Monday, July 5, 2010

A Very Happy UnBirthday to Meee

It is Over, my Birthday, and I am so okay with that. I find Birthdays can be very stressful. I have no idea if it is my disorders and BiPolar, etc, but I find my birthday to be a bit overwhelming in the last few years. So while I like it, I am also glad it is all done with. But it was a really nice day.

They all woke me up, including Maxie, with HAPPY BIRTHDAYS and jumping on my bed. I had slept like crap, no matter how stressful my birthday makes me, it is still like a holiday, so my body makes it hard to sleep, darn it all! I got dressed and then went down to my decorations!!

Beautiful butterflies!! Or Flutter-by's.

And Hibiscus (my fave) plates!

And my Mom went out and cut off some hydrangeas for me, since blue is one of my favorite colors!!♥♥♥

I blame this slightly caught in the headlights look on the fact that I hadn't been up too long, lol!

My Mom made us Egg McM____'s for breakfast, and we also had fresh watermelon and it was delicious, I was so stuffed. Homemade ones are SO much better! YUM!

We ended up playing Disney Trivia after cleaning up, though Mom and Dad were as they said useless as they are both sick, which is why our annual waterfight will be a day when they are both feeling better. Mom described herself as a "noodle" tonight, that means she is so not feeling good. Anyway, that took quite a while, but was really fun and my team won, wahoo!

Then we did presents!! Katie got me Harper's Island the series and Sandy got me the Jessica Galbreth fairy Silver Moon!! Both had been on my birthday list!

And Maxie got me a present too, look he got me Percy Jackson & the Olympians:The Lightning Thief! I gave him a smooch for such a wonderful gift!

I also got a silver emerald ring, When in Rome, Book of Eli, Alice in Wonderland, pre-ordered copies of Lost, Heroes and House and Warehouse 13. And to top it all off, the Jessica Galbreth fairy Persistent (aka Taurus). So here are my two new faeries, Persistent and Silver Moon:

We hung out for awhile talking and then decided it was time head to West Hartford to Olive Garden, because for all we knew it could be more than an hour wait and we were all starting to get hungry. Strangely enough, it was only a few minutes wait and we were seated, but then came the BLOW. The one item on the menu that I LOVE, that I ALWAYS get, the Chicken & Gnocchi Veronese, was taken OFF the menu. LAST WEEK. I can't eat pasta because of the gastric bypass and I found an item at Olive Garden I could no only eat, but that I ADORED, and they take it AWAY!! This was me:

Then I noticed they still had the bloody Gnocchi soup though, so that made Katie ask, since they HAD gnocchi still, if I could substitute gnocchi for pasta in another dish. Because the waitress when we asked her about it said "but the chicken alfredo is very similar" (except it is with fettuccine and is with sliced chicken not yummy breaded chicken!!). So Katie asked and we got it. It was not the same, but it was decent and it was my beloved gnocchi. I prefer my Chicken and Gnocchi Veronese, but I will take chicken alfredo with gnocchi substituted as many times as I can get them to do it! And then they signaled, I said, the waitress, so I said I am going to the ladies room, but no one stopped me, and when I got back there was a piece of black tie mousse cake on the table and my FAMILY sand Happy Birthday to me out loud!! LOL!

I was SOOOOOO stuffed! I felt like I was going to explode, and I just wanted to sleep! But I didn't fall asleep at all, I was quite delighted. When we got back it was even hotter, the new flowers my Mom had just planted yesterday were dying so they began watering them. Sandy wanted to take some pictures of me with the hydrangeas and I loved the 2 pics she took of me.

Then we went inside and my Dad brought down some dvd's that had me when I was younger, bt my sisters and parents too, but it was cute to watch. I was being such a dork in one of those home movies!! OY!

Then we got ready to watch my Dad and Katie set off fireworks, it was like 100 degrees outside but we were going to rap ourselves in blankets, because the mosquitoes were out in FULL force!

I even got to hold this Merlin's Wand one, very cool and scary too!

Some of the neighbors even watched our little firework display from their yards, lol. Then we went inside and after my Dad took a quick shower, we started my Birthday movie. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief!! I LOVE this movie!! Sandy had never even seen it! Poor Maxie was shaking like a leaf from about 7 to midnight, because of fireworks. Hiding. Poor baby. About 35 minutes in we got hungry and got out the dill dip and bread for dipping, the watermelon, potato salad and chicken-cream cheese-pickle things. Delicious!! And about 45 minutes later we paused and did my birthday "cake". My "cake" this year was glazed doughnuts and iced brownies. Sandy decorated my brownies though!!That piece missing is my first piece!

Pretty huh? We finished up the movie around 11:38pm. It was a mighty fine birthday indeed.

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2 meaningful meanderings:

Kristina P. said...

It sounds like it was a great day, Wendy.

Toriz said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday. I did leave you a belated happy birthday message on my blog earlier today.

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