Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ughhh , Swan and Vlog

It was just a bad day all around. It was supposed to go so much differently, and started okay, but everyone seems to be in a mood, there is just so much going on and to do. Birthday preparations and shopping. Resumes going out. Trying to soothe poor Maxie as thunder is constant lately. Everyone was just not in a sunny frame of mind, so it all imploded and was just a big fight that lasted too long, tears that wouldn't stop falling. Yeah one of THOSE days. There was one fun part, but only if you are a friend on Facebook, can you read about it. I asked you all to friend me there so if you haven't, go and friend me or email me if you need my name!!

So I have nothing to post otherwise, so I must find something to entertain you and I have the PERFECT solution!! I bring you....Miss SWAN!!

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Beth in NC said...

Poor Wendy! I'm so sorry. I pray you will feel this heaviness of your spirit leave and that the light of day will burn through the clouds around you.

I wish I could help.


April said...

Oh, heart is breaking for you right now! I can't stand for anyone to feel sad...makes me feel so helpless! I will say a prayer for you that tomorrow will be a much better day than today! Take good care!

Sarah said...

oh Wendy, we ALL have days like this. Just embrace it, you don't have to be chipper and happy. Sometimes it does more harm than good to avoid those feelings. It sucks but it's all just part of life I guess. Usually, when I'm sad I will listen to really sad music and just get it all out, I embrace it. I hope you feel better by your birthday, I think you will, you seem very resilient. PS. Guppy's clothes are too cool!!

Sheri said...

I hope you feel better and not so bad soon. I know everyone has days like that, hopefully you are doing better today! ::hug!::

rychelle said...

i have to go to the dmv this week. i hope ms. swan is there!

here's to a better day for you!

Tim said...

Happy Birthday Wends!!!!!

You are so doing this carnival the right way. Showing our true emotions is what it is all about no matter what they might be. I so felt you in this, and hope that things turn around quickly for you. You do such a great job with these you deserve some good times!

This video you added was SOO funny! I guess Ive been watching the wrong show. LOL

Love and Prayers,


Tori_z said...

*Hugs* Sorry you had such a bad day.

Lee said...

I'm sorry things didn't go well for you. I wish I could give you a hug.
Great vlogemo, I love watching yours!

Yaya said...

Sorry you were having a rough day. I too wear my emotions on my sleeve. Hence why my blog posts go from crazy-happy-fun one day and intense-depressed-bitterness the next day.

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