Thursday, October 15, 2009


Back to normal Wendy posts. I am going to write about LOL. And in the next few days I will talk about Kat's birthday and the Apple Harvest Festival. Today was enough for a good post. Well, I think so anyway! LOL. I had a really fun evening with most of my family. Katie elected not to go with us, she thought the movie Zombieland would SCARE her! Bahaha! I LOVED this movie, it was so funny! I like it better than Shaun of the Dead, which is what some have compared it to. It was so weird, they found THE perfect role for Woody Harrelson to play. He rocked as Tallahasse! He kicked major zombie booty!! Abigail Breslin was so good as Little Rock, and Emma Stone was great as Wichita. And of course the whole movie revolved around Jesse Eisenberg's Columbus. He was just amazing! And the AWESOME cameo from Bill Murray, oh my gosh, I almost cried I was laughing so hard!

What you have is Columbus who has a set of rules he lives by since the "infection". Which you see through out the movie. SEE. He wants to go to Columbus to find his parents. He is all he has had for months. No other humans. He meets up with a man called Tallahasse, they are called these names because it is either where they want to go, or it is where they are from. Tallahasse gives him a ride, and they start to kind of bond, even though Columbus can be kind of annoying to Tallahasse. They stop at a grocery store because Tallahasse is "hell-bent" on finding Twinkies. It is a huge part of the movie. All he wants is a Twinkie before they go bad and he can never have a Twinkie again. Canned food can stay good for years, but NOT Twinkies apparently. There they meet up with the 2 sisters, who trick them out of their ride, and their weapons. But they soon meet up again. The two sisters think there is a place, an amusement park, in California where there are other humans holed up, a zombie-free land. So they all end up heading to CA, and hilarity ensues. Basically, it is like THEY need to come to the realization that they are all they have, they are their own family now. And when they get to CA? It gets even funnier!! Sure, there is a lot of swearing, maybe I am desensitized when it is used in funny or action stuff, but I tune it out, I hear what they are really saying and it was bloody funny!! I am SO glad I did not miss out on this movie in the theaters! And now I know I want to own in ASAP!

We then went to McDonalds' and brought food back to the house. We had the pellet store fire going, it is SO cold tonight! It is 38 degrees right now, SO close to freezing! So we ate and watched a Mentalist from last season. I own the season. I decided since I had to excercise still that I would go on a walk. Sure it was 41 outside then and it was after 9pm, so it was pitch black, but I figured the cold air would make the walk rejuvinating. And it was, sort of. It also had me needing to pee withing 10 minutes, it was so cold. It is weird how you can be freezing on the outside, for the most part, but with all they layers I had on, and the walking, I was sweating. It is so weird that you can be sweating and freezing simultaneously. To me anyway. Only problem was, even though it was a funny movie we saw, I kept on being scared of all the shadows in case something jumped out at me. Luckily I was within visual distance of the house, when all of a sudden my brain thought of the Trick 'Treat movie and I freaked out that the freaky lil pumpkin head/burlap head thing was coming to get me! Eep!!

Later I watched Criminal Minds with Kat and Sam, and we saw a commercil for The Box, which I think looks fascinating, and this began a long spiel, from them, how they HATE this type of movie. They comapred it to The Game and The Village (both movies I adore), etc. Saying they are miserable movies, where no one ends up okay. What?! In The Game, it "saves" Michael Douglas, in a way he needed saving. That movie rocks. Then they were comparing it to that Jodi Picoult book to movie, and I was like HOW is THAT movie anywhere similar to The Village or Fallen or John Q?!! More movies they brought up. Which I love. I say Sandy loves the miserable ones, but she doesn't consider Steel Magnolias or White Oleander miserable. Just movies like The Box. Which isn't even out, so how would they know? And why do they get to decide what constitutes a miserable movie? I say where you cry at the end from sadness, THAT is miserable. I love John Q and Fallen, both Denzel movies. Sure Fallen, is not a happy ending. The Devil won the round with Denzel, but it was so smartly done and intelligent, and such a shock, how it ends. That makes it COOL. Whatever girls! :p

Today's trailer? Valentine. Which I found to be really decent, and tricky.

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Lee said...

I want to see Zombieland once I'm over my fear a little. I feel like it might make it worse if I'm not careful.

TeeTee said...

you are so lucky it is cold... it was so hot here in california today!

mama-face said...

Wow, you are brave to go walking in the dark; never mind the freezing. You must have been ice cold when you came back.

I would love to listen in on your movie conversations in real life. They crack me up. Movies are so powerful and you never can tell what one person will like for sure. (I will never understand the Zombie fascination...must be my advanced age. :( )

Tori_z said...

Glad you enjoyed the movie. And - until you scared yourself - your walk.

I read somewhere once why it is people can be cold and sweaty at the same time, but I forget what it said.

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