Friday, July 31, 2009

Lash's Shower!

Tonight we went to Ashley's Bridal Shower at the church. The relief society room was so humid, even with the air on, that we moved the shower just as it was starting. I got one end of the table with the cake and Sandy got the other, and we led the guests, all holding different things (some had desserts, some had cups, some had lots of peoples purses) to the old relief society room which was nice and cool. Ashley or Lashley/Lash seems like a nice girl. This was really a last minute shower so there was no time to plan many games so we started out getting to ask her questions. I found out that 2 weeks after meeting, Al and Ashley were already talking marriage. I learned that she also moved to Minot in that time period to be near Al. I found out that they were officially engaged 7 weeks after meeting. And will be married about 7 months since meeting for the first time! Whoa! That is crazy, but sweet at the same time!

And then we got a chance to tell Al stories she didn't know. Which her maid of honor Alex loved too, because Alex is dating Al's best friend Sam, so many of these stories included Sam too. Then we did play the make a wedding dress out of toilet paper game and man OUR team rocked! I didn't actually DO anything, as I was taking pictures but Sam was doing great and my Mom made gloves and Kate was the model. Alex was amazing, I like that girl a lot, she is funny! She was doing rosettes and rouching!!

Our Teams Dress:

Which do you think won??

That's right!! OURS!

This is the bride,Ashley, on the right and her maid of honor Alex on the left.

This is a pic I absolutely love!! It is my Mom and Judy (Sister H)!! BFF's forever and always these two!

And I love this pic! Lash just got a special necklace from Sister H. She gets her daughter-in-laws a special gift to welcome them to the family. For Ashley, who loves pearls, she got her a pearl with a diamond and it has a lifetime guarantee, pretty nifty!

And a great shot of the mother and daughter to be's!

So I had too mush desserty foods, and have been feeling sick since, and have gone hypoglycemic anyway, so that is all she wrote folks! Talk to you all later!!

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Laila Of Course! said...

Hehe, love this post. And the toilet paper dress!! :) Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note-- it made my day.
Be sure and come by again and follow!


Sarah said...

i was just catching up and OH MY GOSH! Dead Man on Campus is one of thee best movies ever! You forgot to mention of Joe. (Lochlin Monroe). Oh, and also, I love the fake British guy! *iss off and shut the f-ing door!! LOVE IT!

Sheri said...

How nice of a bridal shower! I love that the to-be-mother-in-law is so sweet too! Congrats on your dress winning :)

Jillene said...

GREAT T.P. dress your team made!! It looks like you all had a really fun time.

Tori_z said...

Glad the shower went well.

Technically, I got married that quuick. I say technically, because I'd known him online for about a year before we met, but it was only about six months after we met in person that we got married. We've now been married a little over six years.

rychelle said...

looks like a good time! congrats to the soon to be bride.

BIBI said...

Looks like fun. I wish I had the talent to do such things. Congrats on winning though.

Congrats to the bride to be as well!

Love your pics Wendy! You have a wonderful gathering of family and friends.

LadyStyx said...

Very nice shower. Beats anything that was ever thrown for me!

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