Friday, July 3, 2009

On the Cusp of my Birthday

Okay it is about to be my birthday any time now...yup indeed I am a Independence Day baby, born at exactly 1 pm on a pouring 4th of July. I can't believe another year has already gone by. I have a "special" age. Yup. See last year I was 29 and then my birthday happened so I decided to be 28 again. So this year I have decided to be 29 again, and then next year 28 and the next 29....see how that works? It makes me happy, so whatever, LOL! Hey I have typed my real age and thought it and had other people say it, but I have never said the evil "thhhh" word, I don't know how I did it (I think I did it anyway) but I did! I am hoping the girls want to keep up with the tradition we have started the last few years and go out for "breakfast" just after midnight. I would love to go to Applewood's and have one of their yummy grilled cheese sandwiches, breakfast is an option! LOL! And a pickle...mmm. I decided to post some pics from my many years (sorry throwing up a little, I swear internally I am so much younger!!) on this Earth.

I think I was like 1 day old here.

Yup that IS me...bloody chubby cheeks!!

This is the pic where Sam says I was obviously mean to have red hair!LOL

I was a Princess!

Lake George with my Uncle Garry behind me.

I am still shocked because I look back and think I rocked that haircut!

10th Grade. My hair is so thick it gave me headaches...I like short do's since. When I cut it, it was like 20 pounds was lifted from my head!

And there were many years which I will not post. Who wants to post their fattest of their fat period? I posted one when I did the 3 part post of my Gastric Bypass but no more. Not excatly a morale boost!
And me recently.

My Dad took my Mom out today for their 38th Wedding Anniversary. And to a really expensive restaurant Carmine Anthony's! Mmm! I have only been there once in my life, the steak was divine and you don't get sides. You can order a la carte items. Whoa. I love that my parents are still together and that they truly love eachother! And look forward to spending eternity together. My Mom converted to the church when my older "sibling" was a baby, so they were sealed in the Washington, DC temple, so that means all of us are sealed together for eternity. Yay! LOL!

So I need to get of the computer, I am expecting my 2 younger sisters at midnight, they always show up just as it turns midnight (as I do for them too). And we maybe will go out and then I need to take my Ambien as soon as we get back, so I can try and enjoy and be awake for my own birthday! I will talk to you all tommorrow...may not technically still be my birthday when I post, but close enough. Maybe I will have pictures too! Have a great 4th of July!!post signature

4 meaningful meanderings:

LadyStyx said...

Using that logic, I'll be turning 20 this year... YAY!! Sure beats having to say fo-fo- oh hell I can't say it! We all know I only LOOK late 20's anyhow!

Kristina P. said...

No one believed me when I said I was turning 21. I don't understand.

Lee said...

Aww, you were such a cute kid. I love it.
I hope you get to have breakfast at midnight. What a cool tradition!

Yaya said...

Yesterday was the birthday for the now 3 yr old I nanny for too!

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