Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Flit like a Buterfly...from Topic to Topic!!

Today was just a typical Monday. I did the grocery shopping, the whole time worried about being on budget. I have a budget every week, but Sandy was all stressing it, which turns out, stresses me for real and I was worried the whole time, so I was putting things back that I think we needed but could do without until next week. She should just NOT do that to me before I am leaving to shop. NOT the best time and then when I get back? You only get me one package of my juice?!! Well yeah Sam, you made me all worried about staying on budget so you don't get everything you want, and it is not like you NEED these juice boxes, you like them!! Man, I love when I get comments on what I buy! What you didn't buy green beans and celery today? No Kate I bought them for you 3 weeks ago and had to throw them away last night and they were never touched. So no I am not going to re-buy things you let go bad, it is a waste of money. Of course I end up having to buy one for her at least but still threw some away so it is frustrating. I get what they want, they don't eat it and it could have bought something someone else would have eaten, or I don't get what they want and they complain. The grocery shopper's life is not an easy one! :)

When I got home, Sam and I made sandwiches for dinner but wrapped them all up. Katie was at her Zoomba excercise class and then teaching bellydance lessons. Dad was cleaning up from working on putting up trim in the kitchen and my Mom was taking a short nap, as working while being in pain is exhausting her. Plus Sam and I still had our excercising to do. So we got through most of the mile walking in place when Sandy felt sick so she sat it out and I finished and then did the toning. I hopped in the shower and then went back downstairs to join Sam and Mom for two epsiodes of NCIS. Ziva was mean and invited everyone to a dinner she cooked and Tony was like the only one she didn't invite!! Yes I have seen it before, but SO?!! Poor Tony! I love Tony, all his movie referneces and his charm. Michael Wetherly is so good in this role! It fits him like a glove. When the role was being cast, something happened and Michael Wetherly did not make auditions or something, so he asked the director/creator (one of those) if he could stop by his house and join him and his family for dinner so the guy was like, okay and as soon as they had dinner, he knew he had found his Tony!! I love that! Yes I do know such interesting trivia. LOL!

I have decided to post my two favorite dances so far from this season of SYTYCD. I have not had that many WOW's like I had last season, but these two, both contemporary I found to be amazing! Oh you have the time you only have to watch the actual dances which are 2 minutes TOPS!! Go on now!!

Jonathon and Carla

Kayla and Kupono

I'd have to say my favorites, people who are still there, would be for the girls, Kayla and Janette. And for the guys I love Evan and...yeah that's it. There are some real talented ones left but the other guys I liked are gone!! Philip and Kupono!! I am mad Randi Caitlin are gone too. Jason I am not sure about, and Ade and Brandon just seem interchangeable. It's not like Twitch and Joshua, where they were SO different in every way. They just don't impress me that much. So I'd like Evan or Kayla to win I think. Kayla was not a fave, but she kept being beaten down every week, having to perform and she was doing so good, it was like HEY now, and she does have loely lines, and all that jazz. So since Randi and Caitlin are gone, for girls, I'd most love Kayla to win. But overall? Evan has had my heart since the try-outs! He is Gene Kelly baby!!post signature

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TeeTee said...

I love the first dance!

Yaya said...

Kayla is certainly starting to shine.

I can't stand throwing out produce.

LadyStyx said...

Oh I hate buying stuff only to have it tossed out! The big one with hubby is the big bags of mixed veggies (cauliflower, broccoli and carrots) that he likes to get (which we rarely eat so they end up all freezer burnt)or the lunch meat he divides up and forgets he has in the freezer. Now me, I generally get everything that's bought for me eaten right up. Not much goes to waste in the fruits and salad makins.

Kristina P. said...

I think it will definitelly come down to Kayla or Jeanette.

Jessica♥ said...

Thanks a lot for the comment about me being to mature for my old friends so I don't connect with them anymore. I've often wondered that but never knew it might be true.
haha. Fighting over juice sounds very funny to me. i don't know why.
I almost always get into fights when shopping with people on a budget. They end up getting things that are really unhealthy because it's cheaper and I end up yelling at them cause i want to lose weight not gain it.
oh my god. just the mention of SYTYCD makes me all giddy and excited! I'm dying for tomorrow!
Awe, it's sad cause I wished Evan was gone last week. I felt like he wasn't putting in all of his effort while all of the other guys were working their butts off and Evan just glided by. I think he'll be gone this week sad to say. =[
I also believe Kayla is the worst one in the group now & either she'll be gone or Melissa. I love Janette. She was my favorite in the very beginning. I said Paris was my favorite but it was really Janette. I think either her or Ade will win.

Jessica♥ said...

Nair works incredibly well. I get serious razor bumps from shaving all the time. It's super annoying. In fact the last time I shaved my legs was Friday and I cut my leg. it's pretty bad. So I won't be able to use my Nair until that stupid cut heals and now I have hair all over my legs. it's really annoying. But yeah! Nair works great. I think you can use it on stubble but you'll have to check the directions.

Tori_z said...

I hear ya with the shopping thing. It also seems to be the fault of the person doing the shopping if something isn't available too, doesn't it? I mean, you could have gone to every single shop close enough to get to that same day to look, but if you can't find it it's still all your fault. It's so unfair!

Anonymous said...

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