Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kat & Sam

I was going to talk about the movie Salt today, but that will have to wait because I am so excited for my sisters and want good vibes and thoughts going their way!

Katie picked a date to take her test, and if she passes, she will be a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant. She had offers at those places she didn't want her externships at, they all wanted her and that was before she graduated or took the test, so I can only imagine, what kind of offers she will get once she has her license. She is all set to take it next Thursday, August 5th!! Oh my goodness, that is so SOON!!! She has been studying SO long and she is so smart so I can't imagine her not passing, but I am still so nervous for her!

And Sandy, our little phlebotomist, top of her class, who hasn't been able to get a job because they all want a year of experience! Well she has an interview for a 20 hour/week job in our town! It would be so perfect! One of her friends from the school (not at the top of the class mind you) works there (I have no idea how she got a job but Sam missed out months ago) and has even said it is a good place to work. And Sandy really had about given up, was starting to think she would have to go BACK to school for something ELSE even though this was what she had fallen in love with. But all of a sudden today she has an interview TOMORROW!! And she is so nervous! It is her first interview EVER and she worries she won't know what to say. She got a blessing, but she has already found she can't sleep tonight. Totally understandable. I hope she gets the job!! She could get the experience she needs and either get more hours eventually there or go somewhere else and get enough to have insurance coverage, etc. I think this could be so good for her and make her happy. Plus 20 hours is a way to ease in, and it is rotating hours, so it'll be all over the clock so it should be interesting.

Keep your fingers crossed for my baby sisters!!!

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4 meaningful meanderings:

Kristina P. said...

These sound like great opportunities!

I haven't seen Salt yet. Probably this weekend.

I did see Inception. Amazing.

Amander said...

Hope things go well for them!

Toriz said...

Good luck to your sisters!

Sheri said...

I'll be sending them both good luck vibes their way! Great jobs and I'm so happy for them, they will so get it. :)

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