Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Award Fabulous!!

I admit I had to EDIT this award in order to post it, but I thought it was hilarious so I edited it and am posting it. If you want the normal award pic, it is on Sarah's blog, who is the person who gave it to me! Thanks Sarah!! Yes I hate curse words, but thanks to Paint Shop Pro I can accept this with no guilt! LOL!

So the rules of this bad boy are to list five things I am currently obsessed with and then tag five people with the award...I think those are the rules.

1) I am currently obsessed with finding new bands that I like. I am using Pandora like crazy. I think I found a really good new band, they are called Hawk Nelson, and I spent hours downloading as many of their songs as I could. Have I listened to them all? Heck no, I have listened to like 3 of the 35 or so I downloaded but I like their sound. So even as we speak Pandora is playing, in hopes I can find some new gems! I have found quite a few fave bands through Pandora, you should really give it a try!

2) I am currently obsessed with Hannah Montana. I know, I should bury my head! But there is almost nothing on TV and I loved the movie, I admit it, so I began watching episodes on TV and then Online, so I am a bloody Hannah fan now! Don't think little of me, she can be very addicting and she and Emily Osment ARE adorable and funny!

3) I am currently obsessed with taking pictures. I know I always love taking pictures but my new camera got in and I haven't even gotten far in the manual, but I figured out how to take close ups and have been taking closeups of like everything. I have cookies, eggs, bottles, just anything that appears pretty to me. It is a sickness but I LIKE this sickness, I want to get out to places to find even cooler things to take close ups of! Here are a few actually. Don't mock them please, I never said I was GOOD.4) I am currently obsessed with peaches. I am buying them as much as possible. It drives me crazy having to wait for them to ripen, but once they do, it is heavenly! Just smelling them when they are ready to be eaten has me loving the peach scent again and I went and found my little travel sized scent of it. It is not as good as an actual peach's though! Ahhh I am so buying a BUNCH when I go shopping!!

5) I am currently obsessed with movies...hey okay it is a constant obsession but it is current too! I am prepared to watch 2 right now! And I am in the mood to watch a bunch I own right now too. Too bad time doesn't work the way I want it too. Just let me feel awake for like 100 movies...no? Darn it, I have to CHOOSE!

Okay the 5 people I am passing this onto are:

1) Julie aka The Boob Nazi at How Could You Not?
2) Lee at Perpetual Burn
3) Alicia aka Yaya at Yaya Stuff
4) Ramona at Better Than We Deserve
5) Sherri at Sheri's World

I read them all every day, or when they post I should say. So you could say I am currently obsessed with them! LOL! Ooooooohhh. Heehee! These five ladies are amazing and really share themselves on their blogs so they deserve the award, if they so choose to accept it.

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MiMi said...

I was apprehensive about posting that f bomb too! Unfortunately, in real life I cuss more than I should but I never do on my blog. It's like if I have to type it out it's worse than if it pops outta my mouth...weird logic, I know. I'm obsessed with Pandora right now too! And also I'm ashamed to admit...iCarly. Don't ask.
Thanks for coming to visit me!

Kristina P. said...

I haven't even eaten a peach all summer! I am so ashamed.

The Boob Nazi said...

Well thank you. And I also looooove peaches. But I'm currently obsessed with strawberries. Yuum maybe I'll switch to peaches.

Tori_z said...

I'll happily eat many fruits, but peaches are one of the ones I hate. They have a nice smell, but I can't stand the taste or texture of them. So, you can keep your peaches!

Sarah said...

WOo-Hoo! Good job Wendy! Your pics are fabulous too! I dream of the day I have a Nikon camera...well...I have one now but it's just a Cool Pix. Professional cameras are the best, they make SUCH a difference!

Sheri said...

Aww thanks for sharing the award with me! :) ::hugs!:: I'll grab it and post it up today. All your obsessions are great obsessions to have too btw, and made me want peaches and to go see the new HP movie... lol :)

TeeTee said...

I am obsessed with Pandora too... your pictures are awesome!

Have you thought of getting a Flickr account?

Jillene said...

Congrats!! We are obsessed with nectarines around here. YUM!!

LadyStyx said...

Congrats on the award!

rychelle said...

pandora is the best, isn't it?!?

Jessica♥ said...

1. I love pandora & finding new bands
2. I hate Hannah Montana
3. I love that camera & taking pictures
4. Peaches are FANTASTICAL. I made my mom get the scent to go in her car. =]
5. Movies are aiight

Is my blog messed up again or something? E-mail me @ Jezx2006@aol.com

Donna said...

Great obsessions...especially PEACHES! I've been eating one just about every day. I think I'm going to go and eat one now...

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