Sunday, July 26, 2009

Experiment: The Killing Room

I just watched this movie called "The Killing Room". This is a total 100% spoiler. I need to get it out, it needs telling. It is really a movie that makes you think...I may now be a person like Hodgins on Bones, believing in government conspiracies! I really widdled this down so I DO hope you read it!! I tried to make it a easy read.

A woman, Riley enters a building for an interview. She is led into a dark room that overlooks a sterile, white room. She is seated by "Mother"who plays a tape for Riley. A girl and 3 guys are led into the room one at a time. They are all answered a study advertised in the paper. The woman is Clea Duvall. One man is Timothy Hutton. One man is Tony. The last person is Nick Cannon. Mother asks for Riley's observations and she answers. Mother enters the white room.

He makes conversation about how they are all American citizens and are of sound mind and such, right? Laughter. He tells them there are 4 phases to this test. One person will be eliminated in each phase, but they get paid regardless. He asks Clea her name and then shoots her through the head. As the men recoil he leaves the room and locks the door behind him.

Mother tells Riley that everything will make sense. A computer voice tells the trio they must answer the question and that they have 2 hours and a countdown begins. The question is, what number between 1 and 33 would most Americans pick most frequently. The subject furthest from the number will be the next casualty. And that not answering will result in the elimination of all three.

Riley glances at paperwork and notes that the writing makes it seem like the person who wrote it uses English as a second-language. She also notes mind control experiments were shut down. Mother says things have changed since 9/11 and they have been given amnesty to do this. Mother tells Riley to remember that our enemies have someone just like her, doing exactly the same thing as they speak.

Nick realizes that he can feel letters etched into the walls. Tony decides to use Clea's blood to see the words. Names and dates and things like Pray for us are etched all over the room. The men notice that the clock is winding down faster and that "they" are cheating. They continue to toy with them.

Mother asks if this is a problem for Riley and she says no. She goes to the restroom where she cries. She returns, composed, they begin again and voices on the tape note that Mother thinks there is a match in this group. The three men agree that if they all pick the same number, 7, that they will all live. Because they all answered the same. Tony answers 7. When it is Nicks turn he suddenly says 17. Tim yells 7 and the computer voice says the next casualty has been selected. A gas pours into the room making all 3 men pass out. A medical team arrives and takes all three men.

The tape stops as you hear Mother's voice asks the others if they are ready for Miss Riley. This was all taped a few hours earlier, and they transfer the 3 men back into the room. Mother tells her that her ruthlessness is why they chose her. Mother takes her into the room and shoots someone and they return to the tower. Mother has Riley say "commence" to restart the experiment. They use sound to awaken the two men. Tony is dead. Tim starts beating Nick, but then a gun is thrown into the room. Tim presses it to Nick's head but can't do it. A paper is slid inside. A new question. It asks what percentile Americans are in the overall intelligence score? Same rules of elimination. There is a hint at the bottom which Tim rips off and sticks in his pocket. It says the answer is over 10. Tim looks at the paper later, confused. The Tower plays the sound of foreign voices, and Tim realizes it is the sound of praying. Tim says they have to fight, because Nick is saying he will do whatever they want him to. You hear a voice say Mother has identified a final candidate for this group. Mother asks her for her observations. She notes that Mother has known all along who his candidate was.

Tim thinks he can get them out of there through the ceiling but Nick is afraid. Tim knocks the grate until they fall and break. Nick pockets the gun as Tim works. Tim tries to drag himself up and when men arrive, Nick is tazered. Tim makes it to the roof where he is blocked. The men waiting there gas him. He's placed back into the room. You see Riley grab the key and walk to the room and wake them to release them and they are all running, but it turns out just to be her imagination. Mother asks for the room key and she hands it to him. He tells her this can be life-changing but she has let him down and is obviously not ready. Then Riley suddenly states she IS ready and says they are testing the breaking point of humans and that apoptosis is their objective and a more effective way of getting their outcome.

Tim has a plan. He says he remembers reading that America is in the top 5 percentile in the Times. Remember how he looked confused as he read his "hint". He says they must prepare themselves. That one of them must run for it. He reminds Nick of the buildings layout. Tim rubs Clea's blood all over his body saying it will make it hard for them to grab him, but Nick can't do it. Tim says they need to fight, and tells Nick to use the gun when the men come. Nick is rocking back and forth.

Mother is intrigued and has Riley tell him more. The timer goes off and Tim tells Nick to go but Nick says "I would have never made it, but you will" and places the gun in his mouth. But the doors open immediately and TIM is shot dead. The gun is empty as Nick pulls the trigger over and over. They drag Nick out of the room. The voices say the test was a success, that they have a match. Mother says that 1 out of 20 Americans has the capacity to become a civilian weapon. A civilian willing to kill themselves for their country. When Riley goes back over the papers, she realizes they are creating suicide bombers. Mother says a parachuting men in fatigues, holding a US flag doesn't work anymore. That we are adapting. Fighting fire with fire.

Nick manages to escape from Mother, who is congratulating him for being a martyr for his country. Nick makes a good run for it, and ends up being in the hall that connects to Riley. He runs towards her calling for help, and she slams the door shut in his face at the last second, staring at him. He runs. Mother welcomes Riley to the program and she nods. He asks for a final observation. Riley states that Phase One was Identification. But she asks how they turn their subjects into someone willing to die for their country. Nick is led like a rat in a maze to a room where they lock him in. Two men are tied to chairs. They look like soldiers, but I am guessing not OUR soldiers. The computer voice says "Congratulations. Welcome to Phase Two. Indoctrination" And the screen goes black.

The END.

Yes I am most definitely thinking, whoa, this could really happen, BE happening. And we are none the wiser. So many people go missing every day and are never found. So maybe I am turning into a gov't conspiracy nut, because this freaked me out when I began to think about how someone thought of this story and that there have been human trials that have been hushed up and such over the years. I am spooking myself! This movie just makes me go, whoa. Ethics and such, do they even get followed these days?

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The Boob Nazi said...

Wait, so like, Nick Cannon was in the movie as himself or an actor?

Wendyburd1 said...

No Nick was someone else, but names were not that important in the room. I don't remember what he or Timothy Hutton were supposedly called. Clea was Kelly, all 5 minutes she was in the movie. THAT made me mad, I like her!

Tori_z said...

Weird movie.

TeeTee said...

I really want to see this!

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