Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Trip to the Midwest

I am kind of going to write it down journal style, so that I can keep what happened in the correct order. I have to omit some major stuff, but some of you may recieve an email at some point regarding that. So here I go.

Thursday September 24th

I was good, I swear. I took my pills at 10:50pm, but I only got 2 hours of sleep. I awoke around 1:30 am needing to pee, and tried to fall back asleep, to no avail. My body wantes to be UP. Dang my bladder! So I waited around until 4am, which was when my parents were getting up. We had to leave at 4:45am to make it to the airport in time. That is such an ugly time to be on the road. I told my father, we needed to leave earlier than we did, because between getting there and driving, we barley had time to pee, before boarding the plane! It was such a long flight to me. I was so restless. Once we were in the air I began to watch Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. I could not relax though. I loved the milk I got on the first flight though. It was so cold, it was milk ice! Mmm! When we stopped in Chicago, I was unimpressed. My first time to Chi-Town and all you see is more airport concourses. This is also the first trip, that I am old enough to remember, that time zones changed. I stopped and charged my dvd player at this nice booth. My parents boarded the next flight but I waited a little longer, I was not excited to get on another plane already.

When I got on though, there were loads of seats free, and the stewardess even said to go ahead and spread out. No one else did (the fools), but I went further back and had the last 3 aisles to myself, and it was nice and cool and dark back there. Dad stayed where he was because he had an empty seat between him and the other flyer, and with me gone, my Mom moved to the aisle and so she had space between her and the other flyer too. Hmmph. It was better in the back! This flight was the short hour one...I was like dangit! This one I was actually comfortable and wanted it to be the longer one! I was already missing Max. And worrying about seeing the relatives. I do not even want them to try and hug me or anything.

We got lost trying to find the hotel. The hotel is new and so is the street apparently, so Gabby, our GPS as we call her, chatty little thing, couldn't find it. My Dad was getting so angry and frustrated and in his paperwork he did NOT have the hotel's phone number. SO not good. He was obviously going hypoglycemic so luckily I had candy and gave him some. I also was like, wait...your Blackberry has the net so we can get the phone number! So we called and they gave us directions. We stopped to eat first. My Dad had been talking about Famous Dave's so much, I was like sure we WILL eat there, and it did make him so happy. My Mom was fine with Well I have learned a valuable bit of information about myself. I HATE BBQ. I had no idea. So I had basically nothing to eat. I hate BBQ sauce. I got part of a cornbread muffin but I liked nothing else. They even messed up the soup in my opinion. When someone says chicken and rice soup, I am expecting chicken soup made with rice. They served this cream soup and the rice looked like baby snails, it was so nasty. The waitress was like, how ELSE would chicken and rice look? We stayed mum, apparently chicken stock is not heard of here.

We went to the relatives house and it was SO awkward. We left after 2 hours because none of us had the energy. We went back to the hotel, we were all so exhausted. We went down to the pool, which they lied it was so not heated, but I went in shivers and all, I had been looking forward to THIS! Swimming, I missed it! And the jacuzzi was like 110 degrees, Man it was hot. We went back to the room, and we were all ready for sleep. Sadly though, we forgot to ask to borrow a fan from the relatives so I got no sleep. NOT because of the absence of sound, though it didn't help, because I was so tired the pills worked fast. But my Mom was so tired she took a whole xanax and that makes her snore BADLY. And at one point my Mom and Dad were snoring in unison!! I got up 6 times and asked my Mom to flip over, but she would just fall asleep again and the snoring was so bad! And she is not always like that! And if she snores, if I tell her to roll over, it stops, but the xanax and lack of sleep made it so bad that night, I got no sleep! Plus let me mention my bed, the sofa pull-out. No there was no bar, but it was like 3 inches thick only and crunched, you could feel each individual spring. Only laying on your side and NOT moving was comfy...oy.

Friday September 25th

We were all tired when we all got out of bed, even Mom, though she slept great. The second day at the relatives went better than the day before. Not going to call it great, because each day was hard for me. I did try to make small chitchat, to make it seem easier for my parents too. So I was polite and cordial, which takes its toll. We forgot to ask for the fan again but I remembered after leaving so we went back and got it. When we left that night, panic and anxiety set in. I knew I couldn't go back to the hotel and be stuck in that room all night again. So I went to Target. My Mom ended up going with me, thank goodness, because I was having a panic attack. Gabby hates this state and got us almost lost again! We picked up the stuff we needed to bring to the big relative get together on Sunday while we were there. We also went back to the hotel and swam again. Mom and I realized why my hair color was running again. The pool is salty. It has SO much chlorine in it, that is was bleaching the color from my hair! And my Mom's. She was like...not that much silver was showing before!!

Saturday September 26th

We actually all slept because of the fan, hallelujah! We drove my Dad over to the realtives, because he was going to help fix a car. My Mom and I drove to the Mall of America. Holy crap, it is even too big for me! We couldn't stay too long, so we saw maybe 1/3 of the mall, and we didn't get to go in to too many stores because of the time restriction. But my Mom hates malls, so I was just glad she went with me. We needed a break from the relatives house. I took a lot of pics of the amusement park in the center of it all. We didn't get to go on anything or play games but I was told I needed to see it, and it is impressive.

We picked up some funny souvenier tees for Kate and Sam, and then went to Johnny Rockets. We were supposed to have dinner though at the relatives and they eat between 4:30pm and 5pm, so we split a grilled cheese. We had time for our tummies to get hungry, the drive was lamost an hour to get from the sticks they live in to the Mall. I love Johnny Rockets, it is so vintage, I love it. You know what is SAD though? Mall of America and I foubd nothing to buy!! *sob* I know! I hoped I'd find a tee at least in Bloomies where we parked next to, but the two t-shirts (t-shirts people!!!) I liked were $39, which make me blanch and walk away, and then $75 which made me nauseous. No flipping way! So we left and did the drive back, it is so boring! Corn field after corn field! Makes you want to sleep! We did however see many an animal. Cows, horses, goats, sheep, even a donkey. Oh yeah and more corn fields. We ate dinner at the relatives, and hung out for a few hours. As soon as we got in the car and moved, the anxiety I keep suppressing during the visits, sets in and I am so full of panic and anxiety. My parents tell me how proud they are of me, and that I am doing so good, but I need to make sure they understand how I am feeling and they did. That means a lot. We headed back to the hotel, because we had to be up really early on Sunday.

Sunday September 27th

We were supposed to meet all the relatives and in-laws coming in at the church at 8:40am. So we had to get up at 7am, in order to get ready and drive 40 minutes. It was an emotional and cute Sacrament Service. We lucked out being there for the Primary presentation also. We went back to the relatives we were there to visit until the rest of church was over. We went over to an in-laws house for a ham dinner. Then we went back to the realtives house, it was time for goodbyes as we were leaving in the morning. I had a "private" talk with a certain relative. It was one-0sided you could say. When we left this time, for the first time I didn't get the panic. I knew we were going home in the morning.

We went back to the hotel and relaxed for a while, before heading out to find a restaurant. We drove around for awhile and my Mom points out Houlihan's. Now I have only eaten there twice, but I LOVE Houlihans! Their cream cheese stuffed chicken is sooooo good! But I know my parents find it eehhhh. But they chose it, my Dad said I deserved it. Awwww. So the meal was so delicious! I had hoped I would have room for dessert because they had this s'more thing, but alas, I was stuffed and so were the 'rents! We went back to the hotel and Mom and I went down to the pool. We sat in the jaccuzzi for about 30 minutes and then I hopped int he icy pool, because I felt hot all the way through. It felt so good! But when I got to the room, disaster struck! I was in agony, the cramps and pains were horrible! I was so sick for so long. My Dad, once he heard about the jaccuzzi and then the cold water, said it sounded like I had heat cramps. They were so horrible, I was almost in tears a lot. I was freaking out too, because there was NO way I could fly home like this. After a few hours I started to be out of the bathroom for a long time, and I managed to finally fall asleep.

Monday September 28th

Sadly it was only for 2 hours. Again. But I felt okay, so I was glad we were going home. The relatives had told us it would be bumper to bumper traffic, so even though our plane didn't leave until 10am, we were told to leave at 7am. But Gabby pulled through, obviously excited to get back to CT, and we were there by 8am. And we lucked out and got through security by 8:30am. They pulled my backpack apart again! They did it on the way out too!! I had it packed perfect, and they pulled ALL my stuff out! The lady on the way back at least said it must be the dvd player, so from now on I will take it out because trying to get everything back in to fit again, is hard and a PAIN!

Since we were there so early we sat down at a mini-Chili's and had breakfast, it was okay. I started feeling odd though. We went and found our gate and as I sat there, this odd feeling started getting worse. I started to feel dizzy and really faint, and I was positive I was going to pass out. My Mom managed to get me on board, and it wasn't crowded so I sat in the aisle, and she sat at the window and we shared the middle seat. I felt so hot and dizzy and faint, I closed my eyes for the whole flight. I was less faint when we landed in Chicago, and we found out the same plane would take us to the next leg of the journey, which was Detroit. I just wanted to stay on the plae and rest from whatever was going on, but they made us get off until we had to get back on 15 minutes later. It was another shorter flight and not crowded so we sat the same. This time though, my Dad went and found a whole row to himself to stretch that knee of his out. When we got to Detroit, we landed at A75. And we needed to be in Concourse B! The walk was so long, about 2 miles we think. We stopped and ate at Einstein Bagels, and I could tell I needed to eat, but once I did, I felt ill again. We got to B20 and they changed the gates, but luckily only to B15. But much to our surprise it was a teeny 20 row plane. And boarding was still not happening and it was getting closer to TAKE OFF! Finally doors opened but it was to let people OFF the plane! Apparently the plane landed off, so they switched the planes and had to change paperwork so we wited there forever. And since the plane is so small, most people who brought their suitcases as carry-ons, like my parents, had to give them up. The plane was so small and cramped. I felt so confined and I AM claustraphobic! And then the captain said we were taking off but we didn't for 30 more minutes! I thought I was going to have an anxiety attack in the baby plane!! I needed to be HOME, needed it so badly. The flight was so rickety and turbulent but we set down at 5:36pm. It took a half hour to get my suitcase and Katie picked us up.

And proceeded to tell us about Max, something they had not told us while we were away. Max did not do well with 3 of us gone. He had been shadowing the girls, they even had to let him be in the bathroom with them, he was that depressed and sad. He would sit in Mom's chair, which he never does, he was mopey, he tried to crawl up Katie's leg once. He was not a happy boy while we were gone. So when we walked in and he saw us, he was so excited! My baby!! He wasn't totally trusting though. Like he didn't believe we were really home and staying, he kept clinging to the girls, but he is now back to sleeping against my side and seems very happy again! So that was my trip to the midwest. I am going to include some pictures I took too. Ones I CAN show here anyway.

Our hotel rooms view. CORN fields! The Children were watching us!! AgghhhH!!

My Dad at Houlihans!

My Mom at Houlihan's!

Me at Houlihan's! See the relaxed expression on my face?! Finally my face muscles were saying!

I am so glad to be bsck in my CT! This is what I think of where I went:

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Yaya said...

They told you to not take pictures?? WHATEVER!!! They need to get over themselves...seriously. Argh. I'm all fired up!

Kristina P. said...

Overall, it sounds like it went better than expected! Good for you!

Sheri said...

You're a grown woman, take pictures and do what you want when you want. Seriously, who gives a @*&!& what anyone says? :) Very funny pic of you by the cornfield too lol Corn fields make me think of Children of the Corn too lol

Tori_z said...

Those relatives need to get a clue! It's natural to want to take photos while visiting people. *Shaking head*

Hope you're feeling better! *Hugs*

Lee said...

Wait wait wait... that t-shirt was only $39? That's a STEAL at Bloomies.

Glad you had a (mostly) good time. :)

mama-face said...

Love the cornfield shot..'The children" haha

I hate BBQ and must have a fan to sleep. The hotel air thingees (my mind just went blank) that cycle on and off drive me nuts. Over the edge.

How do you remember all the details? :) That's really an amazing quality you have. You are so sweet about you mom and dad. And wow, I can tell you are happy to be home! :-)

LadyStyx said...

*HUGZ* Looks like the trip was a bit better than expected.

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