Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shining TV

I want to deviate from my depressed thoughts, so I am going to go to a subject I enjoy talking about...well besides movies. TV!! LOL. I figured I would talk about some of the shows that are REALLY shining. Seriously, I swear, just a FEW. These shows are showcasing some great acting, writing and directing. Standouts I guess you could say. Either NEW and great, or a returning fave that is excelling.

One of these shows is definitely Supernatural. Yes, it is true I am already a HUGE fanatic...errr fan, of this show. But this show is not only living up to last season, but it is surpassing it. Which I think MUST be difficult, seeing as the last season ended with Sam accidentally bringing about the Apocalypse by releasing Lucifer. But this season is turning out just as amazing! The angels have gone amuk, since God seems to be missing, and want to USE Dean as their weapon to destroy Lucifer. He is meant to be the Archangel Michael's "sword". And Sam is meant to be the vessel for Lucifer. But both luckily, have to be willing in order for either of their bodies to be inhabited. And also, luckily they have the one angel who seems sane, on their side. Castiel. Played by the awesome, and HOT, Misha Collins. Seriously, HOT. Just last weeks episode alone was phenomenal. Dean thrown 5 years into the future and having to meet up with...himself. And he does NOT love future him. And poor Castiel has gone mostly mortal and is constantly high and organizing orgies. It is hysterical because Misha plays Castiel as so straight-laced. He doesn't get jokes or innuendos. Hysterical!

Another show is NCIS. It ended with such a cliffhanger, Ziva being off the team, and apparently being tortured. Hate between Ziva and Tony, at least on Ziva's end. But they brought their A-Game back this season when they busted Ziva out of Africa, and so intelligently too. It was a group effort, and Gibbs was awesome, using his former sniper abilities. And they are not just glossing over the fact that Ziva spent months being tortured, which I appreciate as that is so lame. She is in counseling and is struggling. She hasn't been cleared for field work, so she is stuck in the Yard with her memories and emotions and she needs to take Ducky up on his offer, and talk to him. He can help her, I know it! These guys are such pro's, and their chemistry is as hot as ever. This is one show that keeps getting better as time goes by.

The Forgotten is a new show that I am so far, in love with. Ordinary people coming together, even though they have their own lives to live, they put major time aside to be a part of The Forgotten Network. People, who when the police give up on identifying their victim, keep the search going, to give that person back their identity. So that they can be laid to rest as themselves, and so that their families can have closure. Christian Slater is doing awesome as the ex-cop whose daughter disappeared and he has no idea where she is, or if she is even alive. He can only hope someone like him, will find her. He works with an artist, a plumber, a temp and the wife of someone who tuned out to be a serial killer. They all seem to have reasons for working with the Forgotten Network, but we son't know all the reasons as of yet. I look forward to finding out their reasons.

The Mentalist is also back as strong as last season! I think giving Red John's case to Boscoe, a new character, was genius! This pisses Jane off and he is doing whatever he can to get in on the case, or get the info in illegal ways. It is just another facet of Jane's personality we get to see. We see the child like glee he has in solving cases, and outsmarting the bad guys. We see the anguish he feels when he thinks of his murdered wife and daughter. We see the revenge-filled Jane when he is on the heels of Red John. But this new interaction with Boscoe, who is having none of what he considers Jane's "B.S.", is wonderful. Jane is having to compete in a manner, in order to stay in the loop, by any means neccesary. He is having to really WORK at something. He has met a good match in Boscoe, and them butting heads adds an element I didn't even realize could be good. The show is already a gem, the cast is stellar. They just all interact so well together, they too have great chemistry, which is HARD to get. But Van Pelt, Rigsby, Cho, Lisbon and Jane all just WORK together, they all make sense. No one feels like someone you could just cut from the show because they add nothing. This is one awesome show, and I would encourage non-watchers to start watching! It is a fun ride!

And the last one I will talk about that is shining is Fringe! As soon as the season premiere opened I was instantly enthralled. They had me hooked again within moments. And Olivia shooting through that car window, when moments before she wasn't even in it, was jaw-dropping! I am still pissed off that they killed Charlie, I swear they better get alternate universe Charlie to be on the show, because he was Olivia's one ally/friend in the FBI. Her confidante. Walter is as crazy and amusing as ever, his brain works in mysterious ways, and the mystery of whether Peter IS from the alternate universe, is something I can't wait for! I totally believe he is. I think our Peter died as a child and Walter was so distraught he went and got alternate reality Peter and brought him here. So when Peter realizes he is "dead" and that some of his memories are of a different Walter, there should be some amazing fireworks!! This show is getting better every week!

Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters are also shining but I promised I would only highlight a few. Some of the other new shows I am actually enjoying are Eastwick, Flash Forward and Vampire Diaries. Melrose Place I am still deciding about. And of course I am loving the lastest installment of Survivor, that Russell is PURE evil! Pretending to be a Katrina survivor is just sick! And I am also enjoying my Heroes, House (♥), Lie to Me, Castle, 90210, Criminal Minds, Top Chef, Bones, CSI ( I am giving them a chance to improve, I was a #1 fan until Grissom left), Smallville, Dollhouse, Ghost Whisperer (though the 5 year time jump was ODD) and Medium.

Gossip Girl is struggling a little right now. Last week got a little good, with the almost revelation that Lily and Rufus' son is alive. And next week's wedding looks like it could make Gossip Girl slide back into it's devilishly delicious slot. One Tree Hill though I fear we will be losing. I heard nothing until just before the premiere that Peyton and Lucas would be off the show. It doesn't even make sense, and it is being ignored basically. Why on Earth would Lucas and Peyton LEAVE? Peyton's record label, Lucas' team, their loved ones are all IN Tree Hill, so they haven't explained them splitting to my satisfaction. And with them gone there is just something missing. Lucas WAS the show, it revolved around HIM. And while I LOVE Brooke, Juilan, Mouth, Skills, Hailey and Nathan, all these new characters being thrown at us, is just kind of uncomfortable.

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TeeTee said...

i love gossip girl... and
grey's anatomy.
that's just about it,
but i do love NCIS once and a while!

Amander said...

As I said on my blog - the only reason I am still watching GG is because Chuck Bass is freaking hot.

And also, thanks for letting me know about "The Eye." I'll have to check it out. I am big into psychological thrillers (like Memento, Silence of the Lambs, Seven, etc), but not so much into the rest of the horror genre!

LadyStyx said...

Im only following the first two. Fringe I followed a bit last year but wasnt hooked. I do agree on the NCIS and Supernatural though...awesome.

Sheri said...

I always tivo supernatural and fringe! Love it!

Sarah said...

I'm really trying to like Mercy but I can't overlook the horrendous some characters..

Sarah said...

Oh, and I forgot to tell you, Ann Arbor is the fairy door place, not TC although it would work well in TC.

Lee said...

Honestly, I can't watch The Mentalist.
It's just a more dramatic version of Psych.

Brandi said...

I love NCIS! Don't really watch the others though. It helps that I don't have cable and can't watch the shows on regular TV. I keep up with House, though. Fox doesn't let me watch it until 8 days after it's aired, though... Sucks...

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