Saturday, July 24, 2010

Power Outage

Ugh it was out for 24 hours in my town, we were special it turns out. The storm it down really close to us. Apparently, we did get a tornado and it touched town 4 times. And just having the conditions to have a twister caused trees to crash down, overhangs at gas stations to crash, floods, etc. At J. Timothy's, a restaurant only 3 exits from us, a tree crashed on a car with a woman inside and a chimney and an exhaust vent were ripped away by the wind. Yeesh.

I don't do well with no electricity. It makes me panic. I know it didn't as a kid. That I found it cool like other kids, but as an adult with my particular set of problems, it makes me feel like I am choking. Like I can't breathe. And we even have a little generator my Dad will break out if it starts to last a long time, which it did. So we eventually had dvd's to watch on the big tv and a fan to share, and when my parents and sisters went to bed, he rigged it so, yeah wires were everywhere, but they all had their fans on in their rooms to cool them and for the noise to sleep. But it didn't matter to me. Showering in the dark, not fun. Not being able to open the fridge for more than a second because the food was going bad inside? Scary to me.

All I could think about was please let the power go back on. I have no idea why, but I find it reassuring. I kept staring at where the vcr lights normally would be, hoping to see them flicker back on. Nope. I was really starting to lose it so by about 6 am I called the power company myself and actually got a live person. Gave her our whereabouts and then she tells me that they don't even have an estimate for my area and she can't tell me WHY!

I had, by this time, seen through snowy cable, that out of the 54,000 that had been powerless, only 19,000 remained and I wanted to know why we were not back in business! This is Southington, nothing happens here!! My Mom got up to get ready for work, unlucky her, and had to hug me because I did freak out by this time, crying wise. I just wanted what I guess is my security blanket back on.

But it wouldn't come back on, not for another almost 10 hours.

Apparently one of the places it hit was Bristol which is right next to us. Actually according to where my Dad says it hit, one street over and it would have been Southington, but the street it hit is technically in Bristol.

And then tonight we were close to losing it again. The thunderstorm was like stuck in position over our house for an hour and the lights flickered. NOT cool. Went through the fridge and freezer and did have to trash some food. Going to replace it tomorrow. Oh boy, do I love rebuying food I already bought for the fam this week...not.

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Josh Healy said...

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Kristina P. said...

I know what you mean about feeling smothered when the power goes out. I feel the same way.

Toriz said...

Power outages don't bother me. I have plenty I can do without power. I don't need lights (and when I did, I used to keep a torch with plenty of batteries on hand... "just in case") and usually power outages don't last long enough to cause issues with food items in the fridge over here.

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