Friday, July 17, 2009

Did I or Didn't I??!! I Have no clue!!!

I can't decide!! On how much I liked it! OY! I think I liked it, but I thought it ended really abruptly, though my sister Sam says it does in the book too. Which is weird because in all the others, even with the last one with Sirius being muredered, it usually ends in a way where you feel satisfied and CAN handle waiting a year and a half until the next (half of) one! And I am the one who sobbed because I had no idea Sirius would die and vowed never to see a HP movie ever again, so it is hard to shake me now. I knew before going in, who would bite it and by whom. I had no idea when or where, etc, but I was emotionally prepared...I think, well maybe not totally as I adore so many of these characters, I hate that any have to die. SO I was mostly prepared for this one. So why do I have this, I can't tell how I feel about it, feeling?! I believe I liked it...but feel a bit unsatisfied. But I LOVED a lot of it, so I must have liked it...who knows!!! Agghh! I am not looking forward to more deaths, knowing who they are may slightly spoil it, but I am glad it won't come as such a dagger to the heart, as Sirius dying did. Sobbing, seriously. It sucks that we have to wait until November 2010 for the next half-a-movie, but I am appreciative of the fact that they are only separating the 2 halves by 7 months.

Unlike Julie, I loved the romance going on! I thought it was so sweet! Except for that Lavender crap, she was making me gag!! Especially since some people actually ACT that way!! Gross! There was also a real absence of some of the characters and I hated that. I know you can't have a lot of focus on ALL the characters you have grown to love in Potter Land, but there was hardly any Hagrid, or Neville or Fred and George...I just wish they had put them in more. And please feel free to tell me things and people they left out! My family told me loads was left out but wouldn't go INTO what they left out! How RUDE!! And Katie was in such a MOOD. I have no idea what is up with her lately, she is always so mean lately and bites your head off. All I did was ask her where she was going, she was meeting up with someone after the movie. I just asked where you going? Blind date? And she bit my head the crap off!! "I don't have to tell any of you where I am going, I can do whatever I want!" and etc...all I asked was where she was going, and she had a fit...yeah that is so normal...not! Oy! And because of that my Dad had an apoplectic fit and yelled and that just caused the entire car to go quiet and fill with tension. It may make him feel better to talk to us like we are all under 18 and have to do what he wants, but it pissed me off and I am not alright with it at all. I am angry and he knows it. I am too old for him to think he can be so rude and I have to take it. So yeah, mad at two family members. So what did I do?

Spent about 4 hours deep dusting and vacuming my room. I guess I am turning into my mother, cleaning when you are stressed. My room gets so bad because I NEED to use baby powder and every day. Having big chest's, it is the only way I feel cool and dry. And I even made it so I can close my closet door behind me when I put it on, but they are folding doors so it gets out. YES I am in the closet! LOL! Now that I devised this way, it does take longer for stuff to get all dusty covered with powder and normal dust, but then it is SUCH a big job, because I like everything picked up and completely dusted and what it sits on, and I have so many knick-knacks and fragile small items!! And so many hand blown perfume bottles!! So it takes forever, but I feel too tired now to dwell onmy anger. Oh it is so still there, but I am able to go on here, write a post, read posts and etc. Because I am tired and I am clean too, the shower felt wonderful after getting so dirty and sweaty.

There was a horrible thunderstorm though just as we were getting home and poor Max was hiding and shaking. I dragged him from under Katie's bed and held him for about 45 minutes but the shaking was so hard and he kept struggling at first so I was covered in hair. He got content to be protected first me me then by Sam but them there was a really REALLY close hit and BAM, he was gone! Luckily it is finally over and he is zonked out against Sandy upstairs. My poor baby!!

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TeeTee said...

Maybe I'll see the movie now.. I've been hearing mixed reviews about it.

I really want a thunderstorm (and maybe some rain) to appear here in California!

The Boob Nazi said...

I liked the romance! There was just WAAAY too much of it. They cut out a lot to enhance the stupid romance scenes! And they need to get Harry some freaking lifts; he's basically a little person. (I'm not sure what's PC these days.) GINNY IS FREAKING TALLER THAN HIM!!

Tori_z said...

They changed almost every scene, they concentrated more on the romance scenes than they should have, but the abruptness of the ending was the same in the book. They did slightly alter it, but it did end just as abruptly in the book as it did in the movie.

I feel the same as you about the movie. I liked it, but... Well, I don't know. I mean, it was a really good movie, but they seemed more interested in amusing us with the romance scenes than in telling us about the things Harry and Dumbledore were meant to be discussing.

CaJoh said...

Sure hoping that there isn't much spoiler material in that post. I haven't even seen the previous movie yet (I'm so cheep— I just wait for it to come out on TV)

LadyStyx said...

Personally, considering how thick the 6th book was, they should have split it in half like the last book. Yeah, it would have meant another movie, but then it would have been better covered.

Haven't seen it yet...maybe in another week or so. My luck, hubs will wait until the dvd comes out.

I'm seeing mixed feelings everywhere on how this one turned out.

Jessica♥ said...

awe poor Max.
Idk, I think that Harry Potter movie was very good. I just wish it wasn't so dark in all of the scenes so you could see more but oh well. I liked the idea of the crazy bus and the scary lady with her tea. That was that movie right? I hope so, I'm losing it. haha.
I still have to clean my room too. I'm doing it tonight so when I get back from my dad's this weekend it'll be nice and clean. =D

Sarah said...

Ever since your address change you no longer show up on my lists with new you know why? In order to get to your blog I have to click on the last comment you left me and find your blog from there...weird.

Sheri said...

I can't wait to see it! I think I am going on Monday. Have you read the books? If not, I suggest doing so - it is a really good (long) but really good read. I had to read them from start to finish... I ended up reading the last 2 books in a day or less each because I just had to know what happened... lol

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