Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Walmart and Junk

What the crap is going on with my Walmart?! I go in there today to shop, all organized with my list and BLAM!! Everything looks like crap, and is not where it is supposed to be! When you walk in, after you get past the Subway it is usually the Men's section to the left and the Women's to the right. There were diapers on some shelves, many were empty of anything. Men's was intermixxed with women's. Aisles were either amazingly huge or so tiny your cart can't fit through it! And because they were moving aisles, the floors looked horrible.

When I tried to go to the sock section, I was met with roadblocks of clothes displays. This is like a massive labyrinth. If you picked the wrong way to go, you could find yourself stuck....oh crap I am surrounded by kitty litter and there is no way out! This was the shampoo aisle!! HELP!! THAT bad. I wanted to find a camera bag for the Nikon and they are moving the Electronics to another part of the store, but it only has a few things there, so I had to go find where they were temporarily keeping the rest of the camera accessories. Half an aisle would be tv cables and the other side was soda!! It has no rhyme or reason and is just confusing! One woman started dragging her kid out mumbling how ridiculous this was. And she was right. It took me over an hour to get the 12 items on my list. These were things I knew, KNEW, exactly where to go to get! And should have been at the cashier line withing 25 minutes, but I was there for over an hour! If the store in the end, ends up looking great and has great stuff, that will be great, but it is a bloody mess with no order! If you are going to overhaul a store, either close and do it FAST, or do it in a way where you aren't going to lose customers because they can't find ANYTHING!!

I am so shopping at Target until Walmart is Walmart again! And MAN, I wish you people had warned me that Watchmen is THE worst movie ever!! It is stupid, lame, makes no sense and leaves you going..."WHAT?! What WAS that?!". Horrid little thing passing itself OFF as a movie!! I swear the people who read this (apologizing now) stupid grahic novel series, had better have been beyond pleased or else this was the biggest waste of mega-millions ever!! And remember all the advertising for this movie? MILLIONS!! At this moment I can't even think of a movie as bad as this one and I KNOW movies so I have seen MANY bad ones! So the fact that I can't think of one, means this was extremely bad! Do NOT rent it, and if anyone knows how to scrub something OUT of your brain, please let me know!

I am also frustrated because my sister Sam, who agreed to keep excercising with me, and we would keep things as they were and reevaluate in September has been changing things ALL the time. First, SHE decided we wouldn't excercise on Tuesdays and Thursdays, then I find out she IS, but she claims she told me that she wanted to be able to do it early on those two days, but she didn't, she is lying. Then she began waking me up to excercise, which is not okay but I did it last week, because she was ALL, "you agreed to do it earlier on Wednesday and Friday!". We were starting at 9pm at night, and we have been doing it way earlier. Most of the time we have done it and have showered and are all done before it is even 8! THAT is earlier. And sometimes even earlier, like starting at 6, does that matter to her? No. She doesn't care that she is breaking her promises and stressing me out. She is only thinking about what SHE wants right now, even though she promised me. How do you tell a person, we are keeping things JUST as they are and will reevaluate in September, and start changing that almost immediately, each week more complaining and guilt trips. I am NOT okay especially right now, which she knows, and she knows that I am finding life in general hard to get through every day, that excercising is getting harder instead of easier, just because everything feels stressful.

My relative situation is not better, they have had the gall to track my blog down even though I emailed them telling them they were no longer welcome and they need to keep their end of the deal if they want me to. Yeah when you use Site Meter and not only is it the right town, but the ISP address is that of the company your realtive works for, yeah you know they are still breaking their end of the deal. These two people took the deal where they were the ONLY winners and have decided, you know what? It is still not good enough, we want MORE. Except I don't have any more to give and NO I will not delete MY blog, a blog that doesn't even mention their existence anymore! I am so sick of people pressuring and blackmailing me! This is MY blog, it is good for me, getting my emotions and feelings out. It is proving therapeutic, and no I won't go private, I LIKE making new friends and No I do not want two blogs either. I am still learning about the ONE I have! I am standing up for ME! I am still keeping up my end of the deal even though they do not deserve it, especially since they are keeping the info my family wants from us, some of you know what from emails, so you know how evil that is and hurtful, especially to my parents.

Aghhh. No more of that. It has just been really bothering me and I needed it off my chest, and needed to say I am not going to be bullied into getting rid of things that are no one's business BUT mine. So besides the Walmart Labyrinth, I also went to Target for an Icee, I am so addicted. And I went to both Blockbuster and Hollywood Video. Yes I actually want to see Dragonball Evolution, so when one place claimed it wasn't out yet, I went to the other place and found it. I also bought the movies Dead Man on Campus with Mark-Paul Gossalear and Tom Everett Scott and Side Effects, a movie I have never seen with Katherine Heigl from 2005. I thing DMOC is hilarious, I don't care what anyone else thinks! And I am willing to give this other movie a shot. I didn't see anything better for 9 bucks and I wanted a movie, so there! LOL! I am watching Warehouse 13 right now, it is cute and kooky, which I like. That is the reason I adore Eureka too. So later guys!

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Sheri said...

I hate when stores are all disorganized too! They should really plan ahead and do that overnight. I love Target though, too bad none are very close around here, or I would go there much more often than Wal Mart.

That really sucks about the relative thing. I'm glad that you aren't going to be bullied by them anymore though, you so do not deserve that junk from them ><

Jillene said...

They did that same thing to my WalMart last year. I had to re-remember where everything is.

Jessica♥ said...

wow that was a long rant! haha.
SYTYCD is on tonight so hopefully that will cheer you up!
1. listen to music
2. touch your toes
3. walk your dog
4. take a bubble bath
5. paint your nails

do something! =D

MiMi said...

I have relatives that haven't been welcome in my life for 11 years!
They try to wheedle in, everwhere they can. Thank GOD they don't know about my blog. But who knows if they'll find it in the future?
I hope not!
Walmart! It's my place, my safe haven, where everything is the same, all.the.time.
NO FAIR changing crap up when people are trying to shop!
I need to scratch Watchmen off my list.
Did you ever watch The Wicker Man with Nicholas Cage?? I thought it was STUPID. What are your thoughts??

TeeTee said...

Oh my goodness... sounds like a mess!

I hate shopping at messy stores... so I would be going to Target, too!

The Boob Nazi said...

Maybe you shouldn't mention that they found your new blog because technically, you are mentioning them.

LadyStyx said...

What? Close WalMart to do lay-out changes. Yeah right, and miss making even one almighty dollar?? I think not. Our Shoppers Grocery store was the same way for weeks and weeks a couple months ago as they were doing a remod. Pain in the ass, Im tellin ya.

Told ya I didn't like the movie and my geeky hubby felt it was "eh". Try watching Attack From Mars to scrub Watchmen outta your head. Guaranteed if nothing else works, THAT should!

*shakes her head on the relative issue* Ok yeah, you mentioned them and you shouldn't have, but THEY broke their word and showed up here first. At this point, this tells me you have every damned right to discuss them now. They don't wanna be discussed, then they can keep their noses out of where they don't belong. I wonder if there is a way to block their ISPs from your blog.

Wendyburd1 said...

Actually since all I am saying is relatives, I can talk about them whenever I want. It is naming them or how exactly they are related to me which is the no-no.

Kristina P. said...

I know you don't want to have a separate blog, but what about doing another one that is private, where you can say whatever you want about them, and vent all you want? And then keep this one for your other life stuff?

There are plenty of things I would LOVE to talk about publicly on my blog, especially in regards to work, but I just don't. I talk to friends and family about those, and vent to them.

I think it's good to be able to get those things off your chest, but to what detriment? I guess you just have to weigh the consequences and decide which is more important.

It may not be fair that they found your blog, and it may not be fair that they aren't keeping their end of the deal, but you can't control them, so all you can do is figure out a way to make it less stressful for yourself and decide how you want to control that aspect.

The Boob Nazi said...

But if you're talking about their situations, they know you're talking about them, and WE know you're talking about them. As Kristina sad, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to talk about some stuff on my blog, but I can't because my relatives read it. Saying, "my brother who has foster children" would be akin to naming him because he knows who he's talking about and people in my life know who I'm talking about.
I just don't write about extended relatives, for example, because I know they read it. I think the only thing you can do is NOT even talk about them without naming them. It sucks, yes, but unless you want your life to be riddled with problems because of your blog, you're going to have to stop it.
Sorry for being blunt, but it's how I feel.

Tori_z said...

Walmart should take some tips from our local co-op. They're remodeling the shop, but what they've done is to section of a part of it to do, then when that bit's done, they do the next part, and so on. That way people can still shop, still find things, etc, but they get the work done. Much easier, much more logical, and much more shopper friendly.

*Hugs* (because it sounds like you need some)

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