Saturday, July 10, 2010


Having accidentally recorded 8-9 last night instead of 9-10, and MISSING *GASP* So You Think You Can Dance's Results show was a travesty! Luckily I have mastered the craft of finding sources that will show me episodes of shows like this one ASAP, so I was able to view it almost immediately! And I wept for Alex Wong as many of you also did, when it was revealed his achilles tendon was detached. OUCH.

But this also made me want to relive some of the great dances I have experienced as a viewer of SYTYCD. I started watching when Season 4 began. The year of Chelsie and Mark, Katee and Joshua, Twitch and Kherrington and Courtney and Gev. Yeah, I think I picked THE season to start viewing, personally.

So here are a few of my favorite routines:

Jeanine and Jason

Chelsie and Mark (My FAVE!!)

Melissa and Ade

Kayla and Kupono

Katee and Twitch

Karla and Jonathon

Katee and Joshua

Kherrington and Twitch

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3 meaningful meanderings:

Toriz said...

Not my thing. But, glad you got to see the episode you ended up missing.

Amander said...

So sad about Alex. He was so talented. Hopefully his future holds good things.

Lia said...

season 4 and season 7 are the best years I think, I cried over Alex Wong hysterically. I'm definitely doing a SYTYCD post soon. Love that show so much.

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