Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Busy As a Bee

Well I have had a full and bust day, what a nice change!! I went out and did my errands, which included stopping by the new Target by our house just to get an Icee, I love the Cherry Coke one it is as close to soda as I can get. There IS a bit of carbonation, but sitting around in the drums makes most of that disappear. Yes I did research it and even contact the Icee company, LOL! So thinking it would be as humid as yesterday I got the medium, I am supposed to stick to small, but I am addicted now and yesterday was so gross, and even though it was raining that has not made much of a difference when it wants to BE humid. Of course today, ended up just being cold rain, so I still had most when I eventually returned home and gave it to my Mom.

After Target I went to Blockbuster. I decided to go there this week instead of Hollywood Video because Blockbuster has the exclusive right at this point to the movie The Echelon Code and after Shanna did a review on it, I was all excited to see it, I can't wait! Blockbuster gets a lot of exclusive rights movies so I got some that I had never seen at Hollywood. I got The Killing Room which is a thriller about four people who sign up for a psychological research study only to discover that they are now subjects of a brutal, classified government program. It has Clea Duvall, Timothy Hutton, etc. I also got The Chaos Experiment with Val Kilmer, where he is a deranged scientist who locks 6 people in a steam room and threatens to turn up the heat if the local paper doesn't publish his story about global warming. Plus I decided since I liked The Messengers I would rent the prequel Messengers 2: The Scarecrow and I also rented Watchmen...that I am so not certain of, it looks weird and they kill off Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the beginning (!!) but I will give it a chance.

Then I went to the Walmart in Bristol, since the one in town didn't have what I needed. You know what, I also have a beef about underwear now too! When I was heavier, it was so hard to get underwear in my size, and I hate white underwear so yes I am one of the people who switches underwear in packages. I want the colored ones, so I take 2 packs and one ends up being all whites, which I put back, and I buy the package of colored ones. But if I wanted more than a 6 pack, let alone a few packs it was impossible, they never had enough stocked! Guess what though now? All I see is huge amounts of my old size and in all sorts of styles and colors. In fact, now that I don't need them, there are a bunch of new companies that all make cute new underwear in bigger girl sizes. That sucks! And no I'd rather NOT need to wear that size again, but come on!! But the even bigger annoyance? The size I wear never seems to be in stock, not in briefs which is what I prefer, yup I am a plain undies girl, like to feel all covered. What the heck? it is a conspiracy just to piss me off I say! Arrghh! Oy Vey.

So after that I drove home in the POURING rain, even with the wipers at full speed it was hard to see! And just when ONE, that is right one out of like 60 growing, of our tomatoes began to turn orangey-yellow!! Nooo sun come back!! Anyway, I got home and we had pancakes for dinner and watched 2 episodes of Season 3 NCIS episodes with my Mom before I left with my sisters to go to the movies. I was on my own though. They wanted to see The Hangover and I knew, after experiencing Knocked Up, that this movie would just bother me, have too many gross out right things not even references. So I saw I Love You Beth Cooper. I hate it when you get into a movie ONE minute late, but not only have you missed all trailers but the movie is already on! You advertise a movie at 9:55, you do not start it early, that is so rude! Anyway, it is not a huge WOW THAT ROCKED movie but it was cute and I enjoyed it. There were a few references, but nothing I wanted to walk out because of. Hayden is a really good comedic actor and I do hope to see more of her on the big screen, besides as Claire on Heroes. She does have star power, and you could see that from when she was a kid in movies like Remember the Titans. The geeky guy who plays Dennis the boy who proclaims his love while doing his valedictorian speech, is the epitomy of geek-dom in the sad way. I am a geek but I like to think in the good way. His nose is huge and pointy, man it is like a beak! You should see his profile, oh my poor boy. And he doesn't have that slightly awww he is a cutie appeal like DJ Qualls (Road Trip, The Core, et) does. Is that just me? My sister Sam agreed he has a cutie pie quality, where yeah he is a geek in the sad way but there is some spark or charm there that makes you go, but he is kinda cute too. This other guy...does not have that. His weird friend kind of does, but not this guy. I do not see him getting many roles. He was perfect for this one, he did great as the uptight nerd who had clue what his dream girl is really like, so adventure ensues, but I don't see him getting many other roles. I had to wait in the dark lobby for almost 20 minutes for my sisters and their movie only started 5 minutes after mine and was shorter, so yeah they started my movie WAY early! Anyway it is creepy, you shouldn't turn off the majority of the lights until after almost all customers have left. Major creepy! Now I am home, freshly showered and sitting with Maxie, typing away to my hearts content! Watching All My Children currently. It was a good day!

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Tori_z said...

That's why I hate clothes shopping. It's so hard to find what you want in your size. Mind you, I don't think much of shopping in general, but still.

TeeTee said...

awesome pictures!

i am so jealous... it rained?

i want rain here in California!

Jillene said...

YAY for Icee's!! I LOVE them!!

Jessica♥ said...

I heard I Love You Beth Cooper was super bad. My brothers saw The Hangover and they thought it was ok. Just ok. haha

The Boob Nazi said...

I love buying underwear.

Donna said...

That is too funny about the underwear thing!

LadyStyx said...

Nothing like the store never having what you need in the size or dosage or whatever that you need it in!

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