Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Fragments

My parents leave at 5:20 am to leave for Florida. They are SO lucky. They will have days of balmy beautiful weather, and here I am sitting with the pellet stove on medium, I am COLD. And so jealous, ahhhh Florida.


Something that REALLY annoys me, is when people say axed instead of ASKED. "I axed him if he cheated on me", KILLS me! And I have noticed, it irks me even more recently, the two words are NOT anywhere near similar in meaning! One is a tool that chops things, one is to question. So please people, pronounce the s and k in this word, do not make it into the tool! It kills me, I swear I die a little inside every time I hear this!


I am so happy baseball is over and Fox is giving me my shows back!! I was giddy last night watching Bones and Fringe! They were so good! Bones pairing us Angela and Wendall...ooh that should be good. Hodgins likes Wendall, they are buddies, so I do not think his reaction is going to ba a good one when he finds out! He belongs with Angela, all us fans know it! And Fringe was so freaky, the dust thing was like, whoa! Not expecting that at all, yay for Fringe!


Today we finally got the last blood test so we could compare my thyroid levels, which my doctor knew was what I was interested in seeing. Only to find they hadn't checked my thyroid level back then. So NOW, we need to contact my gastric bypass surgeon because I saw him in 2007 (yeah I am bad I never went in for my three year appointment...and my 4 year anniversary is the 18th) and he checks all levels so he should have something to compare my recent blood results with. Plus I got a NEW slip to go in for blood work to actually get my A1C (Diabetes testing) checked. And to do a full urine analysis, because my creatinin level is high, which apparently is part of the kidneys. I don't know this stuff, I suck a sciences!!


Max knows my parents are leaving, he understands what suitcases mean. I am not sure if he gets that I am staying behind this time, but they haven't left yet and he is already clingy and depressed. He shadowed my father today, following him everywhere. I so do not want him to be so sad while they are gone. I swear if he is depressed it will make me more depressed, because he is my baby, and he can affect me a lot. When he is hurt, I go crazy, so I am already worried about him and they haven't left yet.


Sesame Street turns 40 people!! I am sorry, yes I HAD to mention this! Sesame Street was such a huge part of many of our childhoods, so to find out Big Bird and Oscar and all my old friends turn 40, it was just WOW!! I still remember the theme music...okay it could be different now, I remember the theme music from when I watched it! Happy Birthday Sesame Street!


Tomorrow is that Bridezilla's second reception, and Kate is so sick she is going to miss it. So poor N is going to have to go on her own and suffer through it alone! Poor girl! I feel you N!! I so wanted to know how it went myself, after hearing how horrible the Bride and Groom are. But Katie has infections in her throat lungs and sinuses. She has basically been asleep for 4 days!! Poor little sister! She has been keeping her distance too so Mom and Dad wouldn't get it. I only hope that plan works out and they are healthy for the whole vacation.

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The Boob Nazi said...

The process by which people pronounce "asked" as "axed" is metathesis. It's when you switch words around. It's commonly done by people while saying words with "r" in them. "pskehetti" is also an example of this.

Anonymous said...

Yay for Sesame Street....i was watching it with my 3yr old the other day and yeah its changed...but still the same familiar word...Happy 40th SS...good times and good memories...

Lee said...

I hate Sesame Street now...
they got rid of the cookie monster. They can ROT IN HELL FOR ALL I CARE.
*cough* Sorry... sore spot for me.

I hope your puppy is happy when he realizes you're staying behind!

Anonymous said...

I can't stand when people mispronounce words like that!

LadyStyx said...

Yeah, the theme music's changed alot over the years. *bah*

WHAT??? No COOKIE??? *whimpers and cries*

Tori_z said...

Hope your parents enjoy their trip, and that Max isn't too unhappy they've left.

Sorry, but I didn't have much to do with Sesame Street. I know what it is - who doesn't? - but it was never as popular over here.

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