Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunday Shennanigans

Okay first off, I just want to tell my readers who are friends on Facebook, if you want to know how my Mom and sisters trip to the Mid-West is going, go read the 2 newest Notes of mine there. Since I can't write it here, that is the only place I can.

My Dad and I went to see Our Family Wedding, with Carlos Mencia and Forest Whittaker. I am not going to say GO see this, as I gave it a 3 out of 10. With Carlos being the comedian he is, they so under-utilized that. They also showed the funniest parts IN the trailers, which is a stupid idea! They could have done SO much more with this movie, but they didn't. And that is such a shame. I think Carlos and Forest had the right chemistry, but the film just didn't give them enough to work with. I don't even think I will rent this. Yeah my Dad thinks I am being nice giving it a 3, he gave it a 2.

However last night I watched the dvd I bought, even though I have never seen the movie, but Yay, for once it was a good move, because I LOVED it! It is called Possession and stars Sarah Michelle Gellar and Lee Pace (all you Pushing Daisies fans take note!). It is NOT a horror movie, it is kind of a supernaturalish thriller. It is so good and a lot of fun. While they did not end the movie the way that would make me go "Ahhhh I LOVE this!!!!", it ends it in a hopeful way, where I was like, "wow, this was a really good movie. My Mom will love it too.". I am surprised it didn't go into theaters because it really was excellent and I enjoyed the twists a lot. And it was so well acted too. I also watched the alternate ending, which is like 34 minutes where they have a lot of the scenes you have seen already for the most part, but tweak it in a few major ways and the way THAT ended, I was less than thrilled. The ending they went with was definitely the right choice. She just makes a decision at the end, that I think is just...wrong. On so many levels. So the real movie is the way to go, if you really want to know the other ending and DO watch it, email me so we can discuss!! So if you see this at the video store, or on Netflix, rent it, it is a gem of a find!

Did the time change screw anyone else up? I forgot about it until the we hours of the morning so I was running around changing clocks and realized because of the time change I was going to be SO tired when my dad woke me up. He ended up saying we could alter our plans so I got an extra hour, but still needed to drink some 5 hour energy. With the time difference AND Max going psycho all morning and barking every time I fell asleep or ALMOST back to sleep, I was a wreck! And felt guilty for leaving the couch to sleep in my room because my Dad was still asleep and he needed the rest, so Max would be all alone. And he is so depressed and clingy since my Mom and the girls left. He stuck to my Dad like glue ALL day, and now he is plastered against my side. Poor baby!

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The Boob Nazi said...

I didn't think that movie would be good, so I decided not to see it.

Sheri said...

I didn't think that first movie would be good either, and I don't actually go see movies often lol

The one with Sarah Michelle Gellar though I do want to see sometime though, I remember reading about it awhile ago thinking it'd be good.

I'm still sleepy from the time change

Kristina P. said...

Yeah, the movie looked painful.

And DST screws me up for a good 2 weeks.

CaJoh said...

Funny how it is that dogs seem to "know" when you are about to fall asleep, then decide now is a good time to bark at the tree branch that is scratching at the window.

Don't worry… you'll get that hour back in October.

in time out said...

Hello there friend. I haven't been a good blogger friend, not a commenter or blog browser for so long. I don't post very often and a lot of people have given up on me. Thanks for your comment. I will look forward to hearing from you and I will make an effort to come here too.

I think I need to change up my blog roll and have one for peops who check on me and who I check back on so I can do that more often. I just don't find as much time as I use too.

So, bottom line...when I do check in I generally head to you and a couple of others, literally like two...peops who seem to check in with me too. I wish I had more time. There is so much GOOD to read on the blogs. I love it. And look forward to more time in the future. In the meantime I will put you on top of my list. You have always stuck with me. THANKS.

Hugs friend!!!

Amander said...

DST in spring is always difficult for me to adjust to. I'm sleep right now just thinking about it. said...

ugh - we are normally not big fans of spreak forward but this year is brilliant because the spring forward landed in spring break!!!!! phew - at least they get to sleep in a little although as I type this I am in my bed with three little pipsqueeks watching cartoons and visiting blogs on my laptop :)

Toriz said...

No issues with time change here. Partly because it hasn't happened here yet, partly because it happens the same time each year. Always the last weekend in March, and the last weekend in October.

LadyStyx said...

I so detest DST. Totally abhorr it.

The previews of the first movie never interest me so I haven't gone. Sounds like it's a good thing. I'll wait til it hits the Encore.

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