Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pity Party

Okay I admit it, I want a little sympathy. I was finally doing a bit better although I was still feeling really weak, but the cough was lessening and the stabbing pain in my side was gone. The sniffles, eye watering, etc were all LONG gone. It was my parents turn, though I had NO idea how they had got it, since my stint was in May. So I never expected to RE-GET sick. I mean Sam and Kate haven't even gotten sick once!

Yeah, I am sick again. I feel like crap...on a stick! The coughing is back, sniffling, sneezing, watering, etc. The headaches are back. I am back to square ONE! Only this time I don't even have a real laptop to work on, as my Dad has still not finished working on mine!

And instead of getting to sleep tomorrow, I have my first appointment with the endocronologist, which I am SO nervous about. I have no idea what he will ask me!! What if it is something I can't answer?!!

I am having a pity party. Party of one! Boo.

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5 meaningful meanderings:

Kristina P. said...

Boo! Feel better soon!

Toriz said...


Hope you feel better soon!

Salt said...

*showers you with sympathy*
I hope your appointment goes smoothly and you kick this stupid sickness for good!

Anonymous said...

awe! that sucks so much. I hope you've been trying every possible things to get rid of these symptoms, O would hate to be sick like this SINCE MAY! That's ridiculous. Definitely get better asap.

mother goose said...

sick! our house has gottn the 24 hour bug it seems. we had family of 11 visiting and one came in sick and passed it around. UGHH,, anyway it was throwing up and the other! Hope you are doing better!

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