Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1 Down, and Movie Reviews

Well there were a few changes made during the day, but otherwise Dad's birthday went off without a hitch! (minus the fight between us 3 girls, because Kat's LACK of being around to help got us mad and etc.Oy!) Dad decided since it was so hot that he wanted BBQ, so we defrosted meat and had burgers and turkey burgers and turkey dogs and sweet and sour (gag) shrimp (double gag). Plus the potato salad, watermelon, strawberries, etc. We then went over to the theater and saw The Proposal. We missed the very beginning, the theater started it 10 minutes early so we missed the first few minutes and the previews!! Grrrr. And I missed a bit because I felt sick after we ate. But I loved this movie, it was so funny!! I love Sandra Bullock. I love Ryan Reynolds. And together, they are even better. I was bummed when I read about the "nude" scene because Sandra never went there, but Sandra still amkes me proud! Oh they are most definitely nude, but with hand or loofah placement, it is all okay and Sandra remains a classy actress. Betty White is hilarious and is the one part of the movie that my Dad...liked...yeah he felt it WAS a girly movie. Please!! It was funny! I highly reccomend it! Then we drove home and Dad opened his gifts and loved them! Katie ended up getting him a surround sound system for his bedroom tv, which he is not okay with as they are pricey. Yeah, she HAD to upstage everyone else's presents! Man! :p Sam got him a flashlight tripod thing, which he loves and a gift card to Lowe's home improvent store. And I got him 24. Max "got" him a Jack Bauer tee. Plus the other things I mentioned. After we had cake he went up to his room to "lay down and die" as he does every night, and yes that is how HE always puts it. We could hear him playing with the jigsaw electronic saw, and he is planning on starting 24 ASAP and can't wait for his pre-ordered NCIS to get in. LOL!

So now my birthday is only 3 1/2 days away...oy, I am excited yet can't wait for it to be over...I make NO sense!! I think I know what I will get Sandy too, which is a relief!!

Last night I watched 4 movies, I had no idea I would end up having real stuff to DO and places to go all weekend! Night Train was quite interesting. It starred Leelee Sobilieski, Danny Glover and Steve Zahn. It was a smart movie. That is the only word I can think of, I am serious. Danny is the conductor on this big train that only has about 8 passengers on it on Christmas Eve and a man boards at one stop with a box and dies. When Steve, Danny and Leelee discover what the box "holds" they hatch a plan to get away with this special box. Except appearances are deceiving and this box has "effects" on those who have looked inside. It is not a horror movie though there are some bloody scenes, it is just, so interesting. It made me think and wonder. It ended with me wanting to scream at the people, but it was really intriguing! Sadly that is all I can say without revealing more which would them be ALL the details!

I then watched Killshot, which starred Mickey Rourke, Diane Lane, Thomas Jane and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Rourke is a hit man and gets mixed up with Levitt because he reminds him of his dead kid brother. Well Diane and Thomas see them try to commit a crime and NO ONE gets to see Rourke's face and live. So they are put into Witness Protection, but they find them pretty easy and then somehow they think they are safe so Diane goes home, she and Thomas are divorcing and he liked their NEW life, but alas the 2 bad guys are there. So will Thomas stay in his new life or will he go back home and face the music with his wife? I was not impressed with this movie at all, and it was surprising because Diane Lane and Thomas Jane chose to be in it. Ugh.

The evening went DOWNhill from there. I next viewed Death Defying Acts, ehich starred Catherine Zeta-Jones and Guy Pearce. I know another set of stellar stars and I found it quite a dud! Guy is supposed to be Harry Houdini who is willing to pay 10,000 dollars to the psychic who can tell him the final words he recieved from his beloved mother. And Catherine, along with her daughter is a fake psychic act. This is supposed to be some love story but it is actually really not and is in fact kind of twisted, and I knew this set of events never happened. Houdini was a momma's boy and such, but he stuck with his wife Bess and he died in a different way too. So they make you think there is going to ne this great love story like in The Illusionist, etc but it is really a "boy" who wants to be forgiven by his Momma.

But I would watch them 5 more times than to ever see this last one. It is called Crossing Over. It stars a HUGE stellar cast, Harrison Ford, Ashley Judd, Ray Liotta, James Sturgess, etc. Basically it all revolves around immigration in the US. Trying to get a green card, deportation, etc. And has multiple storylines going on at the same time. The most depressing and horribly ugly stories going on! I am trying to decide if Harrison was THAT bored that he signed up for this crap movie, and thinking ,WOW Harrison signed on for it, the others followed. MISTAKE. Here, I will give you the story line of one of the stories that bothered me the most. A 15 year old Muslim girl is giving a report in school, and boy it does not go over well. While she does NOT condone the 9/11 attacks, she understands their need to be heard, etc and this pisses her classmates off a lot. So this is brought to the principal who turns it into INS! They show up at her house and Mom and Dad are there illegally, though her 2 younger siblings were born there so they are Americans. They go through the girls room and find a paper on suicide and though she tells them it was a school paper the agent in charge notes that she finds it understandable, suicide in some situations. Then they find she has frequented a Jihad website, and though she explains that she keeps herself updated on both sides of what is going on, they decide she is a threat to America and take her. The parents hire Judd who can't get the agent to budge and has to tell them the one offer they are willing to make that isn't deport them all or take the 2 young kids and deport the parents and daughter. One parent can STAY in the US with the 2 younger children and won't be bothered by INS, IF the other parent leaves with their 15 year old. Judd is disgusted that a girl who has lived in the US since the age of 3 in being deported as a would-be terrorist based on her seeing both sides of 9/11. And since both parents are illegal, if they both show up to visit her, all 3 will be deported. So the Mom shows up with her two kids and tells her the two of them have to leave and don't know when or if they will ever see the other family again. This girl sits there stunned that she is being shipped off to a third-world country and will never see her siblings after this moment and will never say goodbye to her father. She runs and grabs her brother and sister and holds them to her as they all cry, it is so sad. And as she is being escorted with her mother to their departure gate, to a world she doesn't even remember, out of the corner of her eye she sees her father running along side her, far away, but keeping up with them the whole time and she is able to mouth I Love You one last time....SEE this is DEPRESSING!! Agghhh! Do not rent unless immigration interests you or you like depressing movies, because I HATED this with a deep searing passion!! And that was just one of the stories going on. Being forced to sleep with agents to obtain a green card, killing your family member for "shaming" the family, etc, is all going on through this movie. I just hated it!

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Kristina P. said...

Glad your dad's birthday went well! I do want to see The Propsal. I really like Sandra.

Anonymous said...

haha "i'm going upstairs to lay down and die." he's a bit dramatic huh?
that's so awesome your birthday is in 3 DAYS? I wish mine was but mine's december 9th. in the cold boring winter. with nothing to do.

Sarah said...

I LOVE Diane Lane! She is SO beautiful and quite an actress, I think anyway. The birthday sounds great...the cake looks even better! I may have to try that!

Tori_z said...

I'm glad your Dad seems to have enjoyed his birthday. :)

Those movies just go to show that you can't guarrantee a good movvie just because of who's in it. Same sort of thing as, "you can't judge a book by its cover," in my opinion.

Amander said...

I saw The Proposal too, and I didn't hate it! (Which is a GOOD review about a chick flick, from me.)

Happy Birthday in a few days. I'll be out of town, so I won't be checking blogs, so I am wishing you a pleasant day in advance :)

Lee said...

I'm thinking about seeing The Proposal. But I'm not sure...

Your birthday is so close to mine!

LadyStyx said...

I'm wanting to see the Sandra Bullock one, but I suspect I'll end up waiting until it comes out on video.

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