did not back up that view, but she said she'd also try not to do that. She is just really stressed too. And she has also agreed to never let her friend drive her home is she has even had one drink. I had a real problem with her thinking because 6 hours had passed after her friend drank a bunch, so she was good and can hold her liquor. I am sorry, but I am not okay with that, and she has agreed since it worries me so much, any time this friend has a drink, Katie will make her give Kat the keys. So we hugged and then all 4 of us girls watched NCIS episodes. Then we excercised after midnight...oohhh I was tired. I had a really bad hypoglycemic episode which made me feel like I had already worked out so I was struggling tonight.

Plus, I checked my email and think me and my friend I was worried I was going to lose, because I didn't want to be put in the middle, are going to be okay. Which is very good and makes me very happy because I care about her a great deal. And would never want to lose that friendship.

Anyway, my Mom is not feeling well. She has to go in next Thursday and have a kidney stone blasted. It has been causing a lot of infections and makes her really tired and now she is in a lot of pain. And passing kidney stones is not exactly fun I have heard, she has had to deal with them before. I hate seeing her in pain. And my Dad definitely has to have surgery on that knee that he blew out while refereeing that game. So my poor parents!! We were supposed to go to the beach and visit the Nautilus tommorrow but are going to delay that, no one wants my Mom in pain for a family trip. So no idea if anything is going on tommorrow, I will just have to wait and signature

Friday, July 17, 2009

Did I or Didn't I??!! I Have no clue!!!

I can't decide!! On how much I liked it! OY! I think I liked it, but I thought it ended really abruptly, though my sister Sam says it does in the book too. Which is weird because in all the others, even with the last one with Sirius being muredered, it usually ends in a way where you feel satisfied and CAN handle waiting a year and a half until the next (half of) one! And I am the one who sobbed because I had no idea Sirius would die and vowed never to see a HP movie ever again, so it is hard to shake me now. I knew before going in, who would bite it and by whom. I had no idea when or where, etc, but I was emotionally prepared...I think, well maybe not totally as I adore so many of these characters, I hate that any have to die. SO I was mostly prepared for this one. So why do I have this, I can't tell how I feel about it, feeling?! I believe I liked it...but feel a bit unsatisfied. But I LOVED a lot of it, so I must have liked it...who knows!!! Agghh! I am not looking forward to more deaths, knowing who they are may slightly spoil it, but I am glad it won't come as such a dagger to the heart, as Sirius dying did. Sobbing, seriously. It sucks that we have to wait until November 2010 for the next half-a-movie, but I am appreciative of the fact that they are only separating the 2 halves by 7 months.

Unlike Julie, I loved the romance going on! I thought it was so sweet! Except for that Lavender crap, she was making me gag!! Especially since some people actually ACT that way!! Gross! There was also a real absence of some of the characters and I hated that. I know you can't have a lot of focus on ALL the characters you have grown to love in Potter Land, but there was hardly any Hagrid, or Neville or Fred and George...I just wish they had put them in more. And please feel free to tell me things and people they left out! My family told me loads was left out but wouldn't go INTO what they left out! How RUDE!! And Katie was in such a MOOD. I have no idea what is up with her lately, she is always so mean lately and bites your head off. All I did was ask her where she was going, she was meeting up with someone after the movie. I just asked where you going? Blind date? And she bit my head the crap off!! "I don't have to tell any of you where I am going, I can do whatever I want!" and etc...all I asked was where she was going, and she had a fit...yeah that is so normal...not! Oy! And because of that my Dad had an apoplectic fit and yelled and that just caused the entire car to go quiet and fill with tension. It may make him feel better to talk to us like we are all under 18 and have to do what he wants, but it pissed me off and I am not alright with it at all. I am angry and he knows it. I am too old for him to think he can be so rude and I have to take it. So yeah, mad at two family members. So what did I do?

Spent about 4 hours deep dusting and vacuming my room. I guess I am turning into my mother, cleaning when you are stressed. My room gets so bad because I NEED to use baby powder and every day. Having big chest's, it is the only way I feel cool and dry. And I even made it so I can close my closet door behind me when I put it on, but they are folding doors so it gets out. YES I am in the closet! LOL! Now that I devised this way, it does take longer for stuff to get all dusty covered with powder and normal dust, but then it is SUCH a big job, because I like everything picked up and completely dusted and what it sits on, and I have so many knick-knacks and fragile small items!! And so many hand blown perfume bottles!! So it takes forever, but I feel too tired now to dwell onmy anger. Oh it is so still there, but I am able to go on here, write a post, read posts and etc. Because I am tired and I am clean too, the shower felt wonderful after getting so dirty and sweaty.

There was a horrible thunderstorm though just as we were getting home and poor Max was hiding and shaking. I dragged him from under Katie's bed and held him for about 45 minutes but the shaking was so hard and he kept struggling at first so I was covered in hair. He got content to be protected first me me then by Sam but them there was a really REALLY close hit and BAM, he was gone! Luckily it is finally over and he is zonked out against Sandy upstairs. My poor baby!!

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