Thursday, March 18, 2010

Armored and DANG!!

If you love action movies, as I do, and haven't seen Armored yet, go see it!! I saw it for the first time last night and I loved it! You know, Matt Dillon is just a little too good at being a BAD guy. It had plenty of familiar faces including Skeet Ulrich and Laurence Fishburn. Anyway, the movie is about a group of armored truck guards who decide they can steal 42 million dollars and have it look like they were robbed. They have everything planned out perfect, there is just one task left. There is a new guy, Ty, on the team, but Matt Dillon, was the best friend of his now deceased father and mother. He thinks he can get Ty to go along with them, so he presents their plan...the night before!! Ty is a silver star ex-soldier and is disgusted. But when he gets home and his parents house maybe taken, and Child services is threatening to take his teenage kid brother, he decides he has no choice but to go along with it. With one provision though, no one gets hurt. It is a deal breaker and they all agree to it.

But things do not go according to plan. The guards did not make sure their plan was 100% perfect. And when Ty's provision is broken, he takes action and refuge inside one of the armored trucks, the one that still holds 21 million dollars, half their take. He has to use his wits and former training as the people he thought were his friends try to break their way into the truck and paln to make him look like a "hero who tried to stop robbers and gave his life to save the 5 of us". Things get more complicated as the guards have less than 30 minutes before they have to check in and stage their robbery. Plus a cop stops in to investigate. Can Ty figure out a way to stop the other 5 guards from their now violent heist, or will he die standing up for his principles? But Matt Dillon has an ace up his sleeve, knowing Ty and his family SO well. Does Ty stand a chance against 5 trained guards? Can he convince any of them that things have gone way too far? And when more lives are at risk if he doesn't give up the truck, will he buckle or stand firm and watch more people die? Watch and see! I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and that is what makes a good movie!

My packing list is GONE! *sob* I know I do not go on vacation until May, but my list is gone people! And this is not just ANY list, I have spent years perfecting this list. It has everything I ever would need on it, under ANY circumstance and it is gone!! I checked all the places it could be and it is just gone. I know myself, I will never remember everything on that packing list, it was special, I used it every year, and if need be, added to it as occasions sprung up. So DANG IT ALL!! I am so mad at myself! Some things I put may seem so obscure to others, but for me it is things I use ALL the time and as I sit here, like Pooh Bear, and say "Think, think, think", nothing is coming to me!! Oh Pooh! HELP!!
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in time out said...

OHHHH, I survive by LISTS. Good Luck my friend.

I will have to check out this movie, love action movies!!!

Lucky them too, although Mr. B says they are too squeaky in his mouth. Like a chalkboard and fingernails!

Oh....come back today to see what yesterdays WORDLESS WEDNESDAY was. It is too funny!

Sheri said...

Oh that sounds like a good movie! I like action movies too, thanks for the recommendation for it! :)

Kristina P. said...

Adam used to be an armored truck driver, and he just rolled his eyes when he saw the previews.

Toriz said...

Sounds like a great movie.

Oh, no, that is not good about the list. I know what my Dad is like with lists, and that losing them is so not a good thing!

Fiauna said...

Oh, for your sake, I hope you find the list soon. Losing the list would drive me crazy and result in sleepless nights.

Salt said...

I'm sorry about your packing list! Maybe it will still turn up. I wrote mine out like two months before we left for our trip, so I can understand the separation anxiety you must be having from yours. Where are you off to anyway?

We saw a commercial last night for Armored and I thought the cast looked really good (I have had a longstanding celeb crush on Skeet Ulrich). I shall have to add it to my queue. :)

Amy said...

I am the Queen of list making! I actually enjoy making them. Just fuels my ADD/OCD neuroticism, 'ya know.

Hope you find your list!

CaJoh said...

Sometimes you wish that you had a list of your lists— kind of like the remote control finder.

If you do find your list (or even while you are still looking for it) you should write up your list on the computer. That way you can print out several copies.

Hoping that you will find your list and all will be right with the world again,

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