Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friday Fragments

I went out to eat with my sisters to this new Italian place down the street from us, called Cava. Wow, will I never go there again. Pricey and I felt sooo underdressed. Sure there were flat screen tv's playing sports, but even the napkins were folded into like a flower shape. We ended up getting the simplest items on the menu, because everything else had so much ingredients and was so...Top Chef, that it was intimidating. It was good, putting parmesan cheese in the potatoes tasted odd, but it was good. I just prefer to feel like I can be myself at a restaurant.


I saw Cirque du Freak:The Vampire's Assistant tonight, and I really enjoyed it. It is so incredibly quirky and that is what I liked about it. It was an oddball movie, and that made me appreciate it's originality. I was entertained and enchanted and that is what makes a good movie. John C. Reilly, you go dude! Starring role! He was great, and they MUST make a sequel!


I am back emailing a friend of mine. We started emailing eachother a few years ago, and then she got some problems of her own, and didn't want to talk anymore. Which bummed me out, because in regards to movie and tv, we are like soul sisters. We can just talk about it ALL day. And since we saw eachother at Sister H's party (she is her niece), we are emailing again all about movies and tv, we have so much catching up to do. A LOT of it is Supernatural so far. We are addicts!


We were supposed to go to Lake Compounce and do the night rides, but rain was starting at 9 and Sam had a stomach ache, so we didn't go. And we are SO not going the day before or of Halloween, so I am really sad we are missing out on that this year. Hopefully if Sandy feels better we are going to the Dark Manor, this haunted house people have really said is awesome. It is open weekdays so we would go Wednesday. Here is to hoping we go.


I am assisting Kate on 2 bellydance gigs Saturday night. A wedding and a houkah bar I have never been to. I am excited, well to make some money of course, but to see her dance at a wedding. It should be really cool.


I just spent and am still going back and forth to Youtube, I am watching Jared Padalecki and Jensen (♥) Ackles of Supernatural at different Cons around the world. Seen them in England and Australia and now from the LA one. LOVE them! Jensen we are soul mates! Same age and everything!! Wendy Ackles sounds nicccceeee!


I am hungry. Do I want perogies or a bean burrito? Hmmm.


I am going to see the Doctor on Monday about my heart. I have now had resting heart rates of 104 sometimes. And even when it is lower, like the 60-70's, it can feel like it wants to explode out of my chest. It is scary. I just do NOT want to have to wear a halter monitor again. Can't shower and the electrodes sticky stuff gave me a rash. I have very sensitive skin. ANd after that, they had me do a medicine indiced stress test, which is the scariest thing on the planet. If you HAVE the option, pick the treadmill people. Because the drug is so scary, I thought I was dying. I am serious.


Going to the dentist Friday. I have a cleaning plus I have not mentioned this I think, since I had the last 2 cavities filled, I can't chew on my left side. it causes major pain. Oh when a fragment of a chip gets over there I want to cry. So supposedly they are going to fix that, but I am terrified they will make it worse. It has been 2 months of no left side eating, my jaw hurts! Okay yes they would have seenme earlier but I was terrified to let them touch me when I had to go out to the MidWest, and then I just procrastinated.


Gotta go watch more Jared and Jensen.


Halloween-ish movie featuring Jensen!!

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6 meaningful meanderings:

Sheri said...

I want to see that movie sometime. Glad you enjoyed it and have fun at the gig! :)

Kristina P. said...

It's great when you can reconnect with a good friend.

Lee said...

This has nothing to do with anything, but I wanted to tell you that I saw Camille!
That movie was SO GOOD! And it TOTALLY made me cry at the end!!!

mama-face said...

OH gosh, Wendy, I hate haunted houses and scary movies; that would be my medically induced stress test. :)
I saw a commercial for the Cirque du Freak movie and wondered if it would be any good.

I love that you threw in what you were thinking about eating. Haha. So, what did you decide? :)

LadyStyx said...

mmmm parm cheese in taters...yummy!!!!

Tori_z said...

Always good to hear from good friends again.

Glad you enjoyed the movie.

Good luck with the doctor and dentist.

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