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Oh my goodness I was a nervous wreck as I got ready for the Eclipse party. My heart was knocking against my ribcage and I felt like I was going to throw up. I hate being me, I wanted to go, I was looking forward to it, but my nerves always get to me. It's like my Mom says. Good stress or bad stress, your body can't tell the difference. So I said goodbye and left a few minutes early so I could stop at the gas station for a big bottle of water. As I am driving there, my heart is beating really hard and all of a sudden I think ' did I take my pills?', so I call home and I didn't! Such a spaz! So Katie drove them down to me while I bought water and programmed Gabby with Hannah's address.

I got to Hannah's just after 6 as planned. The party was starting at 7, I like to be places early period and it gave Hannah and me time to talk before it got crazy. The party this time was going to be CRAZY busy. Last time it was like 20 people. This time it was 50+ people! Friends of friends of friends were coming, it was so complicated and Hannah's mom Nay, had to organize it all and pre-buy the tickets, it was like OY! We were still hoping Molly was going to be able to get us a private theater. Molly, Hannah's 17 year old sister, works at the theater and they adore her there! Seriously!

So I got the pre-tour. A lot of the same decorations were used inside, but there wasn't a lot to choose from in Eclipse. It was the backyard that was really cool! They had it decorated for Bella's graduation party! And further back, they had 3 different areas for pictures, which I will post when I get them, I had ones taken with Hannah. You had the Volturri, which one is fallen here,
they fixed it and it was spookier when it was darker. And there eyes glowed red in the dark, it was so cool! Then there was Edward here, who was nestled between some trees, so it was like you were in the woods with Edward, though you can see the backyard next door, but whatcha gonna do? Ask the neighbors to move their laundry thing, etc? Well yeah! No, just kidding...sort of, LOL!

And then there was the coolest one! The tent that housed Bella, Edward and Jacob! Look how cool that is!

Okay I will post some more pics of the decorations now. It seems as good a time as any. And they do know how to decorate I think they do fabulous work!

A couple of people went into sugar comas from these glasses. They kept sucking the lollipop like blood and by the time it was time for us to leave for the movie, they didn't want to look at candy! LOL!

These were the special prizes. The big ones, you got to put your names in for. The small ones would be for the quotes/trivia portion of the evening.

This was a special cut out Edward for a bean bag toss. They had wolf shaped beanie babies to toss through Edward's mouth and whoever tossed the most through won a special prize.

They decided to have the food done by someone else this time, which I think was brilliant on their part, they had so much less to do in that one area, they just had to pick it up. There were a few homemade things, some tapenades, but otherwise, it was from Costco or these people. I don't have shots of when ALL the food was out inside the house, this was just the first few things:

They had cheese and grapes. Then a strawberry and brie platter. Hummus and pita chips. Cauliflower dip. Olives and marinated mushrooms. Bruschetta and blue cheese on italian bread.

Outside was Graduation food fare. Sandwich fixings, macaroni salad, pickles, sodas and iced teas.Even Sangria...though I have no idea what that is, though I do appreciate that someone put this sign on it:

Okay so that is what the party looked like. SO Hannah and I were sitting and catching up, it was so good to see her and it ended up being SO easy to get back into the flow of how she and I communicate! I was worried it would be like starting over from the very beginning for us, but it was like there was never any interruption. We talked about who some of these 50+ people were. Apparently Sister H. was bringing a church friend, and she had asked to bring like 10 people (how are people that brave/daring?!). And Amber, Hannah's cousin, she had a bunch of friends coming and they had asked to bring a bunch of other people too (again, the daring with strangers?!! I don't get it!!I am scary shy true, but still!), and Nay had a bunch of her friends this time, which I say is good for her. Sister H and her church friend Adele and some of her group showed up early, but what was weird was when the introductions happened I had to explain yeah, well I actually go to the same ward as you, I just don't go too often, you probably know my parents, the M_____'s, my Dad Ken, yeah he's the ward clerk? And she was like, right, oh you look like him, I can see it now! Oy okay I know I don't go often, I don't do well with crowds. And when I do, I kind of focus on nothing, I don't look at the congregation, and then once sacrament meeting is over, I am out of there! But still! Geez. And then I had to explain it to her two daughters and they recognized the last name.

Adele is adorable though, she is a Brit, they have been part of our Ward for 3 years and her daughters lose their accents most of the time, but not her. And she is a CRAZED DIE HARD Twilight fan. She owns every piece of jewelery you can imagine. She has it. Shirts, sweatshirts, watches, etc. And after the party...socks! LOL! She is a sweetheart!

Anyway, Hannah and I somehow ended up, trapped in the room with the 2 daughters and their friend Mariah. The daughters are Kristie and Lindsay. They are all going to be juniors, but Lindsay is 18. I am going to have to ask her about that, maybe our stupid schools wouldn't accept some of her stuff from the UK? Anyway, we were having a pretty good time talking movies. I really liked Lindsay and Hannah seemed to like her too. She was our kinda girl.

More people were arriving. It was time to eat so we moved to the inside table and were munching on the hummus and stuff. I loved the bruschetta. That was my main food for the evening. Weezie, Zak and my Naomi arrived. I hadn't seen Naomi since last summer so it was great to see her and she looked great, so much happier than when I last saw her. For awhile it was in the house, outside, inside, etc. Talking with Hannah or Weezie or Naomi. (Peeing a LOT in between. Stupid Diabetes and stupid Lithium making it even worse!)

Here is Weezie and Naomi! Weezie and Zak got a sitter for Zoey just so they could go to the party! Woot!

Here is Hannah and Zak. Yeah Hann will probably kill me for this pic, but I don't have any others with her until I get the pics of her and me!! Zak showing off his Ipad for the zillionth time yesterday. *yawn*

Ooh I did get a decent pic of my favorite of her 4 tattoo's. The HP crest. Do you know how many people asked to see it throughout the night? Even at the theater! It was funny!

And here is the lovely Molly, our Theater connection. She is such a ham when I take my camera out!

Trivia was different this year. One question or quote every 20 minutes. And whoever raised their hand first got to answer. Nay was asking the questions and Zak agreed to be her spotter. And they said if you won you got to pick something from the prize basket, and if you won, please don't play again so other people can win too. THANK GOODNESS! Adele won first and got the socks, the one thing she does not own, Twilight socks, lol!

Desserts starting being placed about and some were really good, like the brownies and cookies. Someone made a Bella cake. There were graduation cap cookies. Someone made a "cheap" version of the vampire cupcakes Hannah made last party. These were just smeared to look like a vampire bit them, Hannah's recipe had them filled with gel and so you see why I say cheaper version.

The bugs were getting bad outside but if you wanted to do trivia, you had to go where the trivia was, outside. It was totally pitch black by now so we were all given glow bracelets. A, it would make us know we were together at the theater, and B, I think it was going to help Nay and Zak see whose hand shot up first with trivia. LOL. We ended up, thank goodness, doing it all, back to back. I had studied, and except for a few quotes and questions, I think my questions would have been harder I tell you! Some were so hard no one could get them and after I got my prize, Zak had taken over reading by then, reading by cellphone light, and he called mine cheating as people kept calling out and I thought about it, did process of elimination and called out an answer and it was right. I got me some bandaids! People said to ignore Zak, I got my prize fair and square. I love Zak but he can be irksome sometimes, like right then. It hurt him saying that, that I didn't deserve a prize in front of over 50 people. It was kind of humiliating. Anyway, here are my way cool band-aids:

Molly was starting to worry. They were only supposed to be playing the movie in 6 theaters and we were hoping to get the 7th theater. She had been texting people working at the theater so she decided to leave at 10 and see what was going on. Someone was like bring the manager some desserts and she was like I will bring him lots of bribery food! She called like 20 minutes later and said there was already 1100 people there! That people were parked on the parking lot hill things. It was really worrisome.

Antony, Hannah's Dad handed out the goody bags and the magnets Adele brought that she had made, which included bookmarks and yummy rings and keyrings and this really cool pocket calendar. And a magnet I already have on my fridge. It has the date of Part One of the Breaking Dawn Movie, which is November 18, 2011!! That is so far away!!

Anway what is so cool about this pocket calendar is that it has the calendar for the months until July 2012!! Which I am guessing is when the final movie will be out!! It is so cool, here is a peek at mine:

There was a line for the bathroom at this point, which I was in, since it was about 10:26 and we were supposed to leave for the theater at 10:30. Nay handed out the tickets. I went with Hannah, Amber, Nay and 3 other women in a van, where the woman was adamant about not going anywhere until every single one of us had a seat belt on. It was a little odd, since the youngest person in the car was 20. As we neared the theater, Hannah and I both shielded our eyes, not looking. Hannah looked up once though and freaked but I managed not too, but her reaction had me freaking out. I could feel myself getting nauseous and my heart beating faster. We parked near the back of the theater in a non-space and met up with the rest of our 50+ party. It was 10:40pm. Nay went around to the front to go see Molly about what was going on. We all stood in back hoping we would be snuck in all black ops style. I got to hang with Hannah and Naomi and Weezie and Zak. And Lindsay for a minute before she got pulled back to her group of friends. We were there for a long time though. It was after 11, and then it was almost 11:20 when Molly came out and said we were going in a side exit door. Which was between a horde of people. Who did not like us going between them and the wall. And then we stopped, surrounded, and I freaked. I had a panic attack. Not full fledged crying, etc. But I was on my way I am sure. I was in the, face going tingling, couldn't breathe, felt sick phase. I was in a panic. Hannah was next to me, and of course she understood and didn't like it either. She was trying to distract me by naming colors. I think Crayola colors, because I heard macaroni-n-cheese at one point. I love that Hannah gets it, gets me. I don't have to have any pretenses around her.

Finally we moved and we were walking straight into a smaller sized theater where a guy was ripping our tickets. Molly was blocking the door as people were trying to get into our theater who were not in our group! Fudge, the security guard was supposed to be there to help her but was a no show! At first it was a private theater except for a woman in a wheelchair (who sat right in front of me with her big poofy hair!!) and her party of 4. We had like 20 minutes before the movie should have started so I went to the bathroom, with it's 4 whole stalls and waited in a LONG line with Sister H to pee. I was prepared to hold it for the whole movie!!

I walk back into the theater and Molly is talking to a co-worker and she stops me and asks me if I am alright? I was shocked. I admit it. No one ever notices panic attacks besides my family who is used to them, and Hannah who has them herself. I suppose Molly being Hannah's sister, she has experienced it, but for me, her noticing and checking if I was okay was a HUGE deal for me. I told her it was just a panic attack, and she was like, I am so sorry, which just made me like her ever MORE. I told her it was fine and walked to my seat. Of course inside if I was brave, I would like to have been, Molly you are such a wonderful person, thank you for noticing and then given her a big hug.And then told her like it or not she is now one of my favorite people. But I am me, so I just think these things. BLEGH! But Molly is a sweetheart. A HAM when I want a nice pic of course. Yeah she would KILL me if this ever get on Facebook! LOL! And she would know it was me immediately, so no one taking it!

So 12:01 arrives...and passes. Bye-bye. Way passes. It is like 20 past 12. At 12:25 they start putting people in our theater. Boo! Then the movie previews start quite suddenly, like at the end of Paranormal Activity 2. 5 minutes into the previews they STOP. People are screaming! It was weird, and embarassing if it was someone from our group! They let more people in. The previews start again. Then STOP!! Start. Stop.

We see Riley, I let out a No! Clapped my hand over my mouth! I knew it was like from NOT the beginning of the movie. It did that a few times and stopped again. Fudge was trying to calm people down. In our little theater. I think he likes Molly or her family or something.

I had had it. I had not peed in over an hour and the movie we heard might be 2 and 1/2 hours long. I could not hold it for THAT long. So I went and no lines. As soon as I entered the theater I saw the words ECLIPSE and ran to my seat.

I LOVED it! You all should know by now, how much I LOATHED New Moon, so I was hoping to like this one. Hannah was hoping I would like this one. And I LOVED it! Sure there are a few things I would SO change, some parts I prefer the book version of, but it was really really good! And Jasper, sure he does not look good blonde, but he NEVER makes a ugly face like in the first two, he looks normal man the whole movie!!

They never showed the Harry Potter preview, that is one thing some of us were pissed about. We were really excited about it and they didn't show it. Oh and it ended up being 10 theaters full, how that happened if they had only planned on 6 theaters, I do not understand at all. Anyway, our party cleared out in minutes once the movie ended. I was like where did everybody go?! Lindsay said goodbye at least and she had my name and Hannah's so we can be friends on Facebook. It was almost 3am because of how late the movie started but I was sad that we weren't going to the diner, so was Hannah. I stayed with Hann, Molly and Amber to watch the end credits. Hann likes to pay tribute to all who work on the movie. Then the two tallest people squeezed into the cab of Molly's truck and we drove back to Hannah's house.

We got there and there was a bunch of people and they were going into the house, including Zak and Naomi. And we were like, are we doing diner, and Zak was like I could so go for breakfast. So I got my hopes up. But instead we watched the says E!News for some odd reason and then everyone was leaving. It was 4 am. Hannah asked me to stay and watch Pretty Little Liars and eat leftovers, and I really wanted to and said yes. I could have watched a show I love, hung with Hann and her cool Mom and sister. But then I was like, I still have to drive home, shower and Dad's birthday is today. Grrrr, so sense won out and I said I should go, even though I really wanted a chance to get to know Molly and Nay better. I hugged Hann goodbye and left.

So I drove home, showered, talked to my Mom and then Dad as he was up since he is sick, ate some food, took my pills and fell asleep within 10 minutes of putting Pretty Little Liars on. My Dad wanted a project to work on during the day so he took my laptop to nuke.

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mother goose said...

holy moly that was a lot of reading! glad you had a great time and the party was a huge success.

Kristina P. said...

Even though I'm not a fan of Twilight, that party does look pretty awesome.

Salt said...

Those party decorations are FAB!! It looks like you guys had such a great time!

FINALLY I saw the movie last night and OMG I LOVED IT. You are absolutely right about Jasper. So much better looking now that's he not all constipated looking. :)

Toriz said...

I'm glad you enjoyed... Despite the anxiety issues

gayle said...

So glad you had such a great time! I haven't seen any of the movies and I have the last book to read. My daughter was at the Movie too! Can't wait to hear how it went for her!

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