Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sorry I am Flitting Again!!

*This is a picture I took with my new Nikon, I though it was cool, because if you click on ot, you can even see the hairs of the plant and the dew from the rain!

My Mom took us all out to Bertucci's to thank us for finishing the data entry for her. She is so pleased that if someone wants to see how they are doing, keeping up with their in-services, she can grab the book that has their last name and they can look at what they have done and on what date. So even though my Dad did not help, we let him tag along! LOL! It was delicious, the rolls were piping hot, so when I added the butter, okay I am not a huge fan of the olive oil they serve, it just melted so beautifully!! Mmmm. And I got to have my yummy Pollo Sanremo, that is the perfect lemon sauce, not too sweet and not too sour, just yummy. It was a little awkward with Sandy, being as I was still upset with her, but not willing to ruin the meal by talking about it then.

Katie was driving me a little crazy. When she thinks something, NO ONE else can be right. Seriously, she gets...witchy. So she has taken it upon herself to decided SHE looks most like my Mom. Now obviously I can see they look related, like mom and daughter, but just because they share a skin tone and thin hair, does not make them look that alike. Eyes, nose, mouth, cheekbones, hair, all different! Now Sam looks a lot like my Dad, but you see Mom in her too. It's the nose. But I think I look most like my Mom. It's not a I have to be right thing. It's the fact that everytime I meet someone new at my Mom's work or something, I hear "oh my gosh, Colleen she looks just like you!". Katie taught last week for 2 days, in-services at my Mom's work, and they had no idea they were mother and daughter. NOW they have figured out Katie is related to my Mom, and have said "I thought she resembled you"....yeah resembled and just like you, miles apart. It just aggravates me when she decides she knows, and everyone else is wrong. You can say "I look like Mom", but you can't decide you look the most like Mom and get snippy when others disagree! Man! And just for the record, my Mom admitted that all 3 of her girls look like her, but that I look the most like her. Look at this pic, I mean really!

I mean the three of us girls look a lot alike in some ways, obviously sisters I'd say, but I do look more like my Momma than my sisters! Hmmph! Hey, she said so, I asked her honestly and she said we have the most similar looks. It just makes me nuts when Katie decides she knows best. She can decide she remembers one of YOUR memories better than you, that is why she drives me crazy!! Yes we all look like Mom, and probably like Dad, Sam more than me or Kat, but geez, why do you have to decide with no one elses opinion mattering? Oy. And we all look like sisters so if I look a lot like Mom, you look like her too, just maybe not as much. We ARE sisters! Look! Calm yourself!

When we got home I watched some TV with Mom and then did the Walk and Kick (Walk Away the Pounds), which kicks my butt! Man that tires me out so bad. I had to play upbeat music that REALLY had a fast beat to get through it! And I realized, I don't have enough music that has a constant fast throbbing beat. Darn it! I also went down to Target (the organized clean store!) with my Mom to pick up a bridal shower card, a wedding card and a Target gift card. Al H. (the family we are BFF's with) is getting married on Saturday, and there is a reception at the Ward building that night. And Thursday, which is today is a bridal shower for his bride-to-be Ashley. Yeah a shower, one day off, then a wedding! LOL! They live in North Dakota though, because Al is in the Air Force and is stationed near Minot. So Ashley moved herself out there to finish school at Minot University, even though apparently she hates it out there, while Al loves it. Oh boy! LOL! So we have a shower to go to today, and I really hope that I get to KNOW Ashley. Al has been like s little brother HIS whole life, so I hope to really like her. They asked for gift cards so they don't have to send stuff, and for their wedding they are doing a "wishing well", which apparently means, they are asking for money so they can buy stuff out there. A little odd, at least for the bridal shower, but we aim to please. It is a desserts only shower, so I must remember to eat first! Sister H (Judy) and Weezie and Milla are all supposed to be at the shower so I am looking forward to it! I loves me some H. women!! This is Judy and Weezie at Weezie's bridal shower that was 2 years ago I think. I adored Weezie's shower, it was a herbal tea party! With tea sandwiches and everything! And her shower gifts were a tea cup with herbal tea and a biscotti inside. We helped her with the shower so we got to help make the gifts. So fun! And now she is expecting a little baby H! Okay technically a baby B now, but still! Little Rexxie...they have been calling the baby (we don't know the sex yet) Rexxie because the first ultrasound they had, Zak (Weeze's hubby) said it looked like a peanut with t-rex arms! Oh Zak! But you know what is really cool? Judy (Sister H) is a doula. She did it professionally for quite a few years, studied under other doulas and midwives, so since Zak is SO squeamish, she is going to get to catch the baby AND cut the cord! Yes Zak IS a wuss! LOL! But Judy is extremely excited! Plus on either Sunday or Monday they are taking Matt and Hydi H's baby, through cesarian. So Judy is having a bridal shower for her daughter to be, seeing the baby of the family, her son married in the temple on Saturday, and will be a Grandma AGAIN, all inone long weekend! Weezie is due in November or December, I am getting confused between all the preggo's!!!

Plus I had a meltdown from too much stress, the crap with the realatives, the stupid stuff with Sam, and just everyday life feels SO hard lately! Does anyone else feel like that lately? If I have plans I feel stressed. If I have no plans, I feel confined to the house! Everything is way too hard! So I melted because it just felt like everyone keeps asking me to be the one who takes the higher road. Keeps expecting me to be the more mature one. And it was just too much to ask, I can't always be the one to be good, other people have to do that too. It just felt like pressure, and I can't do it lately. I just need everyone to STOP expecting stuff from me, just because I can be the most reasonable, etc. I need breaks too!

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4 meaningful meanderings:

Yaya said...

Yup, I've been stressin' too. And you look JUST like your mom. We call my Grandma 'Weezie" lol!

MiMi said...

You look EXACTLY like your momma.
And you look like the sister on your left side more then the one on the right. :)

LadyStyx said...

I think the stress monster's going around to be honest. He's not a pleasant critter to say the least.


Tori_z said...

I can totally relate to the part about being stressed when you have plans, but feeling confined to the house when you don't. I've been feeling the same way for a while now.

What does it matter which relative you look most like? You all know you're sisters, so who cares who looks most like your Mom? You said you can tell you're all sisters... That should be good enough.

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