Friday, March 13, 2009

5 Senses

5 Senses Tag

List 4 things you love, and one thing you hate, for each category.

1. baby is just so pretty and so comforting!
2. oranges....makes me think of a ride Horizons that Epcot USED to have, I love it as perfume too
3. coconut
4. coffee ...makes me think of my Grandma and Grampa's house (no I don't drink it)
5. Hate: tuna is WAY too strong when you get it from the can, man!!

1. Max. He is so soft and furry, I love it!
2. babies skin...they have the softest skin it is like touching rose petals
3. soft and comfortable
4. playdough...what?! It is so fun to squeeze, I say it can release stress!
5. Hate: dirty dishes...makes me want to throw up.

1. thunderstorms....comforting for some reason
2. a fan...I have to hear a fan in order to fall asleep (or a tv on)
3. Iliana Kadoush (or however she spells it)...she reads the Twilight series aloud and is good!
4. laughter..even hearing some good laughs makes me laugh!!
5. Hate: celery being noisy and annoying!!

1. cheese
2. homemade chicken dinner all the fixings...mmmm
3. Garden Salsa Sunchips
4. chocolate covered strawberries
5. Hate: peas

1. beautiful art
2. ocean rare for me
3. Max
4. babies....I just want to get to cuddle them...Mom's at church appreciate me, LOL!
5. Hate: people blowing their noses AND looking at the TISSUES!! Ugghhh!!

i tag anyone who has not done this yet!

8 meaningful meanderings:

The Boob Nazi said...

I'm glad you didn't tag anyone specifically. I don't like doing tags sometimes....

rychelle said...

playdough. that's a good one. i LOVE playdough.

SO said...

I always have to look when I blow. It's a compulsion. Sick I know.

Amander said...

Mmmm, love chocolate covered strawberries and thunderstorms too!

Natalie said...

That's funny! I LOVE the smell of coffee because it reminds me of my beloved grandparent's house too!

Lee said...

You know, I hate when I look at the tissue after I blow.
And yet I do it every time.

Yaya said...


I can't believe you didn't say George Clooney for sight!!!

Joy said...

I like reading tags, and yours was especially interesting and entertaining!

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