Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pictured Problems

Well we went out and had Hibachi tonight. Katie wanted to treat us and get everyone to try it, but only Dad and I were willing. Sam got her Boston rolls and Mom got tempura, which is my favorite but Katie had her heart set so I got Chicken hibachi. They don't serve the Japanese Clear soup so I gave my Miso soup to Sam and my salad with ginger dressing to Kat, I hate ginger! The chef was really good and funny. I would NOT have asked for the rice if I knew scrambled eggs and peas and onions and stuff were in it. The noodles are just cooked with sake, soy sauce, teryaki and sesame seeds, so I assumed they were the same for the rice. It interesting experience. He flung broccoli in the air and had us catch it. It took me three tries...only thing is I hate broccoli. I tried to eat it but ended up spitting it into a napkin. Not a big fan of the veggies either but knew if I kept them Kate would have lunch for the next day! LOL! The chicken was good even with the sesame seeds. I would have rather had tempura, especially once I felt that sick feeling, too much rice and I can't eat scrambled eggs since the surgery, so I felt sick, but Katie had fun so that made me happy.

My camera arrived via post just before we left so we stopped by Walmart and I bought 2 4GB SDHC memory cards. It was a bargain at 26 bucks and by PNY, a good company. But I am regretting getting the camera and not the DVD player. It has all the settings a real 35 mm camera has, and yes I did take a real photography class, but like 7 years ago, I have no idea how to use the thing. And I am not feeling like I am smart enough to ever get the hang of this camera. All I wanted was to get an up close picture of a flower and for a close up it does this weird thing where, since it doesn't know what I want to focus ON, it focuses slowly to everything and when it is where you want it you press the shutter halfway down, get it exactly as you want it and finish pressing. But I tried taking some pics of Max and some are real crap! And that was on automatic scenes. I have no clue how to work A or S or P or M...I feel like a failure and that I will never get this. My parents are all, this is a present, it is a TOY, to have fun with...but I keep feeling like I am not going to get this at all, and the fun was to be able to take gorgeous pictures, and be artsy, but I feel like everything I take is blurry and ugly. These are the best and I think they are plain and I definitely could have taken them with my kodak.... what if I made a mistake??! post signature

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TeeTee said...

you just made me really hungry.

don't regret buying the camera... I have not taken any photography classes, ever... I think it just requires practice!

I went camping a couple of months ago, and took our camera along, and I learned how to work that thing so well by the end of the weekend... so just take a lot of pictures (and then show them to us!)

I'm really sorry if this didn't make any sense... but I've had a hard night.

Yaya said...

Mmmmm I love hibachi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tori_z said...

Give it time, you'll figure the camera out, then you'll be glad you got it. :)

LadyStyx said...

Sometimes, it's just alotta "what does this do" with me. And practice, practice, practice. The great thing about a digital is that you're not wasting film, just batteries ;)

Those pix are really good though!

Gillie said...

I'm jealous of your camera, even though I wouldn't know how to work it either. I bet someone has posted videos on you-tube of how to work a cool camera like that.

CaJoh said...

I guess with any device you need to play around with it first to figure out all the features. I had a camera for over three years and did not know that you could put it on timer and have it automatically take a picture until a month before it died.

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