Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bloody Great Birthday!

So I had a pretty great birthday today. I was awoken to a yummy brunch: eggs, bacon, watermelon, OJ, milk and toast. I was greeted by two balloons, one is absolutely GIANT sized, look at the difference between my normal sized balloon and my awesome giant one!

Then we all got dressed and ready and went out to go bowling. Real bowling too, not duck-pin. Sadly they were ALL closed. Everything was closed for my birthday that I would have loved to do! The one drawback of having your birthday on a Holiday! But I found a regular bowling lane that would be open until 11pm, so we headed there and it is really close, I never go past the Plainville Shopping center that way, but it is right there! Man those bloody balls are heavy, and I had to take a 9 so that my fingers felt comfortable. We began and things were okay, I wasn't as bad as I had been in duck-pin. I wasn't great, but I was okay! Sandy was doing very, very poorly. Sorry Sam but you were getting 0 pins down! So after 4 rounds the guy put the bumpers up, yes indeed we did play with the bumpers. My parents didn't play as Dad bowls like "the pro's" and lands on his knee which is messed up and Mom has wrist trouble, so they just wanted to watch and cheer, or in Dad's case jeer and mess you up by offering money if you got certain shots which would ensure you didn't get it. Except ONCE when Sandy did, and now he owes her 5 bucks! Heehee! You know what, I would have preferred we leave OFF the bumpers because suddenly this made Katie and Sandy UNSTOPPABLE and they were getting strikes and spares! And Katie rolled hers so gently I was shocked every time that the ball went all the way and hit pins! So we played two games and did birthday girl win even once? No!! Rotten no good sisters, not letting the birthday girl win!! Katie won both! Grrr! LOL!

Then we headed to Outback just to drive by it and make sure it was open. It was but Sandy wanted us to pull over to talk. She had an idea. She thought since we had snack foods for the movie later, then Outback would be too much. Her suggestion is since we are doing my Birthday movie tommorrow (just because it is for my Birthday, ye fellow church-goers) that we should do my birthday dinner tommorrow too. So tommorrow we are going to eat at Outback and then see Transformers. I am amazed I kept myself away from seeing it this long, I am SO freaking excited for it, it is not even funny!! LOL! So we stopped by McD's and had stuff from the $1 menu to tide us over until movie snack time. And I got to sit in the birthday chair. Oh boy! :p

We went home and got stuff together, including Max but he got scared and went inside...

Now it was time for the water fight! It is something we usually do on my birthday, last year we couldn't because we were rained out. It was sunny and like 70 degrees with, yes a chilly wind, but we decided to go ahead with it anway! My father cheated, not only is his water gun 2 times bigger than ALL of ours, but he filled it with ice cubes!! THAT was not okay, that was painful, seriously!! And it chilled the gun sooo well, evertime he filled it, it still felt like ice water!!

We all got soaked!! And with it only being 70 and the got freezing!! We ran in and took showers, but if I hadn't known I would want one later, I would have just dried off and put new clothes on, it was refreshing!!

We did presents next! A lot of my gifts were pieces of paper, with presents written on them. Everything I really wanted is getting out after my birthday, so they pre-ordered stuff like House, Gossip Girl and Dollhouse for me. And Push, Knowing and Race to Witch Mountain too. I got an awesome shower thing that although I share a bathroom is JUST for me, wahoo! That was actually "from" Max, lol! Katie got me a gift card to Blue Moon, a store I love. And Sandy got me a necklace from there. It is part of a blue rainforest butterflies wing. But it is special, this company only collects dead butterflies and uses the income they make to keep the rainforest going strong and keep it's inhabitants clothed and fed! It is so pretty!! I will see if I can take a picture of it soon, it is dainty, but it is so pretty and I love that it is eco-friendly! I also got 2 other gift cards (one for Cheesecake Factory, wahoo!) and a few movies, like Inkheart and He's Just Not That Into You! Plus I got a Logitech webcam!! It was practically my whole list, sure I had trouble this year, I usually have more options for the shoppers but got stuck on movies/tv series and couldn't find other things I liked. And they decided the blouses I put down were ugly...I liked them but they thought them ugly, so I am to go to Lane Bryant with Mom and pick a shirt out! My family rocks!! It is kind of weird to only have a handful of your gifts ON you, but when they start to come in the mail, it will be fun! They were so generous, I love my parents and sisters!

We prepped the food so that halfway through Inkheart we could eat, but my Mom made it 28 minutes and said "I hungry".LOL. So we put the perogies into bake and got out the bread bowl with dill dip and the pickle things ( ham or turkey with cream cheese spread on them and wrapped around a pickle and then sliced...SO blody yummy!) and I got to have some of my frosted brownies Sam made for me!! Soooo good! It is like heaven in a pan! Then when it was ready we ate and watched the movie and I felt like, as Sandy said, I was pregnant with food. Small stomachs so less food but still we felt SO bloated!

We decided at 9pm to do our fireworks because you could hear other people doing theirs and Max hates them, he thinks they are thunderstorms, and he is terrified of them! Poor baby. But the mosquitos are out in FULL force so we all suited up. And it felt fine because it was only 64 degrees outside!

In July! It is usually about 100 degrees here on my birthday, thus why a water fight is always had, but not tonight! The fireworks were awesome!! We saved our 2 favorite so next time Dad drives through South Dakota he will be picking up a bunch of Merlin's Wands and Fireballs! My camera did not pick up the best pics or videos but I still like them.

We went back inside after and finished the movie. Then they broke out my lil Carvel ice cream cake and sang me Happy Birthday and we had cake...mmm love those crunchies! Then Mom and Dad went off to sleep, Mom has to be Supervisor on duty tommorrow, a guy was nice and took today from her!! So the girls and I just sat and talked until my birthday was officially over! Sure while we are at Outback and the movie tommorrow, that is my birthday, but it is over and part of me is relieved. Now we get to look forward to Sandy's birthday on Wednesday! LOL! Such a cluster! Have a great night everyone!! I am a happy girl!!
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Haley said...

AWWW..sounds like a great birthday. Happy birthday!

Yaya said...

Yay!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!! Looks like so much fun! I love your hair that color. And as always you have the best cheek bones!

Shauna said...

♥ HUGS ♥

Kristina P. said...

Happy birthday, Wendy!!

LadyStyx said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Doesn't Carvel make the YUMMIEST icecream cakes?? No other company even comes close. I know because I've tried!

The Boob Nazi said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was a great busy day!

Jessica♥ said...

Happy Birthday! glad you had a fun time. My birthday is already limited on what to do since it's in the winter.

Amander said...

Aw, looks like you had a GREAT day! Glad your birthday was a happy one.

Lee said...

Wow, I hope that my birthday is as fun as yours!
Of course, amusement parks are fun.
But with my fear, I might be more scared than excited.
And your cake looks yummy!

rychelle said...

happy (belated) birthday! looks like you really made out, with all those great gifts.

Tori_z said...

Glad you enjoyed your birthday. :)

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