Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm so LOST

Lost is making me so giddy by answering questions, but tonight's was especially satisfying! I mean, we have been waiting more than 5 seasons to find out WHAT or WHO Richard is, and tonight's episode finally gave answers that not only made sense, they made him a more relatable character, less cold than he seems as this other worldly figure, in the past anyway. The final scenes with Hurley had me almost in tears. Richard was so REAL. His anger and attempt at suicide started the humanization of Richard Alpert, but this glimpse at his introduction to the island, was just...awesome! Nestor Carbonell is fabulous as Richard, I am so glad he is having a bigger part in this final season. He is leading man material, not background material!

I was also thrilled with last week's episode. Finally, Charled Whidmore is at the island. Things feel like they are finally really heating up and like everything IS headed towards a hopefully satisfactory end! I would really love to know what faux-Locke has done to Sayid and Claire though. These once heroes, are now super creepy and NOT making me glad at seeing them. Right now, if you killed off Claire or Sayid, I may not even flinch! Claire is psychotic and SO obviously faking asking Kate for forgiveness, and Sayid is a cold-blooded murderer because he actually thinks this faux-Locke can give him his love back. Sayid suddenly got STUPID?!! So not him.

One thing that is definitely confusing is this whole sideways world. Sawyer is a COP?! Come on people, what is going on?! I thought this was IF the plane never crashed, but this is a different WORLD. Locke is happily engaged, Jack has a TEEN, Kate loves life on the run, Sayid let his brother marry his love, Hurley has GOOD luck, Boone is so over Shannon, Ben is a teacher, Sun and Gin...well there is some money that is not theirs, but they seem sadly back to season 1. Charlie seems the same too, that one glimpse of him and Claire's story is believable too. She keeps Aaron...but that she chose the name....doodoodoodoodoodoodoodoo (Twilight Zone song...sorry!!). I am just confused why we are even seeing this sideways world. WHAT does it mean?!

I do not like that they are raising NEW questions, with only 7 or 8 episodes left, they are running out of time to answer our MANY questions. And while I am LOVING this season, I am also feeling the sadness that this cool island will soon be saying bon voyage. No more stations to uncover, no more mysteries to need to figure out...what will we do? There IS no other show like this, ABC's attempt with Flash Forward just is not the same. When the plane had crashed on the beach in that first episode and Kate had to help Jack with his wound, they had me enthralled and hooked for good. These characters were all so dynamic. I don't know when I will stop missing Hurley once he is gone. I adore Hurley and all his "dudes"!

What mysteries are you most anxious to see answered? What did you think of the Richard episode? Come on, share in my obsession with me!!

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Toriz said...

I found the show confusing, so stopped watching it after a couple of episodes. Yeah, I know, I'm boring when it comes to TV shows... Sorry about that! said...

We stopped watching after season 2 or 3. Hubby and I were just talking about maybe Netflixing it and getting caught up this Summer when all the good shows go away. :)

Michelle said...

I love LOST. It is confusing, but it's so cool when a few episodes later everything makes sense. lol. It keeps you on your toes.

Sheri said...

I love Lost too and this season is shaping up to answer all of our questions (or well most I hope).

As for the sideways world, it is if Jacob never interveened in their lives, not just if the plane didn't crash on the island.

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