Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Okay it is just a plain BAD day. Had to go BACK in again and give blood so they would DO the A1C test this time. I also had to bring in a urine sample, and let's just say, I really wish I had had one of those "hat" things, because a mess was had, and it made me very upset (hey part of my OCD is germaphobia) and I felt unclean until I got back and took a a shower. Sure I washed hands like 14 times. But I am a GERMAPHOBE. So the day just sucked. When I went out to the car to go, I almost left the sample at home. Then I was like...wait where are the lab slips? So back into the house again!! It was like nothing could go RIGHT today!! Obviously I need this:

Have you guys SEEN this new infomercial on TV? It is for the NEW "No Evil Oil". It is prayer blessed and been prayed over, each vial, for 17 DAYS!! And guess what? You can get it for FREE! The baby vial at least, who knows what the HOOK is. Although they do ask for a "love" donation if you are so inclined. Oh my. You even get "biblical" instructions on how to use the oil, to anoint things from your home, to your family pictures, to your bills. Yeah I am serious. Click HERE.
"Let this ministry bless you and yours by sending in for this blood Red Holy Ghost anointed, No Evil Oil", yeah this IS a direct quote from the page.
So I must need this to sprinkle over ME. Because today was pure evil, I tell you.
PLUS, pn top of it ALL, I am getting one of my migraines and am in much pain. Thus the very short post. I am in pain, yet crying would tense me up and I feel so tired too. I read blogs then go lay down, and just TRY to chill. I am in pain, I hate migraines!
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Tori_z said...

I'm sorry you had such a bad day, and are feeling so awful. *Hugs*

Amander said...

I will pray over oil for 17 days and sell it to you for $20 :)

Sheri said...

That sucks about the bad day :( I tried to get a free sample of that (for fun) and it gave me an error, guess they don't really want to give you anything for free those religious scammers!

Lee said...

I'm ordering that oil.
It'll fit right in with my 4 rosaries, jewish bible, and 2 normal bibles.
I like free stuff.

I hope you feel better!

LadyStyx said...


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