Saturday, July 18, 2009

Strife resolved

Well I made up with my Dad and sister. My Dad took me out to dinner, he wanted us to talk. He explained what has been going on with his work, and why he is so tense and filled with stress, that he lashed out without even a warning and had been in a bad mood already which wasn't a good start to a family outing. I told him my feelings on a few subjects and he agreed and apologized. And I explained to him why it had upset me so much, that I just feel so full of stress and tension myself that I couldn't handle any more. He said he shouldn't bucket-dump his anger with his work on his family and needs to find something to relieve stress. And we talked a lot about what was bothering him and what was bothering me and other stuff. We were already doing better by the time we got to the restaurant, but having just some one on one time with him, while we ate, helped. It really feels like we made up and both see the others side of things.

My Mom and Sam forced me to talk with Katie. I am just tired of her bucket-dumping on us, and everything we do she feels is nit-picking her. Which I feel is insane as her examples did not back up that view, but she said she'd also try not to do that. She is just really stressed too. And she has also agreed to never let her friend drive her home is she has even had one drink. I had a real problem with her thinking because 6 hours had passed after her friend drank a bunch, so she was good and can hold her liquor. I am sorry, but I am not okay with that, and she has agreed since it worries me so much, any time this friend has a drink, Katie will make her give Kat the keys. So we hugged and then all 4 of us girls watched NCIS episodes. Then we excercised after midnight...oohhh I was tired. I had a really bad hypoglycemic episode which made me feel like I had already worked out so I was struggling tonight.

Plus, I checked my email and think me and my friend I was worried I was going to lose, because I didn't want to be put in the middle, are going to be okay. Which is very good and makes me very happy because I care about her a great deal. And would never want to lose that friendship.

Anyway, my Mom is not feeling well. She has to go in next Thursday and have a kidney stone blasted. It has been causing a lot of infections and makes her really tired and now she is in a lot of pain. And passing kidney stones is not exactly fun I have heard, she has had to deal with them before. I hate seeing her in pain. And my Dad definitely has to have surgery on that knee that he blew out while refereeing that game. So my poor parents!! We were supposed to go to the beach and visit the Nautilus tommorrow but are going to delay that, no one wants my Mom in pain for a family trip. So no idea if anything is going on tommorrow, I will just have to wait and signature

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Sarah said...

Okay, it's working now. I guess I scared the blog Gods when I complained to you :) They know better than to mess with who I follow!

Yaya said...

I'm glad you got some drama resolved. I'm sorry your Mom is having health issues.

I've had hypoglycemic episodes, NOT fun.

LadyStyx said...

Nope,hypoglycemic episodes aren't fun at all. I've never been diagnosed with diabetes (although I have it in BOTH sides of my family and in very close relations), I am actually quite prone to this same problem...especially when I'm dieting. I always need to make sure there's food by the laptop for after I exercise, otherwise I end up dizzy and close to passing out.

Melissa said...

Sorry to hear about your Mother. And don't worry my dad still yells all the time and then says he didn't mean it either.

Tori_z said...

I'm glad you managed to get things sorted out with your Dad and sister, and that things seem to be going OK with that friend too. *Hugs*

Hope your Mom doesn't have to be in pain for long, and that your Dad's surgery goes well whenever he has it.

Jessica♥ said...

awe your poor mommy! I could never do that, those stupid stones. I'd be like "remove the organ!" haha
well tell her i hope she feels better.
I'm glad you got a good talk in with your dad. I love having long talks. like a said in my last post. =]

TeeTee said...

I'm glad things are better!

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