Monday, March 22, 2010

Short + Sweet 1


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5 meaningful meanderings:

Sheri said...

Sounds like a rough day, hope it gets better ::hugs::

CaJoh said...

Great way of summing up various feelings.

Happiness may not be meant to be captured at all— but rather observed and reflected upon. Most feelings are so fleeting that it does not make sense to try and horde it. Just be aware that there are moments in life where you are happy. They may not be as long as you like, but they are there. Just be sure to recognize them when they come and appreciate them for what they are. Be assured that they will return as well.

Salt said...

This is very thought provoking. Loves it. :)

mama-face said...

Best use of post it note day ever.

Fiauna said...

Me likey! Very nice.

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