Thursday, July 16, 2009

VLOG who knows which Number!

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Yaya said...

Ick, drama. Why must there be drama in our lives?

Beth in NC said...

Why can't everyone just get along? Sorry you're trying to be dragged into the middle of something.

Stand your ground and find some less dramatic friends while your standing. :o)

April said...

Hi Wendy!

I can't take too much drama in my really weighs me down and starts to take it's toll on me. Being put in the middle of things is not a fun place to be, so my heart really goes out to you. Good for you for standing your ground...hope things get resolved soon!

Tori_z said...

I'm sorry you're being put in those situations. *Hugs*

Mrs4444 said...

Can't watch the Vlog right now, but I wanted to respond to your question. Wordless Wednesday is a chance to post a pic that needs little or no explanation :)

Check out this post for Friday Fragments info:

Let me know if you need any help! :)

Mrs4444 said...

Okay, I decided to watch it, for fear of forgetting to come back later! Drama like that is high schoolish; you're doing the right thing by setting a boundary for yourself. You don't have to choose a side, and anyone who expects you do is not a good friend.

LadyStyx said...

Freakin hateful when you're placed between the dog and the fire hydrant. You've got every right to be pissed. You are picking someone though, you are picking Y O U and that's what matters right now.

Jessica♥ said...

Drama. NO MORE! say you're going on strike and take a vacation =D
I wrote this wicked long blog today and it reminded me of your super long blogs. Then i realised, I wasn't commenting on your posts. Then I realised, it wasn't showing up in my following feed. SO I had to de-follow and then re-follow your blog again due to the new address. Is that what happened when I changed mine? cause no one seems to be following my blogs anymore. =[ well I'll be commenting more the dilemna is over!
That Drama Rama's got to disapeer of yours =[ *gives a big hug*

feel better. =]
♥ always, jess

TeeTee said...

i hope everything gets better!

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