Tuesday, October 20, 2009

H Fun!!

Sorry Kate, your B-Day post gets postponed again. This happened today and is fresh in my mind. Today we went to Sister H/Jahoodie's 62nd birthday party. It was a cake and ice cream party. One Sister H didn't learn about until this morning, lol! Anyway we showed up first and gave her our present, 4 lobsters. Sister H, well the entire H family, is obsessed with lobsters! There is the biggest claw hanging on their kitchen wall from a 9 POUND lobster they ate over 2 days! Holy crap! We told her she can eat 3 lobsters and give her husband ONE, if she wanted to. Heehee!

The F's showed up next, then the S's, and then 2 of Jahoodie's sisters with their kids and Jahoodie's Mom. And Weezie and her hubby Zak showed up too. It was a fun evening! Sister H hated being sung to, apparently it can get her teary or mad, but she seemed happy. I ate some birthday cake, way too chocolatey for me though, and sugary, HEY, I am a Diabetic okay so I get to say that! :) I really liked Weezie's homemade angel food cake though, and with strawberries, it was so good. Sadly Zoey chose NOT to be kicking again! So I DID feel Weezie's belly, my first pregnant belly...kinda felt like a hard water ballon...but I have still never felt a moving belly!! Zoey!! Come out and play with Auntie Wendy!! She wants to feel you kick!

Then I went into the other room and had a GREAT time talking movies and TV with Weezie, Zak and Weezie's cousins and/or Aunts, Naomi, Beth, Jesse and Hannah. Hannah is the only other person I know as obsessed with movies AND tv as I am. So we were talking everything from Supernatural to Twilight to Golden Compass to Eragon to Zombieland, etc. I LOVED it!! Zak is a film snob in a way though, sad to learn. Really Weezie he is! See, Hannah and I, can see a book and its' movie as two separate entities. Eragon is nothing like the books, Hannah has read them, but she liked the movie. She can see it as it's own thing. I can too. Just because a movie is BASED on a book, does not mean it is going to be an Adaptation people!! There IS a difference. Some movies, like Pride & Prejudice, SAY they are adaptations, so it is basically word for word as long as it is possible for the movie. Most movies are just based on books, so they DO have the liberty of taking creative license. SURE, it does not always work out for the best. Like Blood for Chocolate in book form sounds like a GREAT story, Sam outlined in detail the whole book for me. The movie chose to be nothing at ALL like the book and the story line was BAD and the movie sucked. The Golden Compass is apparently very different from the book, but I LOVED this movie, it was pure magic! I was sad when Hannah's family was ready to go. It was like, STAY! Let's talk more movies and TV!! LOL! I left around the same time and as I got close to home, Katie called me and asked if I wanted to see Whip It with her and Sam, which made me very happy! So once I got past construction and got home, we left. We stopped by McD's for me, because I hadn't eaten anything but cake in hours and then we went to the theater. Where they had decided to take the 10:05pm showing of our movie away!! I am sorry I TRUST Yahoo, they said there was a showing at that time, theaters do this crap all the time! So we bought tickets to see Couple's Retreat and sat and talked for the next half hour. We were really shocked with this one teenager. It is in the 30's tonight and she had her thin jacket opened to her bellybutton and underneath was a tank top, but that was not what had us staring in shock, horror and laughter. She has a massive busom and she had most of it hanging out. It was doing the butt boob thing, and each step she took, major jiggling!! WHO lets their daughte out dressed like a call girl?!! The cleavage was like down to her belly button!! And bubbling over the tak top and she had this huge pendant that bounced from one chest to the other as she walked, which had us hiding our heads in our jackets, laughing! IT WAS SUCH A SIGHT!! LOL!

I liked this movie. It was PG-13 thankfully, so there wan't much to be uncomfortable with. It was just a funny movie. One couple is in serious trouble of divorcing so to get the group discount they convince their 3 friend couples to go with them. Telling them they can skip the couples therapy and water ski and relax, which sounds great to the rest of them. Problem is, the couple's thing they signed up for, is mostly therapy and if they won't participate, they ALL have to leave. And this one couple is depending on them. So the therapy starts making trouble in marriages that seemed healthy already!! And their techniques to get couples to communicate are hilarious!! The cast is stellar with Jon Favreau, Vince Vaughn, Kristen Bell, Justin Bateman, etc. It is kind of like a dream vacation turns into hell on a gorgeous island for these 4 couples. And they ALL need to decide if they are happy with their marriage or if it is time to move one. This movie was so fun, we had the theater to ourselves and just LAUGHED our butts off!

And I had yet to excerxise due to all of this so I had to do it at 1:30 am, and didn't get a shower until after 2:30. And it is SO cold! It is now 30 degrees, officially freezing!! I am so cold, my hands are frigid! I need to go warm up!!

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The Boob Nazi said...

Nine pound lobster? Umm I think I'd be scared of it.

Tori_z said...

Glad to hear you had such a great day. Hope you managed to warm up.

Lee said...

I really want to see Couple's Retreat. I've heard it's actually pretty funny.

mama-face said...

The commercials for Couple's Retreat make it seem pretty over the top with sex jokes; which gets old after a while to me. Can't the writers come up with anything else funny?

I have a major problem with judging a book against a movie. I will have to remind myself of your adaptation definition! I guess I always WANT it to follow the book! :)

You exercise at 1:30 in the morning? That is extremely impressive. Major. Good for you!!!

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