Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day with Mom

I had a really fun time with my Mom today. I was hunting for bras and 2 of my birthday presents, a blouse from Lane Bryant/Fashion Bug and a pair of pajama pants, which I am addicted to, I am deadly serious.

So we went to Fashion Bug first, because we have one in town. Now this franchise used to be my favorite place for clothes. When I was a size 26, I could find cute clothes there. And after losing 90 pounds, I could buy my jeans and pants from the juniors sections. The tops still had to be from the Plus side as my chest's went NO where. Dang it ALL!! But a few years ago the store started changing. The juniors side has really cute stuff, but I now own a gazillion jeans, pants and scooters. The plus size has gone, well, ugly. No more gorgeous peasant tops and beautiful blouses. Now it is either what an old woman wears, huge monstrosites covered in bedazzled gems, and plenty of sleeveless stuff but that isn't even pretty. I WILL wear a shrug or cardigan, I have plenty of shirts I have to with, but there isn't even anything worth buying there anymore. Unless you are looking for a plain top to wear to work, then they also have a lot of those, luckily that place has helped my Mom's work wardrobe, but all the cute stuff for a fuller figure woman? GONE and I just do not get it. We did find a summer nightgown for my Mom, I saw it and she loved it so we got it.

So we drove over to the mall in Meriden. We went to Lane Bryant, the only place I get bras, and I tried the bra Rychelle reccommended that has an underwire. But because of my scholiosis the wire was digging into my stomach and was just so not comfortable. I tried other underwire ones, and this one full coverage is a possibility, but only if I am able to get the tummy tuck to take this excess belly off. So I got my trued and tried but I have gone down in band size, I found out when you get a new bra, you should be on the loosest hooks, and I have been buying mine to be on the tightest, but I got 4 today that are the better size. I like to have lots of bras but the fact that my Mom got me these 4 was incredible. I will still use the other ones, but if I am going out somewhere nice or going to church or what not, I will wear the better ones, until one day when ALL my bras are the better size. Anyway, we looked at every blouse in there and there was only one that was okay. ONE! At Lane Bryant! I don't understand, I was always able to trust Lane Bryant to have (pricey) cute tops. Everything was orange or had big stones or was like a poncho and it was just so ugly. We had the clerk hold the shirt for us though. We went to Torrid and I was so disappointed they had nothing I liked. Torrid is a sister store to Hot Topic so they should have cool stuff, but it was a lot of tees and stuff that did not suit either my figure or my morals or my taste. So we headed over to JC Penny's to look at PJ's. As we walked I picked up a blouse from the normal woman's section I liked and held onto it, and then we decided to check out their microscopic Plus size section and found a few things to try on. Now the shirt we were holding at Lane Bryant was over 50 bucks. Anyone who has shopped there knows this is typical. I tried on all 4 blouses and 2 had my heart, and they were both on a huge sale, and fit! I was so happy the one from the first section fit, it is unlike any other blouse I have! And the other is just so me and peasanty which I love. And together I could get both for $31! So my Momwas like YES I will get you both of these, hey it saved her over 20 bucks and I like these so much better! And I found PJ pants, a little crazy but thin and silky and I love them! So thanks Penny's!

To thank my Mom and to try and make up her buying me the bras, they are not cheap, I tool her out to dinner. We had chicken francaise with mashed potatoes, salad and bread. I got her tapioca pudding to go and myself a piece of carrot cake. Mom loves their tapioca but when I had the cake, it was so bad. How do you scre up carrot cake THAT badly?! it so made me miss Weezie's carrot cake! Soooo good when she or her Mom, Judy make it!!

Then we got home, chilled, watched NCIS episodes and decompressed. Now I have The Unborn to watch (ooooooohhhhh) and the last 2 episodes of Harper's Island, can't wait! And if I have time I want to start the Harry Potter movies again!

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Tori_z said...

Glad you had a really fun day, and that you were able to find some stuff you really liked. :)

TeeTee said...

sounds like fun!

holy dang it... 90 pounds you lost?


Kristina P. said...

I bought a few tops at Penney's yesterday too! I know that Penney's doesn't have a great reputation for cute clothes, but they've changed and have some really cute clothing lines now.

Jessica♥ said...

The only thing I like to do with my mom is shop.
You should definitly put up pics of your shirts!

LadyStyx said...

I like pj bottoms too, but only in the wintertime. It's shorts or nothing the other 3 seasons.

Haven't been to a Fashion Bug in forever. My fav stores right now are Catherine's and Kohl's. Seems like most of the stores that carry the larger sizes have opted for the "uglier" stuff. A shame, really.

Been ODing on the HP movies (well 2,3,&4) this weekend as ABC Family is playing them.

Lee said...

I always wear PJ bottoms, or sweats.
Or no pants at all.
Right now, it's no pants.

Sounds like you had a lot of fun with your mom!

Sheri said...

Sounds like a fun time. I love shopping :) Ohh! I am planning on watching all the HP movies again before I go see the next one too hehehe good plan!

rychelle said...

i am seriously addicted to pajamas too!

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