Monday, October 12, 2009

Birthday Tradition

Sorry but this will be a pretty short post. It is after 4 am and I need to take my pills early, like NOW. It is officially Katie's Birthday!! She is officially 29, but we are saying she is 27, because I am claiming to be 29, so we cannot be the same! Duh! We are NOT Irish twins, though we know some! LOL!. Anyway, it is a tradition that at the stroke of midnight, the two sisters whose birthday it is not, bring the birthday sister something to blow out and eat. Last year I got a part of a granola bar. We put Sandy's in a Reese's PB cup, etc. We put Kat's in a tiny piece of cake. If my parents are actually awake they take part too, but they are normally long asleep by then.

We also go out for something to eat. For about 2 years we went to a diner for "breakfast" but people got tired of that last year so we go to McD's and get stuff to go and eat it in the parking lot, and just talk. Katie decided she wanted Max to go, and it made it very interesting indeed. LOL. He loves the car, but is very noisy and demanding, you want to throttle him sometimes (not really of course). Katie played with him while I drove. We got food and cocoa, since it is FREAZING outside, well not officially, but 41 is pretty doggone close! We ate the food and talked and had a great time, but McD's cocoa SUCKS! Nasty stuff. So we dumped it and went to Dunkin' Donuts, which has good cocoa. Then we headed home. Sandy went to bed, she was so cranky, it was a good thing.

Katie wanted to watch a movie so we ended up picking Iron Eagle. I bought it on a whim, because we used to watch it ALL the time growing up, and loved it, but I could not remember a single thing about it, besides Lou Gosset Jr and Jason Gedrick starring in it. SO I bought it anyway when I saw it in March in Florida. You know what? Besides a few lines being corny (it WAS the 80's, it has been like 23 years since Iron Eagle was released), the movie was great! We both really liked it and figured out, THIS is why we loved it obviously! Jason Gedrick's Air Force pilot father is captured and set to be hung in three days. Now Jason has been putting in flight simulator hours for years and has gone up in the f-16's with his father, so he can FLY. But he needs help to rescue his father. With the help of his friends, the Eagles, he gets all the intelligence he needs (hey it is a movie and these Air Force brats are related to big wigs on base and USE that) and brings it to the one Colonel he thinks will help him, Louis Gossett Jr. And he works with all these kids and devises a plan that he and Jason will act on. The Air Force won't rescue this man, but one Colonel and one young man, in 2 F-16's, will attempt to do what they will not. If you want to know if they are successful, rent this movie. If you want to know if they all make it home, rent it. If you want to see Lou Gossett Jr rock? RENT it! I love Lou, he is so cool!

Anyway we finished a little after 3:45 and I have no idea what Kate's plans will be...neither does she, lol. But anyway, I have to be prepared! I went out Saturday night and had some fun but that post and those pictures will have to wait a day or two, it is my sister's Birthday!

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Jillene said...

Happy Birthday to your sister!! And McD's hashbrowns are THE BEST!!

Brandi said...

Happy Birthday to your sister. :) I have a set of Irish Twins. Just under 15 months counts, right?

Yaya said...

Your sister and I are only 3 days apart!

PS Thank you for stopping by on my special day!

Amander said...

Birthday traditions are great. It sounds like your family has some fun ones!

LadyStyx said...

Happy birthday to ya sister!!

Tori_z said...

It's nice that you have traditions like that. :)

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