Friday, July 24, 2009

Names Swimming in My Noggin

Since I did my Vlog, my somewhat Non-Vlog, I feel better that I am not really up to much of a post tonight. Of much length or feeling. I just spent 5 hours helping do data entry for my Mom, with Kate's help.

My Mom is in a lot of pain. This procedure was supposed to be 45 minutes, but my Mom was there from 8:30am to 2pm! And she has bruises/burns around her neck, she thinks someone may have had to hold her down, but she was drugged so she doesn't remember, but they hurt. And she has like odd cuts along some stretch mark on her upper arms. She thought it might be from the blood pressure cuff, but that would only be one arm, so she is a little weirded out. And whatever they do, when they use sound to blast kidney stones (and you are in some water too, weird!), it is painful, because my Mom is strong and has been through a lot in her life, but she is in real pain. She has pain med for every 4 hours. When she got home she slept for 4 or 5 hours, but it didn't matter, she fell asleep on the couch while we watched Coraline. This was the first time I had seen this movie. It is odd, yet it was kind of cute too, in a dark way. It was fascinating to know that this is based on a book. The pasties on the old lady really made my Mom laugh though, so I was glad she enjoyed some of it before the pain meds zonked her out. And I am glad to say Sandy really seems to enjoy my birthday present to her, she seemed very pleased we were watching it. My Dad escaped not even half-way through, which I find insane. He will sit and watch a Nightmare Before Christmas, man do I HATE that movie, but he wouldn't really give this one a chance, so he never got to see how twisted the "other" mother and world really were. I am not sure I will ever see dolls with button eyes the same ever again. Freaky!!

So I, with the help of Kat and Sam, led Mom slowly up the stairs to bed. She was gone again very quickly. I took a a shower, and as I did I thought how happy it would make Mom if some of her in-services were completed. If even a dent was made in the massive pile we have in our dining room. So I thought, maybe I could get Kat and Sam, to work on it with me for like an hour or so, but Sam wa not interested. She had done some work on the pile, a lot of the single person in-services so she was in no mood. I saw Katie working on them and we wound up going to the kitchen table and working on them for 5 hours. And we only stopped because Sandy made us, she is so bossy. Yes YOU, Sarge! But we wound up with a system that got a lot done. I went through the in-services, lettered the side of the page with the first letter of the last name and read them to Katie alphabetically. We did all the A-F's in 2 hours and it was a big pile. So we decided, hey now, why don't we do the G-P's?! And I think we would have completed them all, but Sandy went into the dining room and brought out another huge stack that she had done the A-F's for a while ago. So it was hundreds of in-services. We worked for 3 more hours at least and Sandy finally made us stop just before 3 am. We got more than half the pile done for letters g-p, so that is great, though I DO wish we could have finished. So we have less than half a pile of g-p to finish and then the entire massive pile needs the r-z's written in. Oy vey! And Katie was the one writing them IN. That is hand tiring. I did the writing for awhile, but Katie sucks at trying to alphabetize! It is so weird, since she is so smart.

Sandy watched us for awhile and asked if it had gone quicker when I did the names, and we both answered YES. After a few more minutes of her giving me one me a name I had to go backwards for...pausing, etc we switched and I quickly named names, what the in-service was and what date, etc. I just am really good at spelling and such, and with my method, I am really quick too. And I also know how to SAY the names right. Katie, when she was trying to give me the names, would say Gold for Gould, Dakins for Dawkins, Jatay for Jette, Mickern for is anyone supposed to know how to even find the persons sheet in the books, if you don't pronounce the name in a way where the other person knows how it is spelled?! So yeah switching back was a much better idea. I'd have the next person's name ready for her the second she said, okay next. It was funny though, when I was doing the writing I didn't need to know what the first names were. Katie, when she was writing would say, Hunter...Shirley?, just to make sure. And yeah for some names that have many people even I need that (there are MANY Brown's, Cordero's, Baker's, etc), but for the most part she would say a name like, Ezejei, and I would think Livinia. Esenyie? Aneima. Miron? Judy. I have spent so much time helping my mother with these books that I KNOW most of these peoples names with no help!! How weird is that! My mom will talk about someone and I will be able to match up a last name to a first name. And after doing work like this, the names run amok in my brain.

Anyway so I am beat, my back is killing me from sitting at a kitchen table chair for 5 hours, so I am off to watch a movie or two. I am starting with The Messengers 2, but I have a feeling this one won't be worth saying much about. Night all!

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Sheri said...

I hope your mom feels better ASAP! I hate going to the doctor or hospital ::cringe::

Kristina P. said...

Your poor mom! I hope she recovers quickly.

The Boob Nazi said...

What procedure? Did I miss something?

TeeTee said...

I hope your mom feels better!

Jessica♥ said...

Awe your poor momsy!! Tell her I hope she feels better. SOON! =]
I loved Coraline. It was very imaginative and cute. Glad you found out you were good at saying names. haha. =]

Tori_z said...

Hope your Mom feels better soon, and I'm sure she really appreciated you doing what you did to help her out.

LadyStyx said...

I hope mom's feeling a bit better today.

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