Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wednesday What-Nots

I am so depressed that I just re-finished Season 4 of Supernatural! What is worse, is there are NOT new episodes of the current season (5) on right now, no new ones for at least another month I believe!! So I am out of Dean!!! I am so sad! And while part of me is going, START from Season One AGAIN, I can't! You see I want my Mom to try the show. She watched in Season One and loved it, then partway through Season 2, she got so far behind, she was like, forget it! I want her to give it another chance, since she DID enjoy it, almost 5 years ago! So I am waiting while we finish watching Criminal Minds Season 2 + 3. We just finished Season 1, and before that saw Season 4, the latest season on dvd. So she has agreed to give it 2 episodes when we are done with Criminal Minds, and if she likes it again, she will watch them with me, and if not, I will watch them by myself. I NEED Dean to make me laugh. Not only is Jensen Ackles so hot, he makes me laugh SO much!! I fell asleep watching the gag reel this morning so I have to watch that, I LOVE the gag reels, especially with Jensen and Jared on Supernatural! They have so much fun!

This morning was an awful one. I took my meds, including Ambien, and then I started having heart troubles, as in it was scaring me. With good reason I think because my pulse was 115 and that is resting. It should be around 70 when resting if not for some people, lower. Then as I was getting sluggish from the meds, I had to run to the bathroom and was sick in there for an hour. Can you even imagine being sick when your body has been drugged to sleep, so you kind of wish you has a pillow to lean against to sleep as you are dying?!! Horrible morning. And then Maxie wanted to snuggle and I was like, NOOO! Stay away from me baby, I am sorry, but I don't want to be touched! So my Mom made a barricade so Max slept near my ankles with his head on them and I had the space I needed. Thanks Mom.

Since I am waiting for my Mom to try Supernatural, which is hard because I already feel I am in withdrawal, I decided to see in the Halliwell sisters can keep me occupied with their supernatural powers. You know, Charmed! I own all 8 seasons so I may start tonight when I finish the soaps. I already saw tonight's Criminal Minds so I have nothing else. And after a sudden painful encounter with my sisters where I was basically verbally attacked by them both (and my parents feel I am not at fault thank you) and then was sobbing from the hurt of it to my parents, I decided tonight would NOT be a good night to watch Where The Wild Things Are. I do not have it in me to cry anymore tonight. They both want to act like it is all over, but I am not one of those people who can do that. They really hurt me bad and the things they said and threatened me with, are things that just can't be ignored. They have to be dealt with, but I don't want to talk about that anymore. Or I will cry again.

Hey, who watched Lost?!! Can you believe what they have done to Sayid?!!! I was like, no freaking way!! And man, am I scared for Kate, she needs to get away from Claire before the lil Aussie slits her throat!! They really have made Emilie de Ravin look NUTS!! And while I know she was in the pit with Claire, why didn't smoke monster still kill Kate? She is not all evil like Claire and Sayid now seem to be, so how did that happen? And anyone else curious as to why Kate's name wasn't one of those written on the wall? Why was she brought there if her name wasn't going on the wall as a "candidate"?

Ahhh I am going to miss having so many questions when Lost leaves us. *sob*

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Toriz said...

Hope you don't have to wait too long to get your Supernatural fix again. :)

Oh, I love Charmed! Fantastic show! We don't have it all on DVD yet though. :(

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